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URL shortener sites list is a list of online websites or tolls  that converts a regular URL (the web address that starts with http://) of a site  into a condensed format.


best url shortener sites list you should for shortening long URLs


URL shortener sites list is a list of online websites or tolls  that converts a regular URL (the web address that starts with http://) of a site  into a condensed format.

The URL shortening process using URL shortener sites list is very simple. User will need to copy the full URL of a website and paste it into the URL shortening tool.  The tool will now generate a short URL for the submitted URL which can be used at various places.

The URL shortening process is the translation of a long URL into a shortened alternative which redirects to the longer URL.

Initially URL shortening service was started by Kevin Gilbertson started this service in 2002 to create short URL to share easily. TinyURL is very popular today also as compared to other sites from URL shortener sites list.

Some other URL shortening web sites has also become popular such as bity, and Our URL shortener sites list contains a long list of tested URL shortening tools (websites).

Short URL v/s Long URL

Short URLs are used for various reasons. Long URLs in text makes it difficult to read the accompanying message in URL. Links can break the message if they fail to wrap it properly.

Short URLs has become very popular in mobile messaging and social media websites. Because social media sites like Twitter allow on 140 charter long message to post.

These short URL services of URL shortener sites list provide various features to users such as customize short URL and track traffic. But some security experts say that the use of third party services can add another attack vector.

Most of the service from URL shortener sites list are free and offer no service level agreement. Therefore user can only trust the service’s ability to keep its servers secure.

URL shortener providers give no clue where they leads and can be used to redirect users to unwanted content. But some sites from URL shortener sites list allow to attach a special character to the end of short URL. This special character allows the user to hover ouver it and see the page it is linking to.

The short URL of URL shortener sites list only works if the site we have used to create it 100% up time. So reliability and availability of the short URL provider are two more concerns.

Though service providers guarantees 99% uptime, but there are still chances that 3.5 days per year the shortened links won’t work.  One more risk is there that shortened links may no longer work if the service gone out of business.

Why You Need Short URL?

1. Character Length of Twitter Posts is Fixed

As we know tweet in Twitter can only have 140 characters in it.  So sharing full URL of a site in your tweet can be difficult. When we post a link we first write something about that link and then post it.

But due to character limit in Tweeter it is only possible by using a shortened URL. Therefore here in this article we are providing URL shortener sites list for you to create short URLs

2. Shortened URLs are More Attractive

Short URLs created using any site from URL shortener sites list is very when sharing your content on social media.

They are useful at many other places like when you are creating other type of content like print ads. Similarly they are also useful on creating an infographics and when you insert your link in proper way.

Moreover, if your use your smart phone to read the content, you will enjoy a better user experience if you see a shorter URL in the post. So you can use URL shortener sites list to create short URLs of your website to share at various places.

3. Some URL Shorteners Can Come with Monitors.

If you are curious that how people have received your content after posting it, some URL shortener provide tracker. The shortener services providers like Bitly allow you to monitor the sharing activity of your content, over a period of time.

But it is also important to see that URL shorteners are not bad to your SEO. Indeed it’s better to share your content more and more. So use URL shortener sites list given below and create short urls to share on social media.

Advantages of Using URL Shortener

There are various advantages or benefits of using URL shorteners from our list:

  • Some site from URL shortener sites list can Track user clicks from your website to external sites and report you.
  • Short URL  links can be shared inside the email messages easily without breaking the URL lines.
  • They can help you in Tracking your email marketing campaigns and provide stats in all links
  • You can share Share short links in social media posts like Twitter tweets, blogs, micro blogs etc.
  • Some website from URL shortener sites list allow you to create customized short URLs to easily remember.
  • It is easy to Share short URL links in instant-messaging.
  • You can have clean, easy  remember and compact URL to use at various places.
  • Short URL created using a site from URL shortener sites list hides the real URL. So user can only see real URL when he clicks the short URL.
  • They hide your affiliate URLs that you don’t want to show to your readers directly.
  • You can use a sites from URL shortener sites list to create a human-readable short URL.
  • They are very useful when you want to send a URL in SMS messages with short links.
  • There are less chances of error when typing short URL links created by using a site from URL shortener sites list.
  • You can create short URL with some messages and surprise users: http://xyz.go/happy-new-year.

Impact of URL shortener Sites List on SEO

We have listed important and working sites in our URL shortener Sites List. Here we will see what is the impact of URL shorteners on the SEO?

They Passes Link Juice

Social media marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing. The first choice of all SEO professionals to promote products, services or a website is social media.

They post an article and get a backlink from high PR social media site to their own site. But most of the social network websites puts a ‘NoFollow’ tag to all the links they provide to a site. Because they want to prevent any abuse by adding no-follow tag.

However, even if search engines use this tag but URL shorteners do not follow it, they change this process. Short URL links are followed back by the search engines which will pass some value (link juice) through links.

This is a good thing for the digital marketing professionals who use social media networks for promotions or share content.

Using URL shorteners from URL shortener sites list given below will not have any negative impact on SEO of a site. In fact, short URLs are taken by search engines as a regular 301 redirect and they will work on them accordingly.

If Google crawls a page and it find 301 or permanent redirect, which all good URL shortners like Bitly will do, will pass Page Rank to the targeted website. So it is always better to create short URL of your full URL using URL shortener sites list given below and get a valuable link from social media sites.

Spamming and Endless Re directions is Possible

The short URLs created using a site from URL shortener sites list, hide the real destination URL. And that gives opportunity to spammers to do their work. The spammers can hide their spamming link URLs and that will lead to an unwanted website.

That may create a problem and gives bad impression to shortened URL links. So the people has already faced the spamming problem will never trust on shortened URL concept and URL shortener sites list.

There are some link extraction sites like WhereDoesThisLinkGo before clicking on short URL to ensure that it is working fine.

If you are creating a chain of 301 redirects due to some reason, you face some problem in terms of indexing. In fact, Bing and Yahoo are saying that redirect chains are generally very tricky to crawl, so that can be a reason of poor or non-existent indexing.

How to shorten URLs?

There are countless websites and tools on the internet for shortening URLs.

There are some good websites in our URL shortener sites list below that handle URL shortening process. They also including analytics and archives of the full URL you shorten.

URL shortening process will replace your domain name by a new domain (e.g., changes to And the permalink of your URL is replaced by a string of numbers and characters (e.g. is changes to

Top 10 URL shorteners to use:

Here is a Best 10 URL Shortener Sites List to use for backlinking.

1. Bitly

Bitly is the most popular URL shortener on the internet because it is easy to use website. It provides you facility to use a custom domain related to your company/ brand. And it also allows you to track your links. It is number one in our URL shortener sites list due to its popukarity.

2. TinyUrl

TinyUrl shortening service is probably the first one who appeared on the web. Just like Bitly, you are also permitted to customize the short URL as per your choice. But the customization you want should be available.

3. Google’s URL Shortener

Google’s URL Shortener is also a good service provided by Google to shorten your URL links. You can also add it to your Chrome browser’s toolbar to use it quickly when ever needed. It is most reliable from our URL shortener sites list.

4. Yourls

Yourls allows you to run the URL shortening process yourself. So you can customize your URL whenever and however you want.


It allows you to shorten the URL to use it in variety of ways. This is linked with your Twitter account and can be used to post your short URL quickly to your Twitter account. You can create short URLs using URL shortener sites list.


Yep is a URL link shortener site which provides various URL types for your business. It contains various search filters to provide you the right URL as per your business requirements. It also has a stats button to display the number of clicks a URL has received after creation.

7. was founded in 2002 by Kevin Gilbertson to shorten the long URLs. It is one of the oldest service in our URL shortener sites list. It provides many other features also apart from a link shortening service. The most important features include:

  • Custom domain names for branding your business
  • Cloak URL to keeps your affiliate link confidential.
  • It provides data about conversions and to measure advertising campaigns.

