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Basic SEO Tips for Blogggers

June 4, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, SEO | Leave a comment

As we know, SEO is essential part for any blog or website. Here in this article I will walk you through 10 basic SEO tips. Each blogger should follow these tips when starting SEO for their blog. These tips will help you to improve search engine ranking of your website.

basic SEO tips

Are you ready to optimize your website or blog with SEO and finding it difficult to do?
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Looking for some cool and easy SEO Tips?
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Here is a cool guide full of helpful Tricks and Tips with links to optimize your blog for search engine:-

10 Basic SEO Tips for Bloggers

The way your site is ranked and indexed depends on many factors of how you SEO it.

As we discussed in the previous post SEO is divided in on-page and off-page SEO and both have different factors responsible for optimization.

On-page SEO works in terms of how well you optimize it for keyword, Meta value and the quality of content you put in your articles.

Whereas, off-page SEO is generally known as link building and it works in terms of the number of incoming links you get from outside.

The more incoming links you get from trusted sites the higher your page will appear in search results.

These incoming links are a signal of trust from people in your site and greatly affect your ranking.

We have collected some effective search engine optimization (SEO) tips to help you reach a favorable spot. Let us see what these are:-

1. Write Unique and Useful Content

The first and most important basic SEO tip is unique and good content. Getting a higher rank depends on the quality of your articles when it comes to search optimization for your blog and site.

Therefore, it is a must to come up with quality content that is engaging enough to draw attention of readers.

If you can impress them with your content then they won’t hesitate to pass on the link of your post to other websites and even they will share it with their contacts on social media.

Consequently, your links will get a place on their blogs and social media.

So more number of shares means the more number of readers, which means improved search rankings for your website.

2. Use Keywords Properly in Your Post (other parts)

Keywords are the words or phrases which inform a reader what a piece of content is written about.

It is considered an important aspect of SEO.

If you insert less number of keywords you will end up getting low rankings.

Stuffing your keywords unnecessarily will expose you to over optimization due to which your chances of getting high rankings will be affected negatively.

So never try to throw excessive keywords to distract readers and manipulate search engines.

Don’t forget to highlight the main keyword.

For example, my post has the main keyword of “Basic SEO Tips”.

Using the relevant keywords in your content and sub headings will allow search engine to know what your article is about and to put it in a category.

3. Use Long tail Keywords in Your Post

Long tail keywords have 3+ words in them. “Keywords” are used like search phrases or a long group of words.

For instance, if I need a new pair of shoes for going in a party, I wouldn’t just type “buy shoes online”

Instead I would search for the specific type of shoes like “black shoes to wear under trousers for a party”

Hope you get the point of using long tail keywords to meet the specific search needs of an individual.

It often comes with the exact search results according to the searcher’s requirement

Many bloggers and website owners find it useful to put up long tail keywords to give better results for people
So use keywords that are longer and more specific.

4. Don’t Use Too Many of the Same Keyword (density)

Some people think that they can improve their SEO by stuffing unnecessary keywords.

Always remember one thing that you can never fool a search engine by using such unusual tactics.

In fact, a search engine will mark your website as a spam if you do so.

It crawls through your website and analyzes its keyword density very clearly.

Therefore using these basic SEO tips will not get your website a tag of spam:-
• Avoid the repetition of same words and phrases that are coming again and again
• Try to maintain the keyword ratio of your post below or close to 2%
• Use titles that are relevant to the article you will publish

5. Interlink: Link to Your Own Posts

I will strongly recommend you to interlink your new articles to the old ones.

Consequently, it will not only make readers stay longer on your blog, but also increase its ranking and page views.

Use good and relevant keywords for linking a post to the other.

Adding too many links will irritate your users, thus link the posts you consider necessary to be read by viewers

Utilize attractive places on your blog to link key posts like sidebar, front page etc.

Link a new post to the old one and let the process go on and on to take readers to deeper posts of your blog.

6. Back Link: Links from Outside Your Blog

A backlink is an incoming link to one of your sites’ pages.

These back links help in increasing your SEO as they come from another websites or blogs.

Start linking your blog to other websites you are available on like Facebook, Twitter or any other blog high ranking sites.
A number of backlinks from other sites will boost your SEO very rapidly and increase your credibility among readers.

Try to maintain good relationships with people or websites that develop excellent content.

Consequently, they will share links to your website on their pages and that will be profitable to your blog.

7. Change Your Permalinks with Caution

A permalink is a unique URL attached to any page on the web. For example, the permalink for a post on our site is:


After publishing a piece of content you will be assigned a URL for it.

Changing the URL of that published content whether it is shared on your website, blog or any social media will lose its existence

Because, once you do that it will be broken and no longer work for whoever wants to reach it.

We advise you to never change an already assigned URL which you have used somewhere for any post.

Broken links will neither benefit you nor your readers will get anywhere with its help.

Such links are an obstacle in search engine optimization.

8. Optimize Your Images

In this basic SEO tip we will discuss some important points which are necessary to optimize an image used in the content.

In this picture oriented world we know the importance of a picture pretty well.

Nobody wants to upload a picture that is badly presented.

Uploading pictures directly even without resizing and compressing them is not a wise step.

Never use irrelevant pictures that make no sense to your posts.

For example, using a picture of an apple phone on a page related to cars will be senseless.

Relevant Images are very important when it comes to optimizing your images for SEO.

On the other hand irrelevant picture will harm the process of SEO for your website so choose them wisely.

Use ALT tag in your image, keep it short and descriptive. Write proper search engine friendly information in ALT tag.

For example, the ALT tag for a Image of a birthday party should be something like this:  alt=”my son tom first birthday party.

9. Make Your Site or Blog Mobile Friendly

In today’s era, the number of mobile phone users is increasing faster than that of computer.

Therefore it is highly necessary to transform your website in a mobile-friendly one.

One which can be shown correctly in all types of hand-held devices like Smartphone’s and tablets.

Pave the way for them for having the experience of checking and reading a website that they get through a Desktop Computer.

So users will be able to visit your website wherever they are and whenever they want.

They no longer need to stick to that boring computer in the same place.

It also has these features:

• Loads fast – bloated sites cost more money to access
• Easy to read – mobile phone screens are 1/5th the size of desktop computers
• Easy to navigate – menus have limited space on mobile devices
• Minimal scrolling – not just vertically but also horizontally
• Avoids using Flash – because Apple products do not support Flash

10. Use Good Plugins

You know the right place to go when you need some quality plugins.
You can’t get any better plugins than that of WordPress and using it will give you an edge.
Use these solid plugins to smooth your SEO functionality.

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