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How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page to Promote your Business

July 24, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing | Leave a comment

LinkedIn company page provides a channel with the help of that you can advertise your business, products, and services.  In this article, you can get complete information and process to make a LinkedIn pages and use it for marketing.


How to create a linkedin company page

What is a LinkedIn page?

To establish industry expertise, LinkedIn company pages can be a useful tool. With the help of this, a user can easily read about your business, goods, and services.

So LinkedIn pages help its members to get complete information about a business and its features. For example, Theblogtown company page has more than 145000 followers, and they use to visit our website to read the content we share.

Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Company Page

What is the importance of a company page on LinkedIn? Why should we have a company page on this social site? Off course pages have huge potential!

Obviously, you would have a number of employees, who will have their own LinkedIn profile, but if you are serious marketer you can’t miss this junction (LinkedIn page). Because your LinkedIn company page performs many different functions as compared to your personal profile.

1. It describes your whole company not a single employee

LinkedIn is built upon the basis of personal profiles which always use to represent the talent and skills of the user, never shows the company for which they work.

One more feature of these company pages is that – if you remove your personal LinkedIn profile, even though your page will be visible by default. By which your brand’s SEO ranking will be affected means your page is ranked on the web. To increase your impact on the web must share your key word.  Always keep in mind that when you are giving your company explanation of page then your keywords must be included in it.

2. You can measure the effectiveness of your updates which you have provided earlier

You can see people’s impressions on your post, the number of clicks on your post and interactions (likes, comments, shares) because LinkedIn provides you an analytics.

3. Be in loop, which mentions your company

You must always get alerted about your company mentions. LinkedIn always displays a company in a drop down menu when it is mentioned in a post. And you and your all another employee can get alerted about this incident. You can go to straight to your company by clicking on the link.

4. Promote your important news and services

Time by time the promotion of important news and services are very important because your most information about your business will be lost in your sequence of the time line of other representatives. But with the LinkedIn company page, there is no such type of problems. Because you can attach your most important post to the top position of your news feed and unless you unattached, it will remain that position.

If you want to promote your company, in the important posts on the top position of your news feed.

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page?

You can create a LinkedIn Company Page through simple steps, but always make sure that you have a good strategic plan for your page. So you can enjoy more benefits of this page.

1. Start creating a page

Log in to your LinkedIn account if you already have. Or read our article on creating a LinkedIn account and using it for business.

After login to your account go to the right top corner of your LinkedIn home page and select “work” button. Now click on “create a company page” button from the drop-down menu.

LinkedIn work create a company page


2. Provide your company’s official name and email address


LinkedIn add company name and email address


Provide company name and email address to get started with your LinkedIn company page. And Click on “create page” button. You will be taken to next page.


LinkedIn welcome company page

Now click on “get started” button.

3. Update Company Profile

I. Upload a logo and banner image

To capture the feel of your business, upload a profile logo and choose a banner image. To reach a wider audience of LinkedIn users, make sure that all of your employees to add the company page to their profiles. Because your logo also appears on staff profiles.

LinkedIn upload logo and background images


This logo will also be appearing in your followers’ news feed as shown below.


LinkedIn logo appearing in feed


Next, create a background image which can draw attentions of customers and some feature key which can inform on your page. For a banner image, you can choose the image from the huge collection of free graphic design tools to design a best and professional image.


LinkedIn background image


If you need some stimulation for your company banner image, here are few suggestions:

  • A brand message


LinkedIn a brand message


  • Welcome visitors to your page

LinkedIn welcome visitors to your page


  • Attach a picture of a happy person enjoying your service


LinkedIn happy person picture

II. Update company URL and other information

After uploading images, provide some necessary information on the same page.  Add company description in “About Us” box. Also, provide company address as shown in the figure below.


LinkedIn add company profile


Also add URL of your company website, company size, Industry and company type in the company profile form.


LinkedIn add company URL and details

4. Post your business updates

After completing the whole information, it’s time to create and post some effective contents to increase your audience’s interest.


LinkedIn online classes


Read our previous guide on creating effective content and promoting on various platforms.

5. Promote your page to attract your follower

After creating a page, you can promote your page in several ways-

  1. Encourage your company employees to add the business to their personal profile.
  2. Promote your page with blogs.
  3. To encourage more followers

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