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How to Create a Facebook Group to Promote Your Business

Admin June 25, 2017 Blogging, Social Media & Marketing Leave a comment

Facebook group is created to promote the activities of an organization or business on Facebook. Facebook provides a wall where users can post their thoughts about business, products or services.

One more benefit of a Facebook group is that users can interact through discussion threads. A good businessman uses it to bring his users together to have a discussion about his business or products.


Create a Facebook Group to promote your business


Facebook group can be used to send the message to users. The admin of group can restrict those who are not appropriate for your group.

So a brand, business organizations, public figures create a presence on the Facebook. Mainly there are two ways to create a presence, one is using Facebook Group and another one is using Facebook Page. We have already discussed the creation of a Facebook page in our previous article how to create a Facebook business page.

Advantages of Creating a Group on Facebook

1. Easiest Way to Send Mails to More People

A large email list of a website visitor is essential for the promotion of a business. Why do you think most of the website authors, bloggers, and social media channels ask you to subscribe them? Every author wants to send a mail when they post a new article on their blog or channel.

The good thing about the Facebook group is that all the group members get an email when something is posted on the group wall. So when you post a new article on the wall, every active member will receive a mail about it.

2. Create Community of Likeminded People

When you create a Facebook Group on some topic, people interested in that topic will start joining it. It can be difficult in the beginning to attract more people. But as your Facebook group page grows you will start building the community of active members.

When members interact with each other in a meaningful way, and you sometