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Free High PR .Gov Sites List for Backlinks in 2018

January 26, 2018| By:-Admin | Back Link Resources, Blogging, SEO | Leave a comment

Gov Sites List is a free high PR government sites list for SEO and backlinks. Use this list to boost your SEO strategy and get high rank in search engines.


top free high pr gov sites list for backlinks


What are .Gov BackLinks?

If are owner of a website/blog and want to increase search engine rank, you must need backlinks for your site.  There are various kinds of backlink in SEO world but links from Gov sites list are more valuable than others.

So, do you want free high PR .Gov backlink for your site?  You are at the right place. In this article we are providing a valuable .gov sites list to build quality backlinks for your blog or website.

A .GOV backlink is a hyperlink from a government site. Generally government websites has the .gov domain name extension. They carry some authority and high weight in search engines. So they can be very strong backlinks for your site.

There are various ways to get authority links for a website. One of the most powerful and valuable form of authority links is GOV backlink. The GOV backlinks are most important part of your link building strategy.

Links from GOV sites list are considered by search engines as more complicated to get than a normal backlink from a regular TLD website.

The simply focusing on one type of backlinking sites is not effective. So you should work to get links from diversified profiles to obtain different type of juices.

Obtaining links from different digital marketing (off page SEO) channels consistently is most effective way of improving search engine ranking for a particular keyword.

To build link popularity, a site owner’s first choice is to start inbound and outbound internet marketing. Inbound marketing means getting backlinks from high PR sites, including .gov sites list.

SEO professionals or website owners should use their resources for Search Engine Optimization. SEO includes on-site (on-page) optimization, off-site (off-page) optimization. They should also focus on SEM as well as advertising to increase the search engine ranking of your website in the eyes of Google.

Why .Gov BackLinks are Important for Search Engine Rankings?

The .gov backlinks are the links coming to your site from websites of government organization & institutes. They have high authority in search engines like Google and Bing. So by building links from .gov sites list, ranking of your site will surly increase. The backlinks from our .gov site list will also help in you SEO plan.

Evert webmaster or SEO professional want to get backlinks from high authority websites. Generally they get back links by commenting blog posts or taking part in discussion forums, to rich there SEO.

SEO expert wants to get backlinks from a high PageRank website with high authority domain to get better ranking in SERPs. The GOV domains are one of most trusted and high authority domains to get backlinks.

At the end of this post there is a table containing free high PR .gov sites list. So you can create valuable backlinks for your site from given gov sites list and boost your SEO.

How to Generate .Gov Backlinks?

It seems very difficult to get .gov backlinks because most of the .gov sites do not provides links directly to unknown sites. But it is not that difficult with quality content on your site.

If you want to know how to get a .gov sites list, you will need to search government agencies. Some such agencies provide a way to add your articles or to publish your content.

There are various government website (.gov sites) that contains blogs and forums, and they allow visitors to leave a comment. The comments posted on these websites are seriously evaluated and scrutinized by authorities. So the comments posted by a visitor will be deleted if they do not provide quality content.

You can provide content in various forms with your comment on .gov sites. The content can be in the form of image, video, infographics, audio or only text. It depends on the site what type of content they allow to post in the comment section of their site.

You can write articles of your choice, and also post visual materials like videos or image.  The most important is quality of your content and find a site that allows publishing that specific type of materials.

How to Get .Gov Sites List to Post Comments?

If main business of your company is selling sports items, then you can search for the sports ministry sites. You can try to find out .gov sites (government agency) that are promoting sports. Also search for sites providing sponsorship information to the people.

Similarly you will need to find out the .gov sites list which is related to your niche and allow comments. After collecting .gov sites list, start publishing articles about how beneficial these government schemes for the people. The article should be related to your niche and post on the niche related government portal.

If you are unable to find a .gov site on related topic to publish articles or place comments, check .gov sites from other countries. All the government sites use the .gov extension and the backlinks are not evaluated on the basis of specific country. So they are just good source of getting valuable links for your website.

You can search .gov sites by using the following search strings: “keyword” “blog posts” “keyword” “post comment” “keyword” “student blogs”

Check following List of some other resources to get free back links for your blog/website:

Benefits of .Gov Backinks

1.     Increase in Organic Traffic and Ranking:

Gov backlinking can increase organic traffic to your site. Google will rank high if the backlink is relevant to your niche and has the proper anchor text. So google rankings of your site will be increased for the keywords on your target page. This will definitely help your site to get more organic traffic.

2.     Fast indexing of a Site in search engines:

With the help of .gov backlink, content of your site will indexed very fast to search engine like Google. It’s very important for new site to get the .gov backlinks, that will be indexed very fast in search engine. And crawl rate of your website will increase.

3.     Get Referral Genuine Traffic:

Traffic is the most important thing for a web site; it is the life line of a website. So with the help of links from .gov sits list your website will get referral genuine traffic. More traffic on your site will increase ranking of your site in search engines.

4.     Quality is More Important than Quantity:

It is quality of backlinks that matters for a website rather than the number of links. So is getting less number of links from .gov sites list is better than getting tons of links from less reliable sites.

5.      Create Website Brand Authority

Getting links from government sites is great for SEO of the site, and they also help to build the authority of the site or brand. Google looks to .gov links which are a good sign that your site is providing good information for visitors. So clients also see it as a good indication that they should take interest in your brand.

Free High PR .Gov Sites List for Backlinks in 2018


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All bloggers and webmasters need backlinks for SEO plan of a site. There are various resources to get link, but Gov backlinks are the more valuable than others. Backlinks from .gov sites list has better effect on SEO as relate to all other resources. Backlinks from .Gov domains are great resource to increase search engine page ranking and pick up domain authority of a site.


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