8. is URL link shortener which creates URL more manageable. So you can easily share short URL on social media and promote your business. It also provides stats of visitors to your link since its creation. It is a free link shortening tool in our URL shortener sites list.


Bit.Do is a URL shortening service which provides custom URL domain. It provides a real-time statistics facility that you can use to get your link sharing data.

This is the URL link shortening tool in our URL shortener sites list which provides everything you need to supervise sharing of your URL. It provides facility to track the clicks to track the IPs.

This also offers service to create a personalized URL link with your product or service name to get a better visibility on SERP.

10. is a new URL link shortening service. It also provides you a closer look into the clients who are sharing link on social media. provides data about your URL so that you can better position your product to your specific visitors. It is one of our URL shortener sites list tool that offers customer URL feature.

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Free blogging sites list we are providing here contains all high PR free blog hosting sites. You can create professional looking blog on these sites just for free.


High PR Free Blogging Sites List for SEO


The free blogging sites have become popular in recent years. And it has become very easy to create professional looking websites or blogs without purchasing a domain and hosting package.

So using these sites a blogger can share the hobby with others, express their views, and can have the online presence.

All sites in free blogging sites list provide facility to users to create and manage the blog freely. The free blog sites are hosted on platform’s own server.

What is Free Blogging Site List?

Basically, there are two types of blogging sites or blogs. Free blogging sites or self-hosted sites. When you go to self-hosted blogging platforms, you will need to buy the domain name and hosting platform for your site.

But if you go for free blogging platform you don’t need to buy anything.  So if you are a hobby blogger and don’t want to invest any money for publishing your content then you can go choose a platform from free blogging sites list given below.

You are using a shared domain or subdomain. For example, if you want to create your blog on your blog name will be something like And if you go with your blog name will be

Benefits of Using Free Blogging Platforms

There are various advantages of using a platform from free blogging sites list given below:

  • The most important benefit is we don’t have to pay because they provide free domain name and hosting space. No need to buy domain name and hosting when using a platform from free blogging sites list
  • You will get free domain name and hosting for lifetime (if you don’t violate their rules)
  • They provide the wide range of free domain names. So you can choose a memorable and meaningful domain name.
  • No need to worry about maintenance of hosting server and up gradation of the server software.Most of the sites form free blogging sites list are popular. So your blog will get visibility on internet and web without any publicity.
  • Building a blog or site is very easy so you don’t need any knowledge of web design.
  • If later you want you can upgrade or increase package as per your requirements.
  • All blogging sites form the free blogging sites list to support your web pages.
  • Expand your brand value online.
  • These platforms provide easy use tools to post the articles.
  • They support your social media initiatives for your blog.
  • Builds authority on your blog or site in your industry.
  • Increases conversion rates of your product or service you offer in your log
  • Helps to get lots of inbound links to your site.
  • Increase Backlinks and page authority so improve Google search rank.

Limitations of Using Free Blogging Platforms

There are various disadvantages of using a platform from free blogging sites list:

  • The control of your blog remains with the platform provider, not with you.
  • You won’t be able monetize your blog as per your choice when using a platform from free blogging sites list.
  • Visitors of your blog might think you are not serious blogger.
  • Your blog may disappear if by mistake you break their rules.
  • They offer limited design themes so they may add cheap look to your sites often.
  • Limited plugin, HTML code and CSS code access.
  • The resources offered by the platforms from free blogging sites list are very limited (E.g., bandwidth, and hard drive).
  • All kind of resources for free blogging are limited than self-hosting plans.
  • If you need more resources then you’ll have to upgrade plan to paid.
  • The biggest disadvantage of free blogging platforms is blog Spamming. Backlinking from a site on free blogging sites list can be a big reason to go into spam list.
  • When you get more visitors on your blog, the speed of your blog will slowdown.
  • Google will not position your blog well in search, as it is on a free hosting. Because Google knows that these free sites are also used for spamming.

But these limitations cannot stop you from starting a blog on self-hosted platform with all controls in your hands.

Top 5 Free Blogging Sites List



WordPress provides various customization options that are simple and easy to use for the beginner. If you are serious about generating income from a free blog then WordPress is the best way to go.

WordPress comes with various good features and plugins that can help bloggers to make their blog good looking and professional.

More than 17% of the sites around the world are hosted on WordPress content management system (CMS). This shows the importance of to build a free blog in comparison with free blogging sites list.

If you want to start your blog on a self-hosted CMS, you can do that too using As WordPress is widely used CMS to create blogs, most of the bloggers use to run their websites.


Blogger is developed by Google offers free blog-hosting services. To build a create a blog using blogger needs Gmail account. You will need to login to your Gmail account to build a blog. You will get Google Adsense monetization option, layout customization, and edit the coding option.

The disadvantage here is that you cannot say that domain is yours unless you pay $10/year. So essentially Google is an owner of your blog and they can take it down if you don’t follow their guidelines. Even with all this considered, Blogger is a great platform to create a free blog. It provides better options in comparison with other platforms from free blogging sites list.

Blogger provides facilities to customize your blog design to great extent.  It offers thousands of free templates and themes and you can design your blog as per your choice. You can easily create pages, posts, and private blogs on this site. The best thing is that is presently available in 41 different languages. Go to our free blogging sites list below and find many other options for free blogging.


Tumblr had a unique concept though and a different process of blogging that earned them so many users very fast.

The whole website was created on the basic concept of micro-blogging like Twitter and Facebook. Use Tumblr to build a free blog if your website is more about the visuals. So it allows uploading of short stories, images and videos quickly. No need to worry about getting permission to publish your content or managing complex code.

In fact, everything is not perfect on Tumblr. There are very limited customization options on Tumblr and it doesn’t support plugins. These things are very basic, but it provides the user-friendly interface which allows users to upload content quickly.

Tumblr is a fastest growing website on the web as compared to other sites in free blogging sites list. It looks like a combination of blogger, Facebook, and Twitter.

Tumblr provides users everything required to make their images look visually appealing.  They have various unique options that make Tumblr the unique choice of various bloggers:

From free blogging sites list mentioned on this page, Tumblr is a great platform to build a clutter-free and content oriented website.


Weebly was started in 2006 and it is a California USA based company. In the year 2007, it was amongst the best 50 sites as per Times report.

Weebly is very famous and versatile free blogging site used by thousands of people to create their free blogs. It is currently hosting more than 12 million free websites and blogs.

You can build a sub-domain or custom domain to publish your posts. That all you can do without any charge unlike other platforms from our free blogging sites list.

Weebly provides drag and drop facility to create menus, pages, posts, categories etc. Using Weebly for free blogging is a fun and it is very easy to maintain your blogs here. People like it more than other free platforms from free blogging sites list given below.


Wix is a gorgeous looking free blog creating site that can be used to create good looking sites. To create an interactive website on Wix, no coding knowledge is required. Wix is a great platform where it builds beautiful and stunning sites. And the good thing is that these websites are build by non-professional web designers.

One specialty of Wix is that they offer specific and easy to use tools to help musicians and hotels to grow their businesses. That facility is provided by Wix only not by others in free blogging sites list.

There are more than 103 million registered users on Wix and about 45,000 new users joining daily. This proves that users are happy with Wix than others from free blogging sites list. The reason is it provides easy to use site builder, tools, and good services.


Free Blogging Sites List             PR

  •            9
  •                 9
  •                       9
  •                   8
  •                   8
  •                         8
  •             8
  •                     8
  •      8
  •                    8
  •                    8
  •                    8
  •            7
  •                     7
  •               7
  •                      7
  •                     7
  •                     7
  •              7
  •          7
  •                7
  •                7
  •                      6
  •              6
  •                   6
  •                    N/A
  •        N/A
  •                     N/A
  •             N/A

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There are two ways to host your blog, free hosting plan and paid (self-hosted) plan. So if you are planning to start a blog then focus on your requirements and decide which is better for you. In above paragraphs, we have discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of using free blogging sites list.  So if you are planning to start e-commerce portal then you must go for the self-hosted option because the free option has various limitations for e-commerce sites. But if you want to start a blog just as a hobby or want to share your ideas with people then you can choose a platform from free blogging sites list. 


