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Free High PR Blog Commenting Sites List for SEO Link Building

July 25, 2017| By:-Admin | Back Link Resources, Blogging, SEO | 12 Comments

Blog Commenting Sites List is a collection of blog sites where you can comment and get a back link for your website.


Blog Commenting Sites List


These sites are the best way to getting social. Blogs can help you interact easily and comments on blogs are like icing on a cake.  Readers can interact with you directly and in an easy way. They can share their views on your blog.

This way, the writer can get the feedback about his blog or content. With the help of blog commenting sites list, you can also get a large readership through the comment box.

You have to take care while using the commenting section if the comments are not done in the proper way that can be fatal. The community can also ban you if the comments are wrong.

 1. What is Blog Commenting?

When you start a blog then at the end of an article you add an email address, form with name, website URL and comment box to know the opinion of your readers. A blog comment is the most commonly used method of off page SEO to build permanent back links.  You write the comment on popular blogs and get a backlink for your site.

2. Type of Blogs

Usually, we separate blogs into two different categories on the basis of blog commenting backlinks.

Nofollow blogs- a blog which provides no follow links.

Dofollow blogs- a blog which provides do follow links.

To find out that the blog is a Nofollow or Dofollow, you can use Nofollow add-ons or you can use another method. Simply you can click on the commenter name and click the insert element. If rel Nofollow attribute is used then it provides the Nofollow link, otherwise Dofollow link.

3. Guidelines to Follow While Commenting on a Blog Post.

Getting backlinks using blog commenting sites list you can get higher search engine rank. It is the best way to get high-quality permanent backlinks. By blog commenting, you not only get backlinks but also get regular visitors or real audiences on your blog. If you want to leave comments which add value to the article, then follow below guidelines.

  • First, never use one-line comment. For example: – “nice content”, “interesting post” etc. No one like one line comment.
  • Always comment on the blog which is related to your niche. If you want backlinks then find relevant articles.
  • Read the complete article then think to comment on it. Try to add valuable thinks in you comment on any article.
  • Make sure not to use keywords because bloggers hate those how come and spam their blog. Use your name instead of any keyword.

4. How to Get Benefit From Commenting a Blog

When you start with blog commenting make sure that you want to build a relationship with the blogger. Don’t do it just for SEO.  Some blogger does these kinds of silly mistakes like they just want the backlinks and do one-line comments. That won’t help them. Just because of these mistakes, many times they don’t get approved for their comments. Try to add value to blog if you want benefits.

Points you have to keep in mind while commenting a post of a blog:

1. Do not be anonymous

Starting with a blog should be done with an identity. After all, the blogger won’t give a backlink in the air or to a ghost.

  • Use a proper headshot
  • Try to use your real name, instead of any fake name.
  • Use your own picture rather than your company logo.

2. Use a polite tone and abstain from beginning abusively

While starting with a blog commenting method make sure that your tone is as polite as possible. While commenting on a bloggers site, comment as a way as you are visiting someone’s house. Never use abusive words.

  • Be generous
  • Don’t use slang language
  • Try to avoid caps lock during the whole message.

3. Be intelligent

First, read the whole post and try to get the meaning of that post. If in any case, you can’t find the purpose of that post read it twice or thrice. Make the post clear to yourself first and then give your views on that. That will make you look smart and also prevent you from making fun of yourself.

  • If the topic is not clear to you then just Google it.
  • Wait for the reply sometimes the blogger might be busy doing other stuff.
  • Don’t make fun of yourself.
  • Have an idea what you are going to say.

4. Do not make irrelevant comments

Make some relevant comments. There are many bloggers out there who are more experience than you and know how to handle those irrelevant comments.

  • Be regular, not like once in three months.
  • Use longer comment, instead of one line comment.
  • Comment on the topic, don’t try to self-promotional.

5. Comment seriously

While using blog commenting sites list and commenting on the listed blogs, use your heart. Doing the thing with seriously with your heart is a good idea. Try to connect to the blogger on a personal level. Ask casual questions. Try to make your comments reasonably longer as that will help you as express yourself more.


        Web Site                            Page Rank

  •                        4
  •                          4
  •                                      4
  •             2
  •     3
  •                                     4
  •                               2
  •                         4
  •                                      4
  •                            3
  •                3
  •                            4
  •                           5
  •                            4
  •                                   3
  •                                      4
  •                                    4
  •                             5
  •                  4
  •                                 3
  •                                              5
  •                              6
  •                                    4
  •                              4
  •                                   3
  •                                 5
  •                                5
  •                                       5
  •                          3
  •                                  6
  •                        5
  •                                       6
  •                      7
  •                         5
  •                                   4
  •                                     3
  •                           6
  •                       4
  •                               6
  •         7
  •                              4
  •                 4
  •                                  7
  •                4
  •                          4
  •                     3
  •                      3
  •                       4
  •                            5
  •                          3
  •                                    6
  •                   4
  •                                 6
  •        6
  •                           6
  •                     4
  •                5
  •                      5
  •                       6
  •                               7
  •                           6
  •  5
  •                      3
  •                      3
  •                    3
  •                                 4
  •                            8
  •                               6
  •                 5
  •             3
  •                            6
  •                5
  •                           4
  •                           6
  •                        6
  •                                      6
  •                                  4
  •      4
  •      6
  •                                              9
  •                                        6
  •      7
  •                                        4
  •                                  6
  •                               6
  •                        4
  •                                       8
  •     7
  •                                4
  •                        3
  •                       4
  •                                   5
  •                         6
  •                                            7
  •                          4
  •                            4
  •                                        4
  •                                    5
  •      6
  •                                    7
  •                              8
  •                           4
  •                         5
  •                                           5
  •                  4
  •                                             8
  •                           4

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We have listed the free high PR Dofollow and Nofollow blog commenting sites list. Visit the entire site one by one and create backlinks for your posts and blogs. We suggest you use this list and get not more than two links at a time.


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  1. Really nice selection! Thanks!
    But I don’t think this collection will be relevant to all niches. For example, I have a website dedicated to offshore banking, and I do not think that Neil Patel’s blog will leave my comment with the link ….((

  2. Very helpful blogging. Already I’ve visited several links you provided in your list. All the links are very effective. I’d like to see more such beautiful links from you by this posting.

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    present here at this blog, thanks admin of this website.

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  12. Blog commenting is vital part of blogging. we should commenting on do-follow blogs because it helps to getting backlinks from relevant and authority sites. blog comments should give some great values to that certain blog. Great guide. Thanks for sharing.

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