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Free High PR Press Release Submission Sites List: SEO

October 31, 2017| By:-Admin | Back Link Resources, Blogging, SEO | Leave a comment

Press Release Submission sites list we provide in this post is tested and contains high PR sites.


Free high PR press release submission sites list


Getting backlinks from these sites is the best way of SEO to get good results in search result page. Most of the webmasters and SEO professionals believe that press release is an essential part of off page SEO.

We also believe that it is the best way to increase search engine rank and page rank of a site.

Submitting an article to the free high PR press release submission sites list also helps in getting huge traffic to your site or blog.

The important thing is that you will need to submit your press release in the proper manner and at the right place.

Relevancy is very important here, so submit your article to the sites related to your niche.  It is also important to submit in High PR and DoFollow press releases submission sites.

Good communication with the audience is the key factor for the press release articles. That will popularize the products and services of the site and attract more traffic. Many top brands consider that it is very important, so they have their own press release submission sites list to post their articles.

Posting your article to these sites helps your business a lot to get connected with various impactful websites. A press release submission sites list is valuable while doing SEO and digital marketing for your product or services.

What is a Press Release?

A press release in SEO is a written communication that reports brief information about the product, service or a website. It’s typically tied to a website and is provided to an audience through a press release submission sites list.

Sometimes your press release is picked up by bloggers and that will be a great thing for you. If you are lucky, that can also be posted on tweeters and others social media site by others.

If people who read your article and find it worthy of promoting it within their own social networks.

Press release submission sites list posting is popular ways to get quality backlinks and huge traffic within no time. Therefore most of the bloggers and webmasters wish to post their articles on free press release submission sites list.

By submitting content to these high PR sites people can get good traffic and increase search engine ranking very easily.

Posting in the press release submission sites list is very important in converting queries into sales of products and services. The quality and informative content with rich in the keyword set an impact on potential customers.

Apart from the good content, it is important to reach the targeted audience in an effective manner. And press release submission sites list plays very important role to reach the potential clients.

The attractive, informative and nicely written content will surely build a huge buzz and can get lots of markets for your business.

Types of Press Release Submissions Sites

Basically, there are two types of press release sites exist on the internet.

  • Free Press Release Submission Sites List: These sites allow people to submit their articles for free. They are generally web-based and some of them may not allow you to upload photos, videos, or HTML formatted with your content.


  • Paid Press Release Submission Sites List: To publish your article on these sites you will need to pay. Generally, they send your content to a press list in addition to posting your article on their website. Various paid sites also provide extra SEO benefits like tagging, metadata editing, and grammar checking. They may also tweet your post to their network depending on the type of service you go for.

How Business Use Press Release Submission Sites List?

Every business must have a proper planning about publishing news article or post relevant to its business. Some businesses may go for media directory publishers or contact freelance journalists. They may also reach some renowned news distribution agencies.

Other businesses might not have any interest in such paid sites or services. They love to publish their articles in free sites list. And, we are providing a list of free high PR Press Release service providers. We have prepared this list on the basis Google page rank statistics as well as Alexa ranking.


Press Release Submission Sites List and SEO

Most of the digital marketing professionals have realized the importance of high PR sites. And they have started using high PR sites for SEO purpose.

Google had identified it and modified its algorithm to stop the misuse of high PR websites for SEO. Google suggests the use of these PR sites to gain media attention only. So, all the links from these sites will be counted as no-follow links.

Hence, there is no direct benefit of getting backlinks from these PR sites. But, the Press Release Submission Sites List can bring good traffic to your website or blog.

We have observed that these high PR websites can become a great resource for better traffic. Remember, the main purpose of submitting on a high PR site is posting of news about your product or services. Thus, you must use a mix of paid and free press release submission sites list.


Track Your Press Releases to Measure Results

All the websites in Press Release Submission Sites List we provide here are having a thousand of visitors every day. Therefore you are having a good chance to promote your website or blog by using this list.

We are recommending for the use of both free and paid services. You can use any of them as per your requirement, but it is important to track them properly. Definitely, paid services can provide you various reports, so tracking is very easy with them.

But free press release service is not that much easy to track. Hence, you might face problem in measuring results of free press release submission sites list. So when using free sites you will need to do lots of manual work.


It is important for digital marketing or SEO team to measure the effectiveness of the effort they are making. So they can build further strategies.

The businesses must mind it before posting on this press release submission sites list. Similarly, a webmaster should also have a tracking plan for measuring the impact of a posted article in these websites.


Free High PR Press Release Submission Sites List

In this post, we are sharing the free High PR press release submission sites list with our audience. Here a list of top press release submission sites lists to get high PR backlinks for your site.

You need to Just submit your article in some of the websites and also read their terms and conditions before submitting. It is necessary to submit a unique and high-quality press release with genuine content.

Name of Site                                   PR

  •                     2
  •                            4
  •                                        6
  •                  4
  •                         5
  •                3
  •                                       2
  •                     3
  •                    2
  •                              3
  •                           0
  •                                     3
  •                                    3
  •                       5
  •                             4
  •                               4
  •                       3
  •                            0
  •                     0
  •                              0
  •                                  7
  •                          7
  •                             6
  •                             5
  •                               5
  •                                 4
  •                        5
  •                  4
  •                              0
  •                       3
  •                                2
  •      3
  •    2
  •                 2
  •                                   7
  •                                      2
  •                      6
  •                                  6
  •                             5
  •                      6
  •                              5
  •                      5
  •                               5
  •                           5
  •                          5
  •                   5
  •                           4
  •                           4
  •                                    4
  •                    4
  •                                   4
  •                            4
  •               4
  •                       4
  •          3
  •                                    3
  •                                          0
  •                               6
  •                    6
  •                       6
  •                      6
  •                              4
  •                              5
  •                        5
  •                       4
  •                                   4
  •                           2
  •                     3
  •                                5
  •                        3
  •                                 1
  •                              0
  •                                4
  •           7
  •                   4
  •                               2
  •                2
  •             1
  •                                       1
  •                      3
  •                             0
  •                  1

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