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Advanced YouTube SEO Techniques to Drive More Traffic

August 23, 2017| By:-Admin | SEO, Social Media & Marketing, Video Marketing | Leave a comment

YouTube SEO techniques are used to drive more traffic to a channel.

advance youtube seo techniques to drive more traffic

In general, a marketer or a businessman creates a channel in his YouTube account to gain the large platform for his business.  Also, YouTube provides this platform with a great reach to audience.

But to enjoy the advantages of a YouTube channel, the optimization of videos is very important. After optimization, your video ranks higher on both YouTube as well as in Google search results.  Go through the various steps below to learn more about optimizing your video for search.

What is YouTube SEO Techniques to Drive More Traffic to Your Channel?

Basically, there are four YouTube SEO techniques can be used to get more traffic to a YouTube channel.

Step # 1 – Optimize Around “Video Keywords”

The search engine optimization (SEO) process always starts with the “keyword search”. The main work is to find the appropriate keyword for your channel. So your video or content can appear on the first page of the search engine like Google or YouTube.

This process is called – ‘finding the keyword’.

For example, I search in Google “how to write a blog”. The result is shown in the figure below.

Optimize youtube video keywords

Why Keywords are So Important?

The video keywords are an important part of YouTube SEO techniques because people use key phrases to search a video. So if you are uploading a video with proper keywords at various places, the chances are higher to get more traffic.

Adding proper keywords related to video makes séance. Using keywords which are not related to the video content will confuse visitors and they will not come back. Relevant keywords with your video will get the real traffic to your channel and website. So it’s an easy SEO YouTube way to get more traffic on your YouTube channel.

How to Find Video Keywords?

The simplest way to recognize the keywords is to search in your slot.

Now look on your screen and find out the various results according to the keyword you searched.

how to find youtube video keywords

From the results, you can guess which keywords are popular on the search engine related to your topic.

Now if you got a video keyword, then opt out various search volumes for your keyword. And if there is a massive result for this keyword; it’s time to change it, because you don’t have to be behind a large no. of searched results. You can use Google Keyword planner to get more idea on the keywords.

Step # 2 – Optimize Your Videos Metadata

Now the question arises – What is Metadata?

Off course! All the information you describe in your video to define theme or subject of the video is METADATA. Everything like your title, description, and tags of your videos are prepared by Metadata. The title, description, tags are the key section of your content and plays a vital role in improving ranking on both Google and YouTube.

optimize youtube video metadata

Metadata plays an important role on SEO YouTube because it includes keywords relevant to your video.

How Can You Optimize Your Metadata?

You can optimize your Metadata by 3 ways

  1. Give an appropriate title to your video

It helps a user in searching and finding your video. The title should be very natural and it must include keyword phrases. You can use “keyword suggestion tools” to know the approximate received key phrase in a month. Also, the title of your video should be at least 5 words long.

  1. Description

In your channel, every video should have the description. Because the video you upload on your channel wouldn’t watch and listen to the Google and YouTube. They depend only on the text description to depict your video content.

So, video descriptions are very important YouTube SEO techniques.

The basic SEO YouTube optimized descriptions guidelines are as follows. These guidelines will help you to tell search engines like Google and YouTube about your video.

  • Attach your link at the top of the video.
  • In first 25 words, keywords must be included.
  • Always make a description of about 250 words.
  • Keywords must be included 4-5 times.
  1. Add tags to your videos

The ideal way to use the keywords occasional to your video is adding “tags”. Although the “tags” do not fit in your title or description they help. About 10-20 tags must be added per video and each tag should be a phrase.

YouTube’s System of Measurement for User Experience

There are 6 terms which are being used by YouTube to determine the quality of the video.