Classified submission sites list is a good source to post your ads to Classified Ad sites. These sites are the best way of off page SEO and backlinking. You can get high PR backlinks to your site from this classified submission sites list we provide in this post

The main part of off page SEO is to get backlinks from high PR sites to your site. And classified Ad sites are a good source of getting the links. These sites are mainly used to promote and improve search engine ranking of your site. So you can create and submit your classified Ads to the sites of classified submission sites list give in this post.


free high PR classified submission sites list to post ads: seo


What are the Classified Sites?

Basically Classified ads are the medium of advertising for the organizations to promote their products or services in the market. Classified advertising method was earlier popular for printed newspapers and magazines.

But now we can post our classified ads online on classified submission sites list. The best thing of online sites is that we can advertise on both free and paid sites.

Classified sites can advertise your business, services or products using their online websites. So businesses can submit their ads in the relevant category of the classified submission sites list. The online classified sites has various categories o it can serve all the industries.

Getting links from Classified submission sites List is one of the easiest and fast ways of doing the core of off-page SEO.

If you are new in SEO use the listed free classified submission sites list given in this article.  That will help you to advertise your post, service or product and get a valuable backlink for your site.

High PR classified ads are also a great way to generate traffic and leads for your business. Free classified sites list is a good way of promotion of products, businesses, and services without any investment.

Our Classified submission sites list can boost the ranking of a site in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. And high search engine rank can produce more traffic and leads to your business.

So it’s always better for SEO professionals to post ads on classified submission sites list to get the valuable backlink, traffic, and business to a site.


How to Post Ads to Classified Submission Sites List?

To submit your post to the classified sites properly, follow the guidelines given below:

  • Generally, classified ads are used for local businesses. So you should find the local classified submission sites list to submit your post. For example, if your business belongs to a specific country then submit your post in classified sites of that country. But you can submit to any relevant site to get a backlink.
  • Post your article or Ad in the category related to a topic of your post.
  • Create an informative and complete profile of your business or service. That may include logo or image of your company and title of your Ads. That should also contain description and contact information of the company, product or service.
  • You can get a backlink to your site from the information of the company in your post.
  • It is always suggested that you should submit your post manually in classified submission sites list. So don’t use any software tool to post an article. Manual submission is time-consuming but it is safe and better.
  • Renew your Ad time to time otherwise, it will expire.
  • Always use call to action (buy now) words in the ads to encourage visitors to buy your products. You can add buttons or highlighted words such as buy now, special limited time offers, discount coupons etc.


Benefits of Using Classified Submissions Sites List

There are various advantages and benefits of using these sites for your business.

  • Posting Ads to classified submission sites list helps businesses to list their brand, product or service in the local classified sites. That will promote the brands in local territory and generate more leads.
  • Posting to classified submissions sites list can get more traffic, visitors, leads, sales to a business.
  • It can increase search engine rankings of the site in major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.
  • Classified Ads can bring you your business in front of potential customers.


Free High PR Classified Submission Sites List

Submit a post in classified ads sites in the proper way as we have mentioned in a paragraph above. Posting in right way can increase the chances of getting more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

Here we are providing classified submission sites list. Post your Ads to these classified Ads sites to get all the benefits of Classified Ads. Therefore, utilize the complete classified submission sites list and post to free high PR classified submission sites list:


Classified Submission Sites         PR

  •             7
  •                 5
  • /    6
  •         5
  •      6
  • 5
  •      5
  •                4
  •                4
  •        5
  •       4
  •    4
  •              6
  •            4
  •              6
  •    5
  •     4
  •       4
  •                4
  •           4
  •           4
  •              4
  • 4
  • 3
  •            6
  •             5
  •  5
  •        3
  •            3
  •  4
  •              2
  •     3
  •              2
  •         2
  •               4
  •              4
  •   4
  •                4
  •   2
  •     1
  •             2
  •              4
  •  4
  •              3
  •         3
  •             1
  •          2
  •                4
  •    3
  • 1
  •               1
  •        1
  •   2
  •  2
  •     0
  •            0
  •   4
  •             0
  •     0
  •   4
  •   5
  •   6
  •    4
  •    0
  •    5
  •   3
  •      2
  •   0
  •  4

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Post ads to sell your products online. It is also the best way of selling through affiliate marketing. Posting Ads to classified submission sites list can help you in the promotion of your business in local in short period of time.

Submitting to our free high PR classified submission sites list can grab fast search engine traffic to your site. You can get email ids and contact information of your potential local clients.

The important thing from SEO point of view is you can build backlinks to your business site. So it is a great way to post on these sites to get more business, traffic, and backlinks to your site.

Search engines list we are providing in this post is a latest updated list of best popular free search engines in the world.


top high pr free search engines list


What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a website available on the Internet that collects and organizes the content for keywords. It returns the results of files containing those keywords.

There is a long search engines list present on the Internet with different abilities and features. The most popular and widely used search engine on the internet is Google.

Other popular search engines list includes Bing, Yahoo etc. In this post, we will provide the most popular free Search engines list to search your website for SEO.

Which are the Most Popular Search Engines in the World?

Everybody knows that Google is the most popular search engine around the world. The next popular search engine is Bing. Here in this post, we are providing a free search engines list.

Search Engines list has become part of our everyday life. Internet users have become more dependent on search engines to get the answer to their queries. Here in this article, we are providing a most popular and top popular free Search engines list for our readers.

#What is Search Engine Optimization and How it is Important for Bloggers and Web Masters?

Top Popular Free Search Engines List

  1. Google

Google is the top search engine on the internet. Millions of the people use Google daily for searching something. It is also one of most globally used product from Google.

According to the latest report from the internet, around 78 percent of Search Engine market has been captured by the Google alone. The technical team of Google is always trying to improve the searching algorithm to provide best results to the users.

Most desktop & mobile user uses Google search engine to search something on the internet. So Google in on the top in our free search engines list.

  1. Bing

Microsoft’s produced bing as a search engine in 2009. And it is a big competitor of Google. Bing is also a widely used search engine on the internet.

Bing comes as the default search engine with the browser of Microsoft. Though it Bing team is always trying to improve its functionality but still does not able to give competition to Google. The specialty of Bing is its background image changes daily.

Bing search engine delivers different services including image, web and video search along with maps. It provides fast results for sports, finance, mathematical calculations, flight tracking and many other searches.

Bing also provides Local information like the business, current traffic, restaurant review etc. It is on the second position in our popular free search engines list.

  1. Yahoo

Jerry Yang and David Filo founded Yahoo in the year 1994. And in the year 2002, it was started as a search engine.  Soon after starting the search engine it became one favorite search engine on the internet. And today Yahoo is the 4th most visited site on the internet.

Yahoo and Bing are giving competition to each other but far away from the competition with Google. According to latest reports available on the internet, Yahoo has a market share of 4.7 percent.

Yahoo is still leading in one area and that is free email provider but does not able to attract users in search engine area. Therefore it is on the third position in our free search engines list.

  1. Ask also a popular searching website and previously it was known as Ask Jeeves. The search results of Ask are based on question answering web format. Ask was founded in 1995.

In fact, it is popular as a question & answer website. On this site, you can get answers to your question.  It integrates a lot of archive data to answer the questions.

But in fact, on, you will not get as better results you get in Google, Bing or Yahoo. It is in the fourth position in free search engines list we are providing.

If the resources of Ask are unable to answer any question that it takes help from another third-party search engine.

Still, Ask is very popular on the internet as a search engine and that’s the reason its global Alexa rank is at 115th place. In the top 10 free search engines list Ask comes at no. 4. You can advertise on ASK and to do so, you can use Bing.

  1. AOL is also one of the popular search engines on the internet. It has the market share of 0.04 percent as per data available on the internet. Verizon Communication has purchased AOL for $4.4 billion.

