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10 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

September 22, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing | Leave a comment

Instagram for business: As we know Instagram is one of the top social media sites, it can be used for business promotion.

Benefits of using Instagram for business and marketing

Today for a marketer lots of social networking websites are running to enhance his business or brand with his audience. And Instagram is one of the most visiting websites among the other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. It is the number one photo sharing site on the internet.

There are about 400 million monthly active users on the Instagram. It proves that you can have a great reach to a large number of the audience if you use Instagram for business.

Also, one cool advantage of Instagram is “engagement with other social networking portals”. This means you can enjoy the crowd from other sites by linking with your Facebook, Twitter or other social accounts.

The content on Instagram is visual (photos and images), which is a great advantage over other social sites. Because most of the clients respond better to visual content than plain text.

Why Instagram?

As we know in today’s world everything is online. Various social media networking sites are available for promotion and marketing purposes. The popular sites include Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook etc. Each of these is having their separate benefits on using them for business. Using Instagram for business is a great idea, because of the reasons.

  • A Huge Traffic: – there are about 400 million monthly active users.
  • Instagram Displays Your Content Most Effectively: – No doubt! Definitely, your brand is allowed to display photo messages on all other social networking sites. But you will be fully distracted due to the multiplicity of other photos. But Instagram’s way of presentation is unique, simple and symmetric.
  • Instagram Users are Active: – according to the various magazines, it is found that Instagram users are 60 times more likely to like, comment or share a post that Facebook users and about 130 times more than Twitter users.
  • Are you real? – Sometimes you look a person has 10k followers but is only getting 12 likes per picture. Why? This means Instagram is much aware to remove mound of the fake accounts so it can provide a clean authentic service.

10 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

There are lots of benefits that Instagram can generate for your business:

1. Visual Marketing Platform

Instagram and some other similar sites like Pinterest are visual content sites. These visual content sites are getting popularity very fast. In our childhood, we use to hear that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So the marketers and content writers must take advantage of it and make images as a part of their content.

Visual marketing has become very popular in the world of digital marketing. Consumers like content in the form of an image instead of text. When we use Facebook and see the post, we hardly read a text in a post. But if there is an image in the post we stop and look at most of them.

Instagram’s entire feeds are visual. And you have a site completely dedicated to visual marketing. So use Instagram for business, marketing, promotions and increase your sales.

2. High Visibility of Posts

The most important reason that posts on Instagram receive the high level of engagement is they have high visibility. It doesn’t use any algorithm that selectively showcases your posts. All your posts will appear in the feeds of your all followers.

Use of hashtags strategically can also boost your posts to new users. They may like and comment on our posts and some of them may start following you.

Your posts on Instagram are live forever; they are not achieved like old tweets on Twitter. When your profile is scrolled it showcases you all posts you have ever shared.

3. Increased Engagement With Customers

Most of the users think that sites like Facebook and Twitter have more engaging with customers online. But even with a useful and interesting content, sometimes you can be overlooked by the users on these sites.

Whereas that isn’t true for Instagram users, you will be surprised to hear that Instagram has most active and engaged user base. An active Instagram account with good content can have great engagement with your audience and can use Instagram for business.

4. Building Your Brand Image

Interesting and quality content can generate more engagement. But another key benefit of Instagram is that it can help you build an image of your brand. You can share daily experience of your business with the audience that gives the personal feel to your business.

Photos of your products, services and employee images can rank well your brand on Instagram. These photos can make your organization more attractive and can give positive impact.

5. Reach New Audiences

Instagram makes it very easy to find new photos, people, and businesses. The hashtag is the most common way people search new content on Instagram. When people use a hashtag in their post a link is created and people can view all the posts shared using that hashtag. Marketers can also find new clients proactively using.

Other then hashtags, it also provides a Discover tab, which helps users to find photos and connect with relevant users.

6. Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Instagram can drives more engaged traffic to your site than any other social network. Research shows that people spend more time on Instagram as compared to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Instagram can help you to bring your clients back for repeat purchases from your site. Your clients, who follow you on Instagram, would like to see regular updates about your brand and purchase again. So marketers can use Instagram for business and promote their business.

7. Less Competition on Instagram

There is less competition on Instagram as compared to the Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. And this is the reason that marketers can gain more traffic easier than with Facebook and Twitter.

8. Connect with Other Marketing Channels

The Interesting thing when using Instagram for business is that the content posted on it can be easily shared on all other various marketing channels.

Instagram settings provide an option to enable social sharing to Facebook and Twitter. So photos you post on Instagram will automatically share on Facebook and Twitter. You can also use the content you share on Instagram for email marketing campaign.

9. Free Advertising

The great thing about the Instagram is the free advertising. To generate huge exposure, you can showcase your business or brand freely.

10. Update People with Latest Offers and Promotions

Only creating accounts on Instagram and posting related to your business is not enough.  You must share photos of your latest offers regularly. Also, keep sharing the photos or videos related to your present or future activities or events of your business.

Never forget to use hashtags like #contest or  #seasonal_offer in your post. Because hashtags make easy to find the campaign for your customers.

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Now I hope you understood the importance of using Instagram for business for online marketing. Instagram is best to get engaged with audiences. Because-

  • Since it is a mobile exclusive platform and easy to use when you are on the go. Also, it is a simple app for the handful of simple posting option. And you can enjoy other advertisements only by scrolling the screen.
  • Today visual marketing is very popular because every human wants to collect the information through sight. And in Instagram, a nearly whole screen is occupied by the colorful images.
  • Instagram also provides an option to share the post on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Generally, Instagram attracts the younger audience. So, it has an energy that older social media brands have lost over the years. But Instagram would be there for a long time.

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