  • Video Retention – The percentage of your views. How much people have watched your video and how many people tends to watch.

youtube video retension


  • Comments – If there are comments on your video, it means people have enjoyed your video. It shows that quality of your video has been increased.

youtube SEO video comments

  • Subscribes After Watching- Subscription from the people shows that your video is amazing and it results in a HUGE traffic to your channel.

 youtube seo subscribe after watching

  • Shares – Total sharing of your video on social networking sites like Twitter and Google +. More shares more traffic.

youtube seo video shares


  • Favourites – The no. of people who have added your video in “watch later” playlist, also matter in the measurement of quality of the video.

youtube seo video favourites


  • Thumbs up / Thumbs down – Self-explanatory. You can see user experience data in your YouTube Analytics.

youtube seo video thumbs up down

 Beneficial aspect of your YouTube strategy – “Metadata”

The key section (title, description, and tags) plays an important role in improving the search ranking of Google and YouTube. But if you are confused about “Metadata”, then think about the floor which helps you to promote your video to the next level. Metadata is the small part of that floor which helps in making your video popular.

On optimization, a metadata helps you to get your videos viral to a relevant community. And a video gets a very high rank of it gets more views in a short period time.

So, Metadata can help in YouTube SEO techniques, and your video stands out at a good level. And a content creator should make good effort to optimize video YouTube metadata so that visibility of video can maximize.

Step # 3 – Make a Descriptive Playlist

If you are the serious marketer, definitely you would prefer a grouping based videos on a topic in your channel. Because these group of videos plays important role in achieving greater visibility to your channel.

This group of videos is called “playlist”. And this feature is used by a targeted YouTube channel when it has such grouping videos with a correct description, topic and focused keyword.

youtube seo descriptive play list

How Can You Optimize Your Playlists for Greater Visibility in YouTube?

1. Start a group video of a similar topic

A user would prefer to watch video on the same subject right after watching a video on that subject. So we can say that these videos drive a good traffic on your channel.

2. Use keyword focused titles for your playlists

YouTube is very smart and keywords are great YouTube SEO techniques. Its search engine algorithms always focus on many factors that decide which keyword will show which video and all. So keeping that in mind you must decide a suitable keyword. Your title must be short, descriptive and you can also use YouTube’s keyword suggestion tools.

Playlists- A Beneficial Aspect of Your YouTube Strategy 

 To get more views and a huge traffic on your channel, playlists are important.  A playlist draws more attention from the user because they provide more satisfaction than a single video. On playlist, the user stays on your channel for a long time.

Step # 4 – Brand Your Page Continuous

Every marketer knows very well that branding is necessary for the businesses. But what is the “marketing channel”? Marketing channel doesn’t matter but branding is important. And to brand your YouTube channel many features are there on YouTube. And the important thing is this – these features are free to use. You can enjoy full advantage of customizing the background of the channel. Also, you can showcase your other social networks. These are few ways through which you can make popular your channel.

How Can You Brand Your YouTube Channel?

1.   Upload a Custom Background

Many marketers use a custom background as a device to make sure that they have an official presence on YouTube. You can use templates on YouTube Photoshop for a perfect background.

2.   Showcase Your Other Social Channels Everywhere

Never lose an opportunity to attach links on your other social networks like as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. Many brands like hp, Mitsubishi choose to utilize the space for their channel at the top right of the dashboard.  They link their other social portals (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) also.

3.   Custom Banners and Layout as a Brand Channel

Custom banners and Layout of a YouTube channel are the best way to improve the experience of your viewers and subscribers. But it’s also true that it is costlier than other free features.

Customizing banner and layout can be free of cost but it is possible only when you are a non-profit client. But after a certain level, you have to find your payment option to offer your page on a YouTube’s brand channel.

youtube seo custom banner layout

Why is Branding Your Channel a Beneficial Aspect of Your YouTube SEO Strategy?

Now, after all these terms, you have understood all the tactics to brand a channel. Because of branding a channel your viewers and subscribers would be more experienced. A marketing channel should have its own experience and to experience this entire thing the attachment with other channel is also very important.

A good marketer should never be limited on a single portal to achieve a great reach. He must highlight his important videos on other social network portals which are already uploaded on his channel. And it will be really very helpful to make aware your digital customers or viewers.

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