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DoFollow High PR Document Sharing Sites List

October 26, 2017| By:-Admin | Back Link Resources, Blogging, SEO | Leave a comment

Document Sharing Sites List is a list of high PR dofollow sites to create backlinks for your site or blog.


Do follow high PR Document sharing sites list


What is Document Sharing?

It is sharing of documents of various formats (like .pdf) over the internet. If you are aware of sharing the documents, then Google drive or dropbox are the sites that come to our mind. However, there are various other websites through which you can share your contents. In this post, we will provide high PR document sharing sites list for SEO and link building.

The main aim of document sharing is increasing the rank of a website in Google search and getting more traffic. Companies can also submit their catalogs, company information and user descriptions in the document sharing sites list given below.

When a person shares a document in a particular format, the text content of that document is extracted and provided to the final user to read.

What are the Document Sharing Sites?

Document sharing sites are great platforms that allow people to upload their content. And, allow them to share that content with their targeted audience.

At the end of this article, we will provide a list of high PR document sharing sites list. To create an interesting document related to your business, service or topic and upload that document on given site.

Along with the documents you upload, add hyperlink of your website or blog to get a high PR backlink. Of course, you will need to create your profile account on these sites to upload a document and get a backlink.

So, you must work on these listed sites to do Search Engine Optimization of your website and get more traffic. The Document Sharing Sites List we are providing in this post will work as gold for your site.

We have developed this list after studying each of these sites on various parameters such as Alexa rank, PR etc. We did it to share a really working and beneficial list with our readers.

All these sites are capable of getting good traffic to your site. And that will certainly, increase the rank of your site in Google search.

What are the Benefits Of Document Sharing Sites List?

The main benefit of document sharing sites is generating appropriate targeted traffic to a website. That is done by creating authentic links which really helps to rank high in search engines like Google. This list of sites can also help in creating brand name popularity of your online business.

We are providing this list because we simply want to prompt you to take initiative for promotion of your business.

You can get all these benefits by sharing the quality document for your desired audience. Keep in mind, you need to share valuable document regularly to get regular traffic of relevant audience.

All the sites we are providing on the list have high PR, therefore your website will definitely get the advantage of link-juice. And the rank, as well as the authority of your site, will also increase.

Our document sharing sites list will help you in:

  • Driving more significant traffic to your site and increase your sales.
  • Generating good quality back-links from high PR sites to increase Google search rank of your site.
  • Enhancing the online reputation of your brand and make your brand more popular.
  • Gaining the trust of your desired audience so they will become regular visitors of your site.

How Documents Sharing Sites Help in SEO Ranking?

The main aim of a document is to improve Google search ranking and increase the traffic to your website.

The common format uses to share the document is PDF. And PDF file submission can have a positive impact on ranking of your site, if you offer content to be downloaded and shared. In terms of SEO the PDF format pages are similar to Web 2.0 websites.

It doesn’t offer you something extraordinary but still increases visibility and diversify a backlink profile little bit.

Make sure that your PDF file contains text so search engine robots can read the text and index the file. Also, use proper keywords in your document.

How to Get More Traffic by Sharing Documents?

You can surly get more traffic by sharing your documents on the document sharing sites list we displayed below. Use following tips to get more traffic to your site:

  1. Include the keyword in the name of your document you want to share. For example “document sharing sites list” can be saved as document-sharing-sites-list.doc.
  2. Use different file types and experiment with them. It may happen that sometimes PDF file type tends to rank better then DOC files. It is difficult to understand logic behind this but it happens.
  3. Create a 100 word long description of your document, and use your keywords in it. Because search engine will look into the content to check what your document contains.
  4. Add some tags with keyword variations.
  5. Write descriptive and attractive title of your document.
  6. Add links in your article. Use links at various places in your article. Add one or two links near the beginning of your article, as well as a prominent resource box.
  7. Use large fonts when creating your document, as it is generally displayed much smaller, unless people view in full-screen mode.

Getting traffic with our document sharing sites list is very easy. I wouldn’t need to spend hours and hours daily submitting to these sites, because there is small SEO benefit for your main website.

However, if you spend 30 minutes every day for month creating and sharing to document sharing sites list you will notice a big boost in traffic. You must start by targeting low competition, long-tail keywords to get faster results.

Free Document Sharing Site List

Website                         PR

  •                  8
  •        7
  •                             8
  •                              5
  •                             5
  •                         5
  •                             7
  •                           6
  •  6
  •                              6             
  •                         5
  •                             5
  •                         4
  •                      4
  •                        3
  • 7
  •                        7
  •                  4
  •                  3
  •                                8
  •               4
  •                            6
  •                      6
  •                                        7
  •                        7
  •      5
  •                    7
  •                        4
  •                               3
  •                    3
  •                               5
  •                               4
  •                 4
  •                               3
  •                    6
  •                            5
  •                           8
  •                      7
  •                        2
  •                               3
  •                       7
  •   1
  •                  10
  •                             6
  •      6
  •                         3
  •    6
  •                 5
  •                         4
  •     6
  •                          5
  •                              5
  •                              3
  •                        3
  •    3
  •   3
  •                   5
  •               4
  •                        3
  •                            3
  •               3
  •                        6
  •                 5
  •                    9
  •                   4
  •                               5
  •                   3
  •                                5
  •                                             4
  •                               4
  •              5
  •                              6
  •      4
  •                        6
  •      5
  •                            5
  •              3
  •                     5
  •                        4
  •                            5
  •                          6
  •                               5
  •                      4
  •                               5
  •                          3
  •                 5
  •       4
  •  5
  •                             5
  •       3
  •                        5
  •   3
  •    5

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