Bill von Meister founded in 1983. In 1991 It was named as America Online and later in 2009 as AOL Inc. it comes on 5th position in our free search engines list.

The AOL is New-York based global mass media company. It also provides advertising services as AOL Advertising and AOL Platform.

  1. Baidu

Baidu was founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu on January 1, 2000. It is on the 6th position in our free search engines list. It is most popular Chinese web search engine.

Baidu provides search results to answer queries for the website, audio files, and images. It also provides services related to maps, news, cloud storage and much more.

  1. Excite

Most of the internet users don’t know about “Excite” search engine. It holds 7th position in free search engines list. It is an online service website and was it was founded in 1995.

Excite delivers internet services like email, search engine, news, instant messaging and weather updates.

  1. DuckDuckGo

Gabriel Weinberg launched DuckDuckGo in 2008 and since then It became popular in free search engines list. and It is also popular for protecting the privacy of its users.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect or share any of user’s personal information with others. They have the partnership with Yahoo, Bing, and Yummly to provide search results. The source of revenue for this site is Yahoo-Bing search alliance network and Affiliates.

  1. Internet Archive

The is the internet-based archive search engine. It is on 9th stage in free search engines list. You can use it to see how a website looked since 1996.

Internet archive is very useful tool to trace the history of a domain and examine how it has changed over the years.

  1. Yandex

Arkady Yurievich Volozh founded Yandex in 1997. And it is Russias most popular search engine.  It is a Russian internet based business company. It comes on 10th stage in free search engines list.

Yandex also has a great presence in countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Turkey etc. Yandex provides services like Yandex Maps, Yandex Music, online translator, Yandex Money and much more.

Top High PR Free Search Engines List

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Press Release Submission sites list we provide in this post is tested and contains high PR sites.


Free high PR press release submission sites list


Getting backlinks from these sites is the best way of SEO to get good results in search result page. Most of the webmasters and SEO professionals believe that press release is an essential part of off page SEO.

We also believe that it is the best way to increase search engine rank and page rank of a site.

Submitting an article to the free high PR press release submission sites list also helps in getting huge traffic to your site or blog.

The important thing is that you will need to submit your press release in the proper manner and at the right place.

Relevancy is very important here, so submit your article to the sites related to your niche.  It is also important to submit in High PR and DoFollow press releases submission sites.

Good communication with the audience is the key factor for the press release articles. That will popularize the products and services of the site and attract more traffic. Many top brands consider that it is very important, so they have their own press release submission sites list to post their articles.

Posting your article to these sites helps your business a lot to get connected with various impactful websites. A press release submission sites list is valuable while doing SEO and digital marketing for your product or services.

What is a Press Release?

A press release in SEO is a written communication that reports brief information about the product, service or a website. It’s typically tied to a website and is provided to an audience through a press release submission sites list.

Sometimes your press release is picked up by bloggers and that will be a great thing for you. If you are lucky, that can also be posted on tweeters and others social media site by others.

If people who read your article and find it worthy of promoting it within their own social networks.

Press release submission sites list posting is popular ways to get quality backlinks and huge traffic within no time. Therefore most of the bloggers and webmasters wish to post their articles on free press release submission sites list.

By submitting content to these high PR sites people can get good traffic and increase search engine ranking very easily.

Posting in the press release submission sites list is very important in converting queries into sales of products and services. The quality and informative content with rich in the keyword set an impact on potential customers.

Apart from the good content, it is important to reach the targeted audience in an effective manner. And press release submission sites list plays very important role to reach the potential clients.

The attractive, informative and nicely written content will surely build a huge buzz and can get lots of markets for your business.

Types of Press Release Submissions Sites

Basically, there are two types of press release sites exist on the internet.

  • Free Press Release Submission Sites List: These sites allow people to submit their articles for free. They are generally web-based and some of them may not allow you to upload photos, videos, or HTML formatted with your content.


  • Paid Press Release Submission Sites List: To publish your article on these sites you will need to pay. Generally, they send your content to a press list in addition to posting your article on their website. Various paid sites also provide extra SEO benefits like tagging, metadata editing, and grammar checking. They may also tweet your post to their network depending on the type of service you go for.

How Business Use Press Release Submission Sites List?

Every business must have a proper planning about publishing news article or post relevant to its business. Some businesses may go for media directory publishers or contact freelance journalists. They may also reach some renowned news distribution agencies.

Other businesses might not have any interest in such paid sites or services. They love to publish their articles in free sites list. And, we are providing a list of free high PR Press Release service providers. We have prepared this list on the basis Google page rank statistics as well as Alexa ranking.


Press Release Submission Sites List and SEO

Most of the digital marketing professionals have realized the importance of high PR sites. And they have started using high PR sites for SEO purpose.

Google had identified it and modified its algorithm to stop the misuse of high PR websites for SEO. Google suggests the use of these PR sites to gain media attention only. So, all the links from these sites will be counted as no-follow links.

Hence, there is no direct benefit of getting backlinks from these PR sites. But, the Press Release Submission Sites List can bring good traffic to your website or blog.

We have observed that these high PR websites can become a great resource for better traffic. Remember, the main purpose of submitting on a high PR site is posting of news about your product or services. Thus, you must use a mix of paid and free press release submission sites list.


Track Your Press Releases to Measure Results

All the websites in Press Release Submission Sites List we provide here are having a thousand of visitors every day. Therefore you are having a good chance to promote your website or blog by using this list.

We are recommending for the use of both free and paid services. You can use any of them as per your requirement, but it is important to track them properly. Definitely, paid services can provide you various reports, so tracking is very easy with them.

But free press release service is not that much easy to track. Hence, you might face problem in measuring results of free press release submission sites list. So when using free sites you will need to do lots of manual work.


It is important for digital marketing or SEO team to measure the effectiveness of the effort they are making. So they can build further strategies.

The businesses must mind it before posting on this press release submission sites list. Similarly, a webmaster should also have a tracking plan for measuring the impact of a posted article in these websites.


Free High PR Press Release Submission Sites List

In this post, we are sharing the free High PR press release submission sites list with our audience. Here a list of top press release submission sites lists to get high PR backlinks for your site.

You need to Just submit your article in some of the websites and also read their terms and conditions before submitting. It is necessary to submit a unique and high-quality press release with genuine content.

Name of Site                                   PR

  •                     2
  •                            4
  •                                        6
  •                  4
  •                         5
  •                3
  •                                       2
  •                     3
  •                    2
  •                              3
  •                           0
  •                                     3
  •                                    3
  •                       5
  •                             4
  •                               4
  •                       3
  •                            0
  •                     0
  •                              0
  •                                  7
  •                          7
  •                             6
  •                             5
  •                               5
  •                                 4
  •                        5
  •                  4
  •                              0
  •                       3
  •                                2
  •      3
  •    2
  •                 2
  •                                   7
  •                                      2
  •                      6
  •                                  6
  •                             5
  •                      6
  •                              5
  •                      5
  •                               5
  •                           5
  •                          5
  •                   5
  •                           4
  •                           4
  •                                    4
  •                    4
  •                                   4
  •                            4
  •               4
  •                       4
  •          3
  •                                    3
  •                                          0
  •                               6
  •                    6
  •                       6
  •                      6
  •                              4
  •                              5
  •                        5
  •                       4
  •                                   4
  •                           2
  •                     3
  •                                5
  •                        3
  •                                 1
  •                              0
  •                                4
  •           7
  •                   4
  •                               2
  •                2
  •             1
  •                                       1
  •                      3
  •                             0
  •                  1

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Document Sharing Sites List is a list of high PR dofollow sites to create backlinks for your site or blog.


Do follow high PR Document sharing sites list


What is Document Sharing?

It is sharing of documents of various formats (like .pdf) over the internet. If you are aware of sharing the documents, then Google drive or dropbox are the sites that come to our mind. However, there are various other websites through which you can share your contents. In this post, we will provide high PR document sharing sites list for SEO and link building.

