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How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 7 Simple Steps: [Beginners Guide] 2017

June 23, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing | Leave a comment

A Facebook business page is a public profile for businesses, brands, celebrities, advertisements and other organizations or institutions. Generally, we create a Facebook account for our personal purposes like being in touch with friend and family.  Using our Facebook account we chat with friends and share our pictures and videos with them.

create Facebook business page

Can I Use My Facebook Account for Business?

Yes, we can use our Facebook account to post our business articles, videos, and pictures. But there is the limitation of adding friends on our Facebook account. We can only have maximum 5000 friends on our Facebook account, which is not sufficient for our business purpose. Then what is the solution to this problem?

How Can I Share My Business Post with More Than 5000 People?

The answer is, you start a business page on Facebook because a Facebook pages can have the unlimited number of “fans”. Pages can’t have “friends”, but can have “fans” and they use to choose like a “page”. So the Facebook page is a great platform for business and marketing purposes.

More traffic = More business = More money!!

Creating a business Facebook page is the best way to bring lots of traffic to your site. But there are various other ways on the internet to bring traffic to your website. The most important way is by promoting your products on social media including Facebook.

The next important source to boost the ranking of your website is by doing good SEO of your website. Facebook also offers SEO service as an advertising feature.

What are The Advantages of Having a Facebook Business Page?

1. Reduce Your Marketing Expenses

Exactly $0 you cost if you start a business Facebook page.

To design a good profile picture and a cover photo you may pay a graphic artist, but that is not a necessity. In some cases using simple photographs are better than a creative image from a designer.

2. Good Advertising Platform

Facebook has become one of the best advertising platforms. Through the internet, you can advertise your products or services from various ways. You can boost the ranking of your website by having a good SEO service provider. This SEO service provider is an advertising feature offered through Facebook. So you can use this feature for the promotion of your products or services.

3. Increase Customer

There are around 1.19 billion users on Facebook and increasing every day. Most businesses have local popularity in a particular area or location, but to generate more customers you must have a website. And promote your website on Facebook by creating a page.

You will have the customer not just outside your city, but worldwide because the Internet offers a global community. So by creating and promoting a business page on Facebook, you can easily increase your customer base.

4. Good Web Traffic

A Facebook page can drive good traffic to your website. You can use “link posts” to drive more traffic to your websites. Link post means use image in your Facebook post and link that image to your website. And these “link posts” generates a full-width thumbnail image. Because thumbnail images draw more attention, these wider images get clicked by the visitors.

Link post means use image in your Facebook post and link that image to your website. Upload a thumbnail image and URL of your post on your business page.  Because thumbnail images draw more attention, these wider images get clicked by the visitors.

5. Gather More Leads

Through a Facebook business page, you can have only a good living. Because only by liking the page you can’t make a long-term sustainable business.

If you are a good businessman you must gather leads in the form of email addresses, so that you can contact your community outside of Facebook. To get email addresses you can ask the user to subscribe to your site or blog.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page?

1. Create a Facebook Account

To create a Facebook page, first of all, you must have a Facebook profile/account. If you already have one then jump to next step otherwise create one.

Go to, following page will appear on your screen:

Create Facebook Account

You have to fill all the information asked above to create the Facebook account. And verify your email address.

2. Create Your Facebook Business Page

Log in to your Facebook account and click on the small down arrow button on the right upper corner of your account page. As shown in below image:

go to option “Create Page” and press enter.

Facebook setting -> create page


Create a Page screen will appear with six categories.

  1. A local business or place
  2. Company, Organisation or Institution
  3. Brand or Product
  4. Artist, Brand or public figure
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or company

Choose your category to create a Facebook business page.


Create a business page on facebook

Select a best suitable category, here I am selecting “Artist, Brand or Public Figure”. Another screen will appear at

the same place, as shown below:

Facebook add the name of blog and select category

Choose a more specific category from the drop-down menu. In the name box, enter the name of the page you want to create. Generally, people keep the page name same as of the company or business name. Click on “Get Started” button and your page is created.

Provide Basic Information about Your Page

Initially, the newly created page is completely blank, let’s start filling important information on our new page.

3. Add Your Profile and Cover Picture

To have a good impression on your Facebook page you must add your profile and cover picture. And check that both the pictures are related to your business.

You can also use your logo as your profile picture and an image of your shop or product or one from your marketing campaign as your cover photo.

Facebook- add profile and cover pictures

To add a cover picture you can click “Add a Cover” button (on the top blank cover window) as shown in above image, or click an option as shown in below screen.

To add a profile picture click “Add a Picture” on the small top left (profile picture) window as shown in above image or click on option as shown in below image.

4. Add a Short Description:

Enter the information of your products or services here. The length of the description is only 155 characters. So add the short description with focused keywords about your products. Keywords are important from SEO point of view.

Add short description of your business in your Facebook page

5. Add Your Website Address

Add your website to your Facebook business page. Go to the small “About” window below “Add Button” portion of the screen.

Add URL of your business website

Click on “Add Website”, a small edit window will appear, here enter the URL of your business website and click “Save” button.

6. Add Another Admin to Your Page

It is possible that you are the sole owner of your business but you should add another admin also. The reason is that if your personal profile ever gets hacked or you are unable to log into your profile, at least someone is there to access your page.

Admin is owners of the pages so choose someone you trust. Other admin should also have a Facebook profile and should be there on your friends’ list.

To add another admin Click  “See All Page Tips”


Facebook see add page tips

You will see various options on next page. Click on “Add Page Roles”.


One more method is there to go to add page-roles page.

Click “Setting” option, a page will appear with lots of options on the left side. Select “Page Roles”

Next page you will on the screen:

Facebook define admin role

Try to add the name of the admin you will see names in the popup. Select the complete name or add his email address. Now click the button (red arrow) next to the name you have filled.

You will see a pop-up with several options, select admin and click “Add” button.  Facebook will ask for your password here, give the password click submit button.  That’s it!!

You can see the new admin below on the same window in the list of “Existing Page Roles”.

7. Following Settings

Click “Page” menu on top left corner of the main page screen. Click on “Like” button below the cover image. Now click on following button next to liked button.

Facebook page following settings

Click on “See First”, that means that I want to give this page priority in my personal news feed whenever there is the new post.

Also, make sure that your notifications are turned on. To this select “All On” option from notifications from the followings list.

We have provided only important information in this post. There is more information to be added to your Facebook business Page. So go to Settings and submit all the required information about your page.

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