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Facebook Marketing: The Beginners Guide

July 28, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing | Leave a comment

Ignoring Facebook really isn’t an option for a marketer or a good businessman. Because Facebook is a great platform to promote the business in front of the larger community.

For the promotion of your product, you can target the people on the basis of location, interests, demographic and anthropology. It means you can select the category of people those can be future buyers of your product.

In this guide, you will learn how to use Facebook marketing for your benefit. Our aim is to introduce a beginner how to market the business on the world’s largest social network.

What Is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is a social network. You must include your efforts to build lifelong relationships and obligations through valuable content. This isn’t about making the sale; this is called “advertising”.

So Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising aren’t same, these are two different things. But it’s true Facebook advertising is included in Facebook marketing strategy.

How Can You Market On Facebook?

To maintain contact and attract customers Facebook adduces to creating a Facebook pages, groups, and ads. These three tools can be used as a communication channel for Facebook marketing.

Each of these has its own scope, and for a greater reach, they can be combined also.

1. Pages

Facebook pages and profiles are identical, but only for business, institutions, organizations and public figures. It’s a platform where you post your views, engage with your followers. Facebook pages are quite helpful if you have a limited budget because you pay nothing to set up a Facebook page. By clicking “like” button a user would receive updates from that page in their news feed.

A cool thing about these Facebook business pages is that you can have an unlimited number of fans so it provides a big platform for business purposes.

To create your business presence on Facebook, you have to set up your Facebook page which is easy to create. Before you start with Facebook you’ll need a Facebook page on which you will be in the loop with your users. These users would get updated in their news feed.

2. Groups

Think of Facebook groups as a coffee shop where people get together to share their own ideas. In these groups, people can share their views with like-minded people or their members in an online territory.

You can gather your fans at one place and can encourage them to interact with each other. The topic of their interaction is related to your business. Due to this, you can build an active community of people interested in your business topic.

A good marketer creates groups related to his business to be in contact with his users. Being in touch they will know users ideas and reach out to potential customers.

Users can also have their own groups with a focus on your goods and business. And by joining these groups you can know “how much your conversation is effective? And is your conversation positive and factual or not”.

3. Ads

Ads are a very important tool for the Facebook marketing and are an eccentric targeted advertising platform. Means not only your brands and goods but your whole business will be in front of right eyeballs.

How to Market With Facebook Pages

Today Facebook Marketing is the no.1 social media marketing tool and is widely used by the businesses. And in Facebook Marketing process pages are the easiest way to get started marketing with Facebook. The reason is it reduces marketing expenses and relatively easy to set up.

The guidelines to start Facebook marketing with pages are as follows:

1. Profile Photo and Cover Image

Your profile photo must be attached on your Facebook page; it can be the logo of your brand or company.

For cover image it’s totally up to you, it can be your products image, your shop’s image etc. Actually, your cover photo enhances your page and draws the visitor’s attention, so it must relate to your business.

2. Edit Group Setting

There are three dots (…) next to share button below your cover photo. When you click on dots you get a popup with multiple options. Edit group setting is one of them. Click on it and you will get a complete page with various edit options.  One of them is a description which contains the whole description about your company or business.

3. Post Useful Information to Your Wall

When we read about social media marketing then at many places we find that content is king. Why everybody is saying that content is king? The reason is only good content attract more users. So in Facebook Marketing also same formula applies. We have to write useful and unique content to attract more users.  All users who have liked your page will get notified in their news feed whenever you post something on your Facebook page wall. Therefore always keep in mind that what you are posting is useful for your users. So don’t post the things which don’t relate to your business. And also don’t post same content again and again. Because the user will get bothered and their attention may be drawn from your page.

You can post on your wall like as:

  • Articles related to your company or business
  • Announcement of new products and their qualities
  • Coupon codes for your customers
  • Your blog posts

4. Ask Your Fans Questions

To satisfy the users or customers you must reply their questions as well as ask questions about their opinion on a new product.

And asking questions in your updates will lead the involvement of people too.

5. Study of Results and Statics

The final stage of Facebook Marketing is analyzing feedback of people on your post. Some great analytics are offered by the Facebook for pages. Draw your attention to them. If you see suddenly growth in your fans, look at what you have posted recently and figure out the reason and try to post more updates of the same kind. To get details on creating a page read our post how to create the Facebook page.

How to Market With Facebook Groups

By making a group on Facebook, you can promote a business or an organization on the world’s largest social networking site. Like Facebook pages or ads, this is another type of tool for Facebook marketing.

The best thing of creating groups on Facebook is that they provide a very good discussion platform. Using groups you can discuss with your users, client, and followers. So groups are an important part of Facebook Marketing from the discussion point of view. Few more important points on using groups for Facebook marketing are as below:

1. Give Value to Your Customer

You can reward or congratulate your customers by making a group on Facebook and make them feel special– for example, you may create a separate group for those who have purchased your product or going to purchase. And use such type of groups to follow the customers and help them by replying their questions.

2 Discuss Goods and Events

You can keep discussing your new product or new events of your industry. That’s why you must create a Facebook group if you are a good marketer.

3. Build Your Own Community and Strengthen Your Team

A group is all about its members and how the group can provide value for its members. If you have a team of people from different location or community, you can integrate them into these Facebook groups.

4. Promote Events

If you organize or promote lots of events, then your group will be really very handy and users will really feel special and will draw their attention to your business. Most of the people use this Facebook marketing feature to make their event popular among the targeted audience.

5. A Complete Conversation with the Brand Ambassadors

To be in the loop with big fans and clients, marketers need a perfect place where they can establish a strong relationship between their top advocates and brand ambassadors. And a group lets you connect with your advocates and ambassadors with each other. Read our previously published article on creating a Facebook group for marketing of the business.

How to Market with Ads?

Another important Facebook Marketing method is Ads. To draw public attention to something, by paid announcements is called advertising. Any medium that can take the message from an organization to a potential consumer can be used for advertising. Facebook is one of the best advertising programs online because it collects more analytical information about users.

You can create ads that direct to your Facebook page also you can make ads to promote an event, app engagement, and installation of these mobile apps.

Customization of Ads

You can create different ads for different analytical groups, this is another cool advantage of tightly- targeted ads. Better targeted ads will provide you better results.

If you are going to target cricket fans then you might create individual ads for different teams or may be for different players. Or let’s say you have targeted a team of a programmer based on their technologies on which they can work. You could mention that technology in ads itself to make it more likely to catch their attention.

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  • Facebook is powerful as well as it’s flexible.
  • No matter what type of business you are running, it can customize your effort to fit your business, your budget and also time constraints by its different marketing options.
  • Facebook is the crucial part of social media marketing and it is growing at rapid pace.
  • Good advertising platform with low marketing expenses so if Facebook is not a current part of your marketing campaign, it should be.
  • My advice: Get started now.

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