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How to Create Drip Campaign Emails to Generate More Leads?

July 3, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Email Marketing | Leave a comment

Drip campaign emails are a sequence of emails containing marketing information which is sent to clients.

Creating drip campaign emails

When you are a popular blogger then there are some pros and cons of it. You have to make sure that your new post is at the same rate as the last one was.

Do you think that having interesting and long content will make your subscribers look at the post on daily basis? No that is not true. Your subscribers look to your blog in a month or two.

So how you can keep your subscribers connected to your blog?

You want to know how??

If you want your subscriber informed and updated about your blog then pop emails to their id.

What is Concept of Drip Campaign Emails?

Just an email, do you think that would enough? No that won’t, so think about Drip campaign emails. This is a process of sending correct email on correct timing. It is just like sending information about your post in a series.

For example- they got a mail  1st on signup, 2nd mail after two days, 3rd mail after seven days, Like in a series.

Drip campaign emails is an effective way of achieving your promotional goals. You can make good relationship with your customers; get their more attention and increasing your sales. Which every marketer want in their businesses.

Every Email in drip campaign is created for a new post. But it also means to connect your recent email with the last one.

How Drip Campaign Emails are Created?

Here we are discussing some important points to create effective drip complaining emails.

1. Select Your Goal

When you start with marketing, you will need to find your goal. See what your objective is. What is the purpose of your company?

If you don’t know about your goal then how you will achieve it?

Remember one thing while pursuing your goal is to keep your purpose in mind. Know what to do next.

2. Write Subject Line

The subject line is the most important part of an email. It is basically used to grabs your reader’s attention towards your email.

What are the chances of your email to be noticed in between dozens of emails? That can happen by adding an awesome subject line to your email. That will attract your reader’s attention.

Subject line includes an attractive headline or you can address readers also. That will seem personal to the reader. Use some funny sentence that can also help in getting attention.

3. Compelling Message

A compelling message is part where you need more creativity. It is the most difficult part of an email.

In this part, you have to make sure that your email is more creative, short and sweet.  So your readers can enjoy reading that email.

Nowadays people don’t have time to read long content. So make it small but interesting and point to point.

Make your email short like 50 to 125 words and add a subject line of 3 to 4 words but attractive. Use conventional tone in your email. Make it straight to the point.

4. Verify Your Email Sequence Point.

Sending one email to the whole process won’t help you in getting customers. You have to remind them on a daily base about your product or service or what the email is about.

Just don’t write the whole process in one single email. Make it like one then two then three and final step. That will attract your customer to buy or to make an action on your instruction.

 Let’s take an example of a camping with a group. You can send mails in steps with heading similar to as given in each step below:

  1. Hurry up and pack your bag for the tour to mountains.
  2. Registrations are open.
  3. Tickets are available now “BE THE FIRST TO GRAB THE PLACE”
  4. Limited seat are left now “Hurry up”

5. Set Timing and Frequency

When you start drip campaign, you have to make sure that your drip campaign emails are sent on perfect time. Set a frequency, start with faster frequency and end up slowing it.

Send emails starting with every day then twice in a day then once in a week and then twice in a month and so on.

Now make an eye on that timing of the day when the probability of opening an email is high. Send in their working hour so that when they check their emails you can pop up at the top.

6. Call-To-Action (CTA)

In the call to action, you can have an idea that forces your reader to take an action.

Call to action is the last step of your email. That attracts your reader to act on your email.

It can be an HTML link or a button.

Let’s take an example of a button. It should be more attractive. Button size doesn’t matter but the language does. It’s not important that you button at the end of the email is big, bright and red. It is just the language which attracts.

Use easy and convincing language/words.

Examples are like:-

  • Download
  • Subscribe now!
  • Hurry up!
  • Search
  • Buy
  • Join now
  • Try it for free

7. Measuring Stuff

Now make a look on the rate of click on that button or your landing page or email. And check the traffic on that page or drip campaign you send to people through email.

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While working on drip campaign emails you must consider some small points.

  • Select your objective, plan what you want to do and write about that.
  • Look at your content, will that attract your customers and will that insist them to make an action.
  • Make sure subject line is innovative as well as creative so that it can grab attention or can be noticeable.
  • A drip campaign is all about sending emails in series. Make a sequence of all the emails you want to send.
  • Check timing and frequency. Correct time will help you to get more customers.
  • Make an awesome CTA so people/ readers have to make an action on your mail.

Hope all these tips will help you in starting drip campaign and get the success in it.


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