The main aim of document sharing is increasing the rank of a website in Google search and getting more traffic. Companies can also submit their catalogs, company information and user descriptions in the document sharing sites list given below.

When a person shares a document in a particular format, the text content of that document is extracted and provided to the final user to read.

What are the Document Sharing Sites?

Document sharing sites are great platforms that allow people to upload their content. And, allow them to share that content with their targeted audience.

At the end of this article, we will provide a list of high PR document sharing sites list. To create an interesting document related to your business, service or topic and upload that document on given site.

Along with the documents you upload, add hyperlink of your website or blog to get a high PR backlink. Of course, you will need to create your profile account on these sites to upload a document and get a backlink.

So, you must work on these listed sites to do Search Engine Optimization of your website and get more traffic. The Document Sharing Sites List we are providing in this post will work as gold for your site.

We have developed this list after studying each of these sites on various parameters such as Alexa rank, PR etc. We did it to share a really working and beneficial list with our readers.

All these sites are capable of getting good traffic to your site. And that will certainly, increase the rank of your site in Google search.

What are the Benefits Of Document Sharing Sites List?

The main benefit of document sharing sites is generating appropriate targeted traffic to a website. That is done by creating authentic links which really helps to rank high in search engines like Google. This list of sites can also help in creating brand name popularity of your online business.

We are providing this list because we simply want to prompt you to take initiative for promotion of your business.

You can get all these benefits by sharing the quality document for your desired audience. Keep in mind, you need to share valuable document regularly to get regular traffic of relevant audience.

All the sites we are providing on the list have high PR, therefore your website will definitely get the advantage of link-juice. And the rank, as well as the authority of your site, will also increase.

Our document sharing sites list will help you in:

  • Driving more significant traffic to your site and increase your sales.
  • Generating good quality back-links from high PR sites to increase Google search rank of your site.
  • Enhancing the online reputation of your brand and make your brand more popular.
  • Gaining the trust of your desired audience so they will become regular visitors of your site.

How Documents Sharing Sites Help in SEO Ranking?

The main aim of a document is to improve Google search ranking and increase the traffic to your website.

The common format uses to share the document is PDF. And PDF file submission can have a positive impact on ranking of your site, if you offer content to be downloaded and shared. In terms of SEO the PDF format pages are similar to Web 2.0 websites.

It doesn’t offer you something extraordinary but still increases visibility and diversify a backlink profile little bit.

Make sure that your PDF file contains text so search engine robots can read the text and index the file. Also, use proper keywords in your document.

How to Get More Traffic by Sharing Documents?

You can surly get more traffic by sharing your documents on the document sharing sites list we displayed below. Use following tips to get more traffic to your site:

  1. Include the keyword in the name of your document you want to share. For example “document sharing sites list” can be saved as document-sharing-sites-list.doc.
  2. Use different file types and experiment with them. It may happen that sometimes PDF file type tends to rank better then DOC files. It is difficult to understand logic behind this but it happens.
  3. Create a 100 word long description of your document, and use your keywords in it. Because search engine will look into the content to check what your document contains.
  4. Add some tags with keyword variations.
  5. Write descriptive and attractive title of your document.
  6. Add links in your article. Use links at various places in your article. Add one or two links near the beginning of your article, as well as a prominent resource box.
  7. Use large fonts when creating your document, as it is generally displayed much smaller, unless people view in full-screen mode.

Getting traffic with our document sharing sites list is very easy. I wouldn’t need to spend hours and hours daily submitting to these sites, because there is small SEO benefit for your main website.

However, if you spend 30 minutes every day for month creating and sharing to document sharing sites list you will notice a big boost in traffic. You must start by targeting low competition, long-tail keywords to get faster results.

Free Document Sharing Site List

Website                         PR

  •                  8
  •        7
  •                             8
  •                              5
  •                             5
  •                         5
  •                             7
  •                           6
  •  6
  •                              6             
  •                         5
  •                             5
  •                         4
  •                      4
  •                        3
  • 7
  •                        7
  •                  4
  •                  3
  •                                8
  •               4
  •                            6
  •                      6
  •                                        7
  •                        7
  •      5
  •                    7
  •                        4
  •                               3
  •                    3
  •                               5
  •                               4
  •                 4
  •                               3
  •                    6
  •                            5
  •                           8
  •                      7
  •                        2
  •                               3
  •                       7
  •   1
  •                  10
  •                             6
  •      6
  •                         3
  •    6
  •                 5
  •                         4
  •     6
  •                          5
  •                              5
  •                              3
  •                        3
  •    3
  •   3
  •                   5
  •               4
  •                        3
  •                            3
  •               3
  •                        6
  •                 5
  •                    9
  •                   4
  •                               5
  •                   3
  •                                5
  •                                             4
  •                               4
  •              5
  •                              6
  •      4
  •                        6
  •      5
  •                            5
  •              3
  •                     5
  •                        4
  •                            5
  •                          6
  •                               5
  •                      4
  •                               5
  •                          3
  •                 5
  •       4
  •  5
  •                             5
  •       3
  •                        5
  •   3
  •    5

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DoFollow and NoFollow links both are important from SEO point of view.


difference between dofollow and nofollow links


The new bloggers always think that how their website will appear on the first page in Google search results?

Are you also a new blogger and searching for the answer to the same question? The simple one-line answer is you will need to improve on-page SEO and off-page SEO of your site.

Building backlink is Off-page SEO and the backbone for the success of any website. When it comes to link building, you might have heard of dofollow and nofollow links.

This article will help you to understand Dofollow and Nofollow links. We will also discuss how it will affect the ranking of your website.

What are High Quality backlinks?

The backlink is incoming links to a website and also known as inbound links. The inbound links show the popularity and importance of a website on the internet.

Search engines give more importance to a site having more quality backlinks.

A quality backlink is one which is pointing to your site with the keyword related to the post or page it is pointing to.

The other quality backlink is one which is coming to your site from a high PR page which is having similar content that of your site.

What is Link Juice?

Link juice is a nontechnical SEO term used for SEO value of a backlink to a website or page. It is the amount of positive search engine ranking factor that a link passes from one page to another.

The ranking factor depends on the reputation of the link, the total number of links and quality of each incoming link.

What is DoFollow Link?

To understand dofollow and nofollow links clearly, we will need to understand basics about how backlink works in SEO. When the page of a site gets an inbound backlink from a good site the page gets a small SEO boost.

If we consider a link as a point and we have more links to our page then we get more points. And more points means good search engine rank.

Google considers these points by watching how many incoming links a web page has and from what quality websites. If many people links to a certain page Google consider it as a good page.

And it gives preference in searching to the page over other pages of similar topics which are having less inbound links.

Google generates a metrics called PageRank to calculate the incoming link points. Most of the SEO professionals call these points “link juice”.  The link juice flows from a website through a link to the new website. The incoming link from a more reputed site boosts link juice of the linked to a site.

DoFollow links are the links that point to another site. These links pass SEO link juice and increase the PageRank of the linked to the site.

The more natural incoming dofollow links help a website or page to go higher in the SERPs.

What is a NoFollow Link?

Nofollow links are the link which doesn’t count any point in the favor of the page. Means Google bot will not crawl the link and won’t pass any link juice to the site.

So the nofollow links don’t help in boosting PageRank of your site.

By default, all the links are dofollow links. To create nofollow links the “nofollow” HTML tag is used, which looks like this:

<a href=”http://www.” rel=”nofollow”> mywebsite  text</a>

Therefore we can say that the nofollow tag is used as a notice sign for search engines saying “don’t count this link.”

You can also make complete post nofollow using robots Meta tag. To do so you will simply need to add the following statement to the header section of your page/post.

<meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow” />

Adding above statement to your post, you can make your whole post/page nofollow. All the outgoing links present on this page will be considered as nofollow even though they don’t have Nofollow rel tag in the link.

Now the question is why would anyone create nofollow links?  But there are good reasons for using nofollow attribute in a link. Google doesn’t follow these links, but other search engines follow them.

Where to use DoFollow Links?

