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About Us


What is The Blog Town?

The Blog Town is a website where our team of blogging professionals shares the knowledge from our experience to start blogs and websites. In addition to our own blogs, we help several of our friends to set up their own blogs. We also give website development, SEO, and digital marketing services to our clients.

We realized that there must be various people around the world who want to start their own blogs or websites, but just don’t know where to start. Since it is not possible for us to help everyone personally, we decided to create a tutorial blog to help them exactly how to do it. Our blog will help the people, even if they had absolutely no earlier experience. In our blog, we will try to write articles on all the topics required to start a blog and make money online.


Who this Site is for?

This site is for the people who want to:

  • Be their own boss.
  • Live freely and differently.
  • Make money online from blogging
  • Earn money from affiliate marketing
  • Become a famous author
  • Start a blog as hobby
  • Help other people through a blog
  • Use blog to stay in touch with people