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How to Add Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website
September 11, 2017| By:-admin | Blogging, WordPress | Leave a comment
How to add google analytics to your WordPress site

Add Google Analytics to your WordPress site to track who is visiting your website, what the visitors are looking at and how they got there.     What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a website tracking tool that tells about traffic, conversions, user behavior, and more for your website. It is a free service […]

How to Install WordPress Plugin on Your Website
August 10, 2017| By:-admin | Blogging, WordPress | Leave a comment
how to install wordpress plugin to your website

Install WordPress plugin to add more functionality to your blog. So a self-hosted WordPress blogger must know how to install it.     The next thing after installing WordPress on your hosting is to learn to install WordPress plugin. It provides you a facility to add various functionalities to your WordPress blog. You can add […]


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