As we have already discussed, the natural dofollow links are used by Google to measure PageRank of a web page. More quality backlinks to a site mean more link juice, that results in high PageRank in Google.

PageRank is used to see what pages are most popular on the search engine. These pages are also considered as quality pages and delivered to searchers.

When you link a site in your post then you must think of the quality of the page we are linking to. The most of the links are dofollow so you can get back the dofollow link from that site.

But your dofollow link should be relevant to your post. The links which are not relevant to your site could look spammy to search engines.

Use DoFollow links for:

  • Relevant content of both the sites,
  • Content that is useful for people,
  • Internal links of a site.

Where to use NoFollow Links?

The nofollow links can be used to link which is not relevant to your site. Sometimes we need to link something which is not relevant to our site but important for our business.

The example of irrelevant links is advertising, affiliate and sponsored links, these links should be created as nofollow.

We still get paid when such links are clicked, but there is no need for the search engine to follow them.

Another important use of the no follow tag is when we mention our competitors. We may need to point out something on competitors’ site but don’t want to pass any link juice. In this condition, we can use nofollow links.

One more use of nofollow links is if you are running more than one website and want to link pages of each other perhaps in the footer.

If you use dofollow links for the same site of each page, Google may consider it as spammy. So it’s better to use nofollow tag for such backlinking.

Use NoFollow links for: 

  • Irrelevant content to your site,
  • Affiliate marketing,
  • Sponsored links,
  • Advertisements,
  • Comments,
  • Footer links.

How to Check If the Link is DoFollow or NoFollow?

Mainly there are two methods to check dofollow and nofollow links on a page.

First Method:

Go to the web page you want to see the source code. Right click on the webpage, you will see various options a window as shown below. Click on the ‘view page source’ option.

DoFollow NoFollow View Page Source

The HTML code of the webpage will be displayed as shown in below screen.


DoFollow NoFollow code


Search for the link you want to see in the source code. Press Ctrl+F and search for the name of your website as you can see in above screen.

You will get the source code of the backlink you created.  Here you can check whether the comment you dropped has the dofollow link or nofollow link.

Second Method:

Right-click on the link you want to check. Click on ‘inspect element’ below the ‘view page source’ and it will display the HTML code for your backlink. Here you can check rel attribute and check the link type.

How to Get DoFollow Links to Your Post/Page?

The more natural do follow links you get the more chances of your site to rank higher in Google search. Now the question is how to get dofollow links to your page?

The most important way to get backlinks is content so one should focus on creating unique and good quality content. Only by publishing good content on a site can attract people to link to your site.

Next point after creating good content is, get your content seen by people by promoting it on various social media platforms. And if people find it good they will link to your site or content.

One more thing you can do to get more dofollow backlinks is through guest posting. That can be done by writing for someone else and get a backlink for your site from that post.

Many sites allow you to write for them because that helps them to publish more content. But you must write a post for a quality site which is related to your topic in some way.

If you run a cooking website then there is no use in writing for a sports website and expecting to get a link which doesn’t look spammy.  So you must search for the sites related to your niche and write a post for that site.

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Black hat SEO and White hat SEO are two totally different techniques of search engine optimization.


what is difference between black hat seo and white hat seo


Basically, SEO is grouped into two categories – the “black hat SEO” and the “white hat SEO”. White hat SEO is considered good and Black hat SEO is considered as bad SEO from the search engine point of view. Now the question arises that if black hat SEO is not good then why it is being used? In this tutorial, we will discuss both the techniques in detail.

The white hat SEO method follows the Google’s rules, especially in terms of quality content. But black hat SEO method doesn’t care about the Google’s rules and use aggressive approach for link building.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and in this article, we will have a closer look at each approach. After reading this post you will be able to determine which method you must use when doing SEO for your blog or site.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It can be divided into two parts internal/ on-page SEO and external/ off-page SEO. The major part of external SEO is getting backlinks to your blog or site. So the new bloggers those are not aware of black hat SEO or white hat SEO techniques, generally, purchase backlinks to increase their search engine ranking fast. But getting thousands of links at a time may harm your site, Google may penalize it.

Getting high rank in Google is a continuous process, and to get that you will need to work on various white hat SEO parts.

What is Difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

What is white hat SEO?

Search engines recommend certain parameters and criteria for SEO, and those are followed by digital marketing professionals. The set of techniques which follow the rules and guidelines given by search engines are considered White Hat SEO techniques.

What is black hat SEO?

When people misuse white hat SEO methods by creating lots of backlinks fast, it becomes Black Hat SEO Method.  This process is spamming and unaccepted by search engines. The black hat SEO methods are used by developers to rank their websites higher in short time. But the largest disadvantage of black hat technique is major search engines blacklists website.

White Hat SEO Techniques

The white hat SEO techniques focus on making a website more popular through quality content and organic link building. Below are some white hat SEO techniques to get better search engine ranking for your site. With the help of these techniques, you can make your website search engine friendly. These techniques are will keep the SEO professionals away from wrong or black hat SEO techniques of working.

The white hat SEO techniques focus on making a website more popular through quality content and organic link building. Below are some white hat SEO techniques to get better search engine ranking for your site. With the help of these techniques, you can make your website search engine friendly. These techniques are will keep the SEO professionals away from wrong or black hat SEO techniques of working.

1. Quality Content

Good quality content is the main aspect of SEO. Creating valuable and quality content for your readers is shared and linked which can drive traffic to your site. The content should be unique and related to your niche. The content must be clearly written, it should not contain spelling and grammatical mistakes. Good quality content is great white hat SEO technique and helpful for both search engine and visitors. Check out how to write quality and engaging content.

2. Search Engine Guidelines

white hat SEO techniques are used to improve search engine ranking of a website. Using these techniques makes sure that website is achieving its targets. But to achieve these goals it is important to follow search engine guidelines. Violating search engine guidelines may result in penalizing your website by a search engine like Google. To get proper guidelines visit Google webmaster guidelines.

 3. Keyword Research and Use 

Keyword still plays a very important role when used effectively and properly in your content. But keyword stuffing is not good for your website from the search engine point of view. You must choose a set of keywords relevant to your niche/topic. You can find out the effective keywords by researching them by guessing that people may use to find your site. Don’t use the single word for your keyword because singe words are not effective keywords. Use long-tail keywords (more than three words), which are more specific to your product or service. Long-tail keywords are more effective in search engine ranking.

4. Serve Visitors

White Hat SEO technique clearly mentions that text content and images should be created for people not for search engines. The content and images must not be manipulated to satisfy search engines to get higher ranks in search results. Manipulating content and images can harm the search engine ranking of your site. So every SEO professional must follow this rule to remain on positive side.

5. Relevant Backlinks 

Google gives importance to links back to your site, because it’s a vote of confidence. If other high ranking sites link to your site means your site has quality content. And that’s why will get the reward of high search engine ranking. Keep in mind that there are good backlinks and bad backlinks. So the backlinks you are getting for your site should be from relevant and high-quality content site. Creation of good quality backlinks is considered as white hat SEO technique.  To get more details on backlinks read our already published article off page SEO.

6. Internal Links

Internal links in white hat SEO means linking the content of your own site.  It is a great indicator that your website has properly arranged content and value so long as you don’t overstuff them. Internal links are very important from the search engine point of view.  So interlink your content with relevant content and increase your search engine ranking.

7. Quality Web Page

Good quality web page plays a vital role in white hat SEO. The bunch of good quality web pages ensures the good performance of your website. So the small changes in the search engine process algorithm will not affect performance and ranking of your site.

8. Meta Description 

The Meta description is the few sentences displayed in the search results below your page title. And the perfect Meta description is the one which is written for visitors not for search engines. So you should not use keywords more in the Meta description, avoid keyword overstuffing.

For more details on Meta description in white hat SEO read our already published post on-page SEO techniques. This article will answer your all questions related to a quality web page, internal links and Meta description etc.

