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Free High PR Classified Submission Sites List to Post Ads: SEO

November 7, 2017| By:-Admin | Back Link Resources, Blogging, SEO | Leave a comment

Classified submission sites list is a good source to post your ads to Classified Ad sites. These sites are the best way of off page SEO and backlinking. You can get high PR backlinks to your site from this classified submission sites list we provide in this post

The main part of off page SEO is to get backlinks from high PR sites to your site. And classified Ad sites are a good source of getting the links. These sites are mainly used to promote and improve search engine ranking of your site. So you can create and submit your classified Ads to the sites of classified submission sites list give in this post.


free high PR classified submission sites list to post ads: seo


What are the Classified Sites?

Basically Classified ads are the medium of advertising for the organizations to promote their products or services in the market. Classified advertising method was earlier popular for printed newspapers and magazines.

But now we can post our classified ads online on classified submission sites list. The best thing of online sites is that we can advertise on both free and paid sites.

Classified sites can advertise your business, services or products using their online websites. So businesses can submit their ads in the relevant category of the classified submission sites list. The online classified sites has various categories o it can serve all the industries.

Getting links from Classified submission sites List is one of the easiest and fast ways of doing the core of off-page SEO.

If you are new in SEO use the listed free classified submission sites list given in this article.  That will help you to advertise your post, service or product and get a valuable backlink for your site.

High PR classified ads are also a great way to generate traffic and leads for your business. Free classified sites list is a good way of promotion of products, businesses, and services without any investment.

Our Classified submission sites list can boost the ranking of a site in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. And high search engine rank can produce more traffic and leads to your business.

So it’s always better for SEO professionals to post ads on classified submission sites list to get the valuable backlink, traffic, and business to a site.


How to Post Ads to Classified Submission Sites List?

To submit your post to the classified sites properly, follow the guidelines given below:

  • Generally, classified ads are used for local businesses. So you should find the local classified submission sites list to submit your post. For example, if your business belongs to a specific country then submit your post in classified sites of that country. But you can submit to any relevant site to get a backlink.
  • Post your article or Ad in the category related to a topic of your post.
  • Create an informative and complete profile of your business or service. That may include logo or image of your company and title of your Ads. That should also contain description and contact information of the company, product or service.
  • You can get a backlink to your site from the information of the company in your post.
  • It is always suggested that you should submit your post manually in classified submission sites list. So don’t use any software tool to post an article. Manual submission is time-consuming but it is safe and better.
  • Renew your Ad time to time otherwise, it will expire.
  • Always use call to action (buy now) words in the ads to encourage visitors to buy your products. You can add buttons or highlighted words such as buy now, special limited time offers, discount coupons etc.


Benefits of Using Classified Submissions Sites List

There are various advantages and benefits of using these sites for your business.

  • Posting Ads to classified submission sites list helps businesses to list their brand, product or service in the local classified sites. That will promote the brands in local territory and generate more leads.
  • Posting to classified submissions sites list can get more traffic, visitors, leads, sales to a business.
  • It can increase search engine rankings of the site in major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.
  • Classified Ads can bring you your business in front of potential customers.


Free High PR Classified Submission Sites List

Submit a post in classified ads sites in the proper way as we have mentioned in a paragraph above. Posting in right way can increase the chances of getting more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

Here we are providing classified submission sites list. Post your Ads to these classified Ads sites to get all the benefits of Classified Ads. Therefore, utilize the complete classified submission sites list and post to free high PR classified submission sites list:


Classified Submission Sites         PR

  •             7
  •                 5
  • /    6
  •         5
  •      6
  • 5
  •      5
  •                4
  •                4
  •        5
  •       4
  •    4
  •              6
  •            4
  •              6
  •    5
  •     4
  •       4
  •                4
  •           4
  •           4
  •              4
  • 4
  • 3
  •            6
  •             5
  •  5
  •        3
  •            3
  •  4
  •              2
  •     3
  •              2
  •         2
  •               4
  •              4
  •   4
  •                4
  •   2
  •     1
  •             2
  •              4
  •  4
  •              3
  •         3
  •             1
  •          2
  •                4
  •    3
  • 1
  •               1
  •        1
  •   2
  •  2
  •     0
  •            0
  •   4
  •             0
  •     0
  •   4
  •   5
  •   6
  •    4
  •    0
  •    5
  •   3
  •      2
  •   0
  •  4

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Post ads to sell your products online. It is also the best way of selling through affiliate marketing. Posting Ads to classified submission sites list can help you in the promotion of your business in local in short period of time.

Submitting to our free high PR classified submission sites list can grab fast search engine traffic to your site. You can get email ids and contact information of your potential local clients.

The important thing from SEO point of view is you can build backlinks to your business site. So it is a great way to post on these sites to get more business, traffic, and backlinks to your site.

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