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High PR Free Blogging Sites List: SEO

November 10, 2017| By:-Admin | Back Link Resources, Blogging, SEO, Webhosting | Leave a comment

Free blogging sites list we are providing here contains all high PR free blog hosting sites. You can create professional looking blog on these sites just for free.


High PR Free Blogging Sites List for SEO


The free blogging sites have become popular in recent years. And it has become very easy to create professional looking websites or blogs without purchasing a domain and hosting package.

So using these sites a blogger can share the hobby with others, express their views, and can have the online presence.

All sites in free blogging sites list provide facility to users to create and manage the blog freely. The free blog sites are hosted on platform’s own server.

What is Free Blogging Site List?

Basically, there are two types of blogging sites or blogs. Free blogging sites or self-hosted sites. When you go to self-hosted blogging platforms, you will need to buy the domain name and hosting platform for your site.

But if you go for free blogging platform you don’t need to buy anything.  So if you are a hobby blogger and don’t want to invest any money for publishing your content then you can go choose a platform from free blogging sites list given below.

You are using a shared domain or subdomain. For example, if you want to create your blog on your blog name will be something like And if you go with your blog name will be

Benefits of Using Free Blogging Platforms

There are various advantages of using a platform from free blogging sites list given below:

  • The most important benefit is we don’t have to pay because they provide free domain name and hosting space. No need to buy domain name and hosting when using a platform from free blogging sites list
  • You will get free domain name and hosting for lifetime (if you don’t violate their rules)
  • They provide the wide range of free domain names. So you can choose a memorable and meaningful domain name.
  • No need to worry about maintenance of hosting server and up gradation of the server software.Most of the sites form free blogging sites list are popular. So your blog will get visibility on internet and web without any publicity.
  • Building a blog or site is very easy so you don’t need any knowledge of web design.
  • If later you want you can upgrade or increase package as per your requirements.
  • All blogging sites form the free blogging sites list to support your web pages.
  • Expand your brand value online.
  • These platforms provide easy use tools to post the articles.
  • They support your social media initiatives for your blog.
  • Builds authority on your blog or site in your industry.
  • Increases conversion rates of your product or service you offer in your log
  • Helps to get lots of inbound links to your site.
  • Increase Backlinks and page authority so improve Google search rank.

Limitations of Using Free Blogging Platforms

There are various disadvantages of using a platform from free blogging sites list:

  • The control of your blog remains with the platform provider, not with you.
  • You won’t be able monetize your blog as per your choice when using a platform from free blogging sites list.
  • Visitors of your blog might think you are not serious blogger.
  • Your blog may disappear if by mistake you break their rules.
  • They offer limited design themes so they may add cheap look to your sites often.
  • Limited plugin, HTML code and CSS code access.
  • The resources offered by the platforms from free blogging sites list are very limited (E.g., bandwidth, and hard drive).
  • All kind of resources for free blogging are limited than self-hosting plans.
  • If you need more resources then you’ll have to upgrade plan to paid.
  • The biggest disadvantage of free blogging platforms is blog Spamming. Backlinking from a site on free blogging sites list can be a big reason to go into spam list.
  • When you get more visitors on your blog, the speed of your blog will slowdown.
  • Google will not position your blog well in search, as it is on a free hosting. Because Google knows that these free sites are also used for spamming.

But these limitations cannot stop you from starting a blog on self-hosted platform with all controls in your hands.

Top 5 Free Blogging Sites List



WordPress provides various customization options that are simple and easy to use for the beginner. If you are serious about generating income from a free blog then WordPress is the best way to go.

WordPress comes with various good features and plugins that can help bloggers to make their blog good looking and professional.

More than 17% of the sites around the world are hosted on WordPress content management system (CMS). This shows the importance of to build a free blog in comparison with free blogging sites list.

If you want to start your blog on a self-hosted CMS, you can do that too using As WordPress is widely used CMS to create blogs, most of the bloggers use to run their websites.


Blogger is developed by Google offers free blog-hosting services. To build a create a blog using blogger needs Gmail account. You will need to login to your Gmail account to build a blog. You will get Google Adsense monetization option, layout customization, and edit the coding option.

The disadvantage here is that you cannot say that domain is yours unless you pay $10/year. So essentially Google is an owner of your blog and they can take it down if you don’t follow their guidelines. Even with all this considered, Blogger is a great platform to create a free blog. It provides better options in comparison with other platforms from free blogging sites list.

Blogger provides facilities to customize your blog design to great extent.  It offers thousands of free templates and themes and you can design your blog as per your choice. You can easily create pages, posts, and private blogs on this site. The best thing is that is presently available in 41 different languages. Go to our free blogging sites list below and find many other options for free blogging.


Tumblr had a unique concept though and a different process of blogging that earned them so many users very fast.

The whole website was created on the basic concept of micro-blogging like Twitter and Facebook. Use Tumblr to build a free blog if your website is more about the visuals. So it allows uploading of short stories, images and videos quickly. No need to worry about getting permission to publish your content or managing complex code.

In fact, everything is not perfect on Tumblr. There are very limited customization options on Tumblr and it doesn’t support plugins. These things are very basic, but it provides the user-friendly interface which allows users to upload content quickly.

Tumblr is a fastest growing website on the web as compared to other sites in free blogging sites list. It looks like a combination of blogger, Facebook, and Twitter.

Tumblr provides users everything required to make their images look visually appealing.  They have various unique options that make Tumblr the unique choice of various bloggers:

From free blogging sites list mentioned on this page, Tumblr is a great platform to build a clutter-free and content oriented website.


Weebly was started in 2006 and it is a California USA based company. In the year 2007, it was amongst the best 50 sites as per Times report.

Weebly is very famous and versatile free blogging site used by thousands of people to create their free blogs. It is currently hosting more than 12 million free websites and blogs.

You can build a sub-domain or custom domain to publish your posts. That all you can do without any charge unlike other platforms from our free blogging sites list.

Weebly provides drag and drop facility to create menus, pages, posts, categories etc. Using Weebly for free blogging is a fun and it is very easy to maintain your blogs here. People like it more than other free platforms from free blogging sites list given below.


Wix is a gorgeous looking free blog creating site that can be used to create good looking sites. To create an interactive website on Wix, no coding knowledge is required. Wix is a great platform where it builds beautiful and stunning sites. And the good thing is that these websites are build by non-professional web designers.

One specialty of Wix is that they offer specific and easy to use tools to help musicians and hotels to grow their businesses. That facility is provided by Wix only not by others in free blogging sites list.

There are more than 103 million registered users on Wix and about 45,000 new users joining daily. This proves that users are happy with Wix than others from free blogging sites list. The reason is it provides easy to use site builder, tools, and good services.


Free Blogging Sites List             PR

  •            9
  •                 9
  •                       9
  •                   8
  •                   8
  •                         8
  •             8
  •                     8
  •      8
  •                    8
  •                    8
  •                    8
  •            7
  •                     7
  •               7
  •                      7
  •                     7
  •                     7
  •              7
  •          7
  •                7
  •                7
  •                      6
  •              6
  •                   6
  •                    N/A
  •        N/A
  •                     N/A
  •             N/A

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There are two ways to host your blog, free hosting plan and paid (self-hosted) plan. So if you are planning to start a blog then focus on your requirements and decide which is better for you. In above paragraphs, we have discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of using free blogging sites list.  So if you are planning to start e-commerce portal then you must go for the self-hosted option because the free option has various limitations for e-commerce sites. But if you want to start a blog just as a hobby or want to share your ideas with people then you can choose a platform from free blogging sites list. 


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