Using basic White Hat SEO techniques and not using Black SEO Hat techniques will increase the ranking of your site in search engines.


Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO techniques and tricks. These techniques focus only on search engines and not on people, and generally do not follow search engine guidelines.  Some black hat SEO techniques include the following:

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means the use of more than certain limit. But there is always a confusion that, what percentage of keyword density we should use for good SEO practice. There is no fix parameter for it however 2-3% keyword density is used by most of the SEO professionals. Using more than 3% keywords in the content to create an illusion for search engine bots is not good technique. And this black hat SEO technique is considered as keyword stuffing.

2. Unrelated Keywords

Using keywords which are not related to the real content looks very unnatural. But people use the unrelated keyword in their content to get traffic on those keywords. Such practice is also considered as black hat SEO technique.

3. Meta tag Stuffing

Too much use of a keyword in Meta tag is wrong and is considered as black hat SEO technique. So when you writing Meta tag you must not use more keywords in the content.

4. Doorway pages 

These are the fake pages, full of keywords and created for spam indexing.  Overloaded keywords make these pages easier for search engines to find. However, when a user clicks on this page, they will be redirected to a separate page.

5. Cloaking

It is a black hat SEO technique in which the content presented to the search engine is completely different from that presented to the visitors. In this technique, content is delivered on the basis of IP address or HTTP header of the user requesting page. The aim is to cheat the search engine to display a URL when it will not otherwise display.

6. Invisible Text or Links 

Black hat SEO professionals hide their text or links within their content to improve search engine ranking. That is done by using white text on a white background so text will not be visible. They also set the font size to zero, or use small characters for links.

7. Mirror Websites

In this black hat SEO technique, people host various websites but provide similar types of content on all the websites.

8. Page Hijacking

Page hijacking is a black hat SEO technique of search engine index spamming. In this process, people create a rogue copy of a famous site containing similar content to the original web crawler.  This guides website visitors to some unrelated or malicious website.

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While the goal of both white hat and black hat SEO is same to improve the visibility of the website but they use different techniques. The advantage of black hat SEO technique is the fast and short-term success by increasing traffic. But Google can penalize such sites and will never show in Google results.

That is why most of the SEO professionals are opting for white hat SEO methods, not black hat SEO. Although using white hat methods it will take longer to see results but it will not harm your site. This strategy concentrates on improving your search engine performance by using quality content and Google guidelines.


Instagram for business: As we know Instagram is one of the top social media sites, it can be used for business promotion.

Benefits of using Instagram for business and marketing

Today for a marketer lots of social networking websites are running to enhance his business or brand with his audience. And Instagram is one of the most visiting websites among the other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. It is the number one photo sharing site on the internet.

There are about 400 million monthly active users on the Instagram. It proves that you can have a great reach to a large number of the audience if you use Instagram for business.

Also, one cool advantage of Instagram is “engagement with other social networking portals”. This means you can enjoy the crowd from other sites by linking with your Facebook, Twitter or other social accounts.

The content on Instagram is visual (photos and images), which is a great advantage over other social sites. Because most of the clients respond better to visual content than plain text.

Why Instagram?

As we know in today’s world everything is online. Various social media networking sites are available for promotion and marketing purposes. The popular sites include Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook etc. Each of these is having their separate benefits on using them for business. Using Instagram for business is a great idea, because of the reasons.

  • A Huge Traffic: – there are about 400 million monthly active users.
  • Instagram Displays Your Content Most Effectively: – No doubt! Definitely, your brand is allowed to display photo messages on all other social networking sites. But you will be fully distracted due to the multiplicity of other photos. But Instagram’s way of presentation is unique, simple and symmetric.
  • Instagram Users are Active: – according to the various magazines, it is found that Instagram users are 60 times more likely to like, comment or share a post that Facebook users and about 130 times more than Twitter users.
  • Are you real? – Sometimes you look a person has 10k followers but is only getting 12 likes per picture. Why? This means Instagram is much aware to remove mound of the fake accounts so it can provide a clean authentic service.

10 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

There are lots of benefits that Instagram can generate for your business:

1. Visual Marketing Platform

Instagram and some other similar sites like Pinterest are visual content sites. These visual content sites are getting popularity very fast. In our childhood, we use to hear that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So the marketers and content writers must take advantage of it and make images as a part of their content.

Visual marketing has become very popular in the world of digital marketing. Consumers like content in the form of an image instead of text. When we use Facebook and see the post, we hardly read a text in a post. But if there is an image in the post we stop and look at most of them.

Instagram’s entire feeds are visual. And you have a site completely dedicated to visual marketing. So use Instagram for business, marketing, promotions and increase your sales.

2. High Visibility of Posts

The most important reason that posts on Instagram receive the high level of engagement is they have high visibility. It doesn’t use any algorithm that selectively showcases your posts. All your posts will appear in the feeds of your all followers.

Use of hashtags strategically can also boost your posts to new users. They may like and comment on our posts and some of them may start following you.

Your posts on Instagram are live forever; they are not achieved like old tweets on Twitter. When your profile is scrolled it showcases you all posts you have ever shared.

3. Increased Engagement With Customers

Most of the users think that sites like Facebook and Twitter have more engaging with customers online. But even with a useful and interesting content, sometimes you can be overlooked by the users on these sites.

Whereas that isn’t true for Instagram users, you will be surprised to hear that Instagram has most active and engaged user base. An active Instagram account with good content can have great engagement with your audience and can use Instagram for business.

4. Building Your Brand Image

Interesting and quality content can generate more engagement. But another key benefit of Instagram is that it can help you build an image of your brand. You can share daily experience of your business with the audience that gives the personal feel to your business.

Photos of your products, services and employee images can rank well your brand on Instagram. These photos can make your organization more attractive and can give positive impact.

5. Reach New Audiences

Instagram makes it very easy to find new photos, people, and businesses. The hashtag is the most common way people search new content on Instagram. When people use a hashtag in their post a link is created and people can view all the posts shared using that hashtag. Marketers can also find new clients proactively using.

Other then hashtags, it also provides a Discover tab, which helps users to find photos and connect with relevant users.

6. Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Instagram can drives more engaged traffic to your site than any other social network. Research shows that people spend more time on Instagram as compared to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Instagram can help you to bring your clients back for repeat purchases from your site. Your clients, who follow you on Instagram, would like to see regular updates about your brand and purchase again. So marketers can use Instagram for business and promote their business.

7. Less Competition on Instagram

There is less competition on Instagram as compared to the Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. And this is the reason that marketers can gain more traffic easier than with Facebook and Twitter.

8. Connect with Other Marketing Channels

The Interesting thing when using Instagram for business is that the content posted on it can be easily shared on all other various marketing channels.

Instagram settings provide an option to enable social sharing to Facebook and Twitter. So photos you post on Instagram will automatically share on Facebook and Twitter. You can also use the content you share on Instagram for email marketing campaign.

9. Free Advertising

The great thing about the Instagram is the free advertising. To generate huge exposure, you can showcase your business or brand freely.

10. Update People with Latest Offers and Promotions

Only creating accounts on Instagram and posting related to your business is not enough.  You must share photos of your latest offers regularly. Also, keep sharing the photos or videos related to your present or future activities or events of your business.

Never forget to use hashtags like #contest or  #seasonal_offer in your post. Because hashtags make easy to find the campaign for your customers.

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Now I hope you understood the importance of using Instagram for business for online marketing. Instagram is best to get engaged with audiences. Because-

  • Since it is a mobile exclusive platform and easy to use when you are on the go. Also, it is a simple app for the handful of simple posting option. And you can enjoy other advertisements only by scrolling the screen.
  • Today visual marketing is very popular because every human wants to collect the information through sight. And in Instagram, a nearly whole screen is occupied by the colorful images.
  • Instagram also provides an option to share the post on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Generally, Instagram attracts the younger audience. So, it has an energy that older social media brands have lost over the years. But Instagram would be there for a long time.

Add Google Analytics to your WordPress site to track who is visiting your website, what the visitors are looking at and how they got there.


How to add google analytics to your WordPress site


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a website tracking tool that tells about traffic, conversions, user behavior, and more for your website. It is a free service provided by Google and It is the most popular website tracking service available on the internet.

Google Analytics can report you how many people are visiting your website, where the visitors are coming from, and how people interact with your website after arriving at your site.

Google allows you to export Analytics data in different formats. You can also create your own custom “Dashboard” as per your requirements. So it can easily provide and update the data you want to see for your website.

Why Add Google Analytics to a Website?

Everyone start a blog or website with the goal of getting more traffic and subscribers. Google analytics reports you the stats that can help you to take data driven decisions. It helps you to see:

1. Who Visits Your Website or Blog?

There is a part of analytics which answers the questions like How many people visited your website? What is the geographical location of visitors to your site? Which browser visitor uses to access your web site?

Add Google Analytics to your website as it provides much other information in this part. It provides details of resolution of the screen, java script support, language etc. So it provides the information about the devices on which people open your website like laptops, Smartphone, tablets etc.

This data related to above-mentioned information is extremely useful, and it can help website developers in various ways. On the basis of data and analysis, you can make sure that the design of your site is compatible with the devices of your audiences.

If most of the visitors don’t have flash installed in their devices then you must avoid adding flash software on your site. If the resolution of user’s devices is 1280 then the design of your site must be computable with that resolution or smaller.

2. What Visitors Do On Your Website?

You can track the activities of visitors on your website. You can track where the visitor is going on your site? Which pages are they access the more? How long they stay on your site and particular pages? And what is the bounce rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors exits your website on the first visit.

By using such information you can decrease the bounce rate of your site by modifying the content of your site. That will also increase the page views of your site.

3. When Do People Access Your Website?

You can track the time at which traffic is more on your site. You can easily find out the hottest hours in terms of the traffic, in the day for your site. So you can select the time to post your content and get immediate traffic on that topic. If that time zone of posting is not compatible with your time zone, then you can schedule the post to meet the posting time.

4. How Visitors Find Your Website?

This section of the analytics reports you which websites send traffic to your website? Where did the user come from to your website example: User may come from Search Engines, Direct Links, and Referral links or from some another site.

It can also report that what percentage of users to your site came from each of these sources. Add Google analytics that provides information on various categories, and the search engine is one of them. This category reports that which search engine is getting more traffic to your site, Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other.

Another category is referral sources that show which websites you should work with the most. If the top referral source for your site is Facebook, then you must have exclusive Facebook content to make your Twitter followers feel special.

If the top referral source for your site is some external website, then you can go for partnership with that website (guest post exchange or something else).

5. How do Visitors Read Your Content?

This section tells you which pages on your site are visited by most of the visitors? How many visitors you have converted into clients? Where did your converted visitors come from and go on your website? What content of your blog visitors like the most?

We can Add Google analytics to check how readers of your content interact with your posts. It shows what content or post users like more.

By analyzing the user interaction on your content, you can focus on the type and quality of your content. By viewing the answers to above questions, you can plan the strategies that work for your website.

How Does Google Analytics Work?

To implement Google analytics to your blog you will need to add a piece of java script to your site. So it can gather data of the performance of your website. When people open your site in their browser they are tagged by the java code you added. And their session on your site begins.

The tracking code should be added to every page of your site for which you want to check traffic data. This will make sure that the tracking will follow every visitor of your site and their activities.

Some important and most helpful data provided by Google Analytics is:

  • Source of Traffic:

It reports the source of visitors to your site like Google search or ad, direct traffic, or through social media.

  • Page View per Visitor:

It tells the number of pages visited by a person on your website.

  • Bounce Rate:

It reports the number of visitors came to a page of your site and immediately left the site.

  •  Interaction per Visit (Page/Session):

It shows how long a visitor stayed on your website. And how many pages visitors have visited during their session.

  • Conversion:

Conversion analysis reports that how many visitors completed an action on your website. For example, if your site has a registration form, you can see how many visitors filled and submitted that form. And other details like where they came from, etc.

  • Average Session Duration:

It reports the average time a visitor spends in a session on your website. It tells that how relevant your website to your visitors. If it is more relevant, the visitor will spend more time on it and access the information.

How to Add Google Analytics to Your Website?

To install Google analytics on your site first, you need a Google Analytics account. If you already have a Google account that you use for Gmail or YouTube etc you can use that. You will need to set up your Google Analytics using your existing Google account. If you don’t have Google account then you will need to create a new one.

Setup Your Google Analytics Account

Step1: Once you have your Google account ready, go to Google Analytics. You will see a screen as shown below.


Google analytics sign in


Enter email or phone number in given field to sign in into your Google account and click on next button. You will be taken to next screen similar to as shown below.


Google analytics enter password


Step2: Here you will need to provide the password of your Google account and click on next button. The next screen will appear.


Google analytics sign up

Click on Sign up button, the next screen will appear as shown in the figure.



Google analytic new account settings


Step3: First select the tab from the website or mobile app. If you want to create a Google Analytics account for a website then select website tab or if you want it for the mobile app then select app tab.

After that enter all the information required in above fields such as account name (That will be the Google Analytics profile name for the site you enter), the name of the website, URL of the website, country name, and the time zone.


Google analytic data sharing settings

After entering all the information, click on the Get Tracking ID button. You will be taken to Google Analytics terms and service screen, accept that by clicking on “I Agree” button.

Step4: Next screen will appear with your Google Analytics tracking code.  You will need to add this code to your WordPress website so copy this code.


Google analytic tracking id

Add Google Analytics Tracking Code in Your Website

There are various methods to add Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress website.  But in this tutorial, we will discuss the most widely used method and that is the manual method.

You have already copied the code in above steps, now is the time to paste that code in your Website.

Step1: Login to your WordPress website and go to dashboard. Then go to Appearance -> Editor Option.


Google analytic add tracking id appearance editor


Step2:  You will see a template on the right side of the page.  Under the heading Templates, you will see various options and .php file. Search for header.php, generally, the title above the file is Theme Header as shown in the figure below. The file header.php will be displayed in the edit window.


Google analytic add tracking id theme header


Step3:  Now you will need to paste the code in header.php. Search for the tag: </head> in the file. Now paste the Google analytics tracking code you copied earlier immediately before </head> tag.


Google analytic paste tracking id


Step4: After pasting the code, click the “Update File” button just below the edit window.

Step5: After few minutes making sure that the code is properly placed. To do this go back to the same place in Google Analytics from where you copied tracking code for your site. Refresh the screen and check if your account is receiving data. If it is not receiving the data, click the “Send test traffic” button to test.


Google analytic status

It takes around 12 to 24 hour for actual data to start coming through Google Analytics.

View Google Analytics Report of Your Website

After 24 hours you can log in to your Google Analytics account and go to reporting section of the main menu to see the details of your website data.


Google analytic reporting


Google Analytics can show you details of data collected from your website stats. You can view the data of your website by visiting report tab of your Google Analytics dashboard.

The default section of the report is the Audience Overview, and this is what appears by default whenever you login to your Analytics account in the future:


Google analytic report audience overview


As shown in above figure the menu on the left side will navigate between the different sections of the data. It is divided into the sections on the basis of the type of metrics presented.

  • Audience Overview: This shows the type of devices audience uses to access your website. This can help you to determine if you need to improve your site to perform better on devices like mobile, tab and laptop etc.
  • Acquisition Overview: This section will report you that what channels and websites are sending traffic to your website (Organic Search, Paid Search, Social Media, Referrals (other websites)
  • Behavior Overview:  This section will report you the pages on your website are getting the most traffic.
  • Conversions Overview: This section will report you the number of conversions that have taken place on your website if you have set up some goals.


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Google Analytics is the most commonly used powerful and free analytics service available on the internet. If you are experienced web developer then you must know the benefits of Google analytics. And if you are new then you must add it to your websites. The implementation of Google analytics tracking will help you to regularly improve the performance of your website.