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Free High PR .Edu Sites List for Backlinks in 2018

January 6, 2018| By:-Admin | Back Link Resources, Blogging, SEO | Leave a comment

Edu sites list is the list of educational institutes. The backlinks from .edu sites are very important from SEO point of view. In this article we are providing free high pr edu sites list for backlinks.


free high pr edu sites list for backlinks

What are the .Edu Backlinks?

Edu backlinks are links from educational web site to a site. The sites with .edu backlinks are considered as authority sites by Google, and it trusts authority websites.

But the question is does .edu sites list for backlins really worth all that effort? Should we focus and spend our time on getting them? This important debate started long ago, with SEO professionals rallying on both sides of the issue with equal excitement.

Those who are in favor of edu backlinks says that they are the best links and worth the efforts. They claim that using .edu sites list for backlinks is a beneficial activity. In a nutshell, a few quality edu backlinks for a site can help to boost sites ranking. So your site can get on top of the search engine ranking (SERPs) very fast.

But the SEO experts who are not in favor pointed out that most edu and gov backlinks are actually worthless. They claim that Google consider good content of the page and gives little to no extra authority to edu sites.

We all know that quality content of a website is the best way of building credibility. The sites with good content are rewarded by Google and increase the SERPs. But .edu sites list for backlinks can not be so easily dismissed.

Why .Edu BackLinks are Important for Ranking of a Site?

.EDU Backlinks are inbound (incoming) links from an educational web site to a blog or website. These sites have a great strength to increase ranking of a site in Google and Alexa.

Backlinks from other high PR sites are also important but the power of .edu site helps a lot in boosting ranking of a website. The, edu websites are educational institutes like colleges or universities and they only link to valid resources. So Google trust them and if these they backlinks to a site mean your site is doing well.

Benefits of .Edu Sites List for Backlinks

Getting quality backlinks from a .edu websites to your blog or site is very important from SEO point of view. It is an efficient and lucrative method to improve the ranking of your site in search engines.

Search engine optimization starts with on-page SEO. And the most important in that is your site must have relevant, informative and quality content. You must design the structure of the site such that visitor can find easily what they are looking for.

The great and good looking website must be showcased as best as possible, and the .edu backlinks do the exactly same. So the .edu sites list we provide can help you to get high PR backlinks for your site.

Search engines define the position of a website on the basis of the quality of the backlinks that is getting. So the more quality backlinks a website has, faster it advances in search engine ranking (SERPs).

The search engines consider .edu backlinks as high quality links. So the more inbound links are always better for your website visibility in search engines.

The value and importance of these links comes from the difficulty of getting them. Generally educational institutes and universities has a domains with .edu extension. So it is very difficult to get referral from these websites.

These links will defenitely boost the page rank of a site very fast. Many SEO experts say that having one link from .edu site is not less then 10 links from .com sites.

List of various other resources for back linking:

How to Get Backlinks from Edu Sites

Most of the people think that it is not easy to get backlink from a educational site. But it is not true, you will need to plan a way to get a link from such sites. Here are some tips on how to get backlinks from edu sites. We are also providing .edu sites list for backlinking below.

1. Offer Scholarship

The best way to get a valuable link from educational site to your site is offer them scholarships. Think about the topic and institutes or universities you want to target. Now do some research to find which institute sites link to external scholarships.

To do this use following and related search keywords: “scholarships links”, “scholarships”, “scholarship list”

Create high PR .edu sites list on the basis of search. After creating the list check out how you can offer them scholarship.

Then prepare text details of your scholarship and amount awarded. Also include the number of winner, requirements and an online application form. Email this information to all the institutes of your list.

2. Resource Powerhouse

Edu sites list is a great resource for the SEO professionals who know the importance of list of edu site. But the niche is very important here, you are lucky if you are in fitness or weight loss business.

For example you are having a workout or fitness website. Now search using following or related keywords: fitness+ inurl:resources. workout + inurl:links

After selecting .edu sites list you’d like to earn links from these sites. So send emails to these sites and tell them about your website and lots of information on the subject. Make sure that content on your site is unique and useful.

In this case you will need to create content that tells about workout routines, diet etc. The content should be tutorials and in the form of text, video, images and audio. This method is very simple and not time-consuming so every link you get this way is winning for you.

3. Use Local Resource Page

Many institutes (university and colleges) make sure that their students get best possible offers. Due to this reason they generally use local resource pages which list local businesses. We have listed in our .edu sites list many but some of them falls into this category.  This method will be very useful if you are in hotel or restaurant industry. It is useful in other industry also. You can use following keywords: “local resources”, “your city + resources”, “local restaurants”

4. Contact Edu Site Bloggers

Most of the institutes have live, well-tended blogs that cater to their audience. Edu sites list does not follow trends fast. But edu sites should publish only quality content.

This provides you the chance to do few things. First thing is that you can invite edu bloggers to guest blog on your website. Second thing is that you can contact them and publish your post on their blog. And the third thing is find some edu bloggers from your .edu sites list and talk about subject of your choice. Subject should be related to your topic.

You can do this by using the following search strings: “keyword” “blog posts”, “keyword” “post comment”, “keyword” “student blogs”

5. Offer Discounts

This approach work for every business those are selling their product or service online. Most of the institute contains a page on their site where they run discounted offers for their employees or students. Some of the institutes from our .edu sites list below contain these offers.  Here’s a simple search trick that can help you to find such institutes: “employee discount program”, “staff discounts”, “student discounts”

6. Pay Students to Do Your Work for You

Many institutes offer their students to start a blog on their edu sites and you can take advantage of this. As lots of students can start a blog on institute’s site and you can contact those students. To contact such students you can use social media groups or sites like UpWorkFiverrReddit. You can offer to pay them some amount like between $ 50 and $ 70 per post. You will need to ask them to start a blog and add your link in the post.

Free High PR .Edu Sites List for Backlinks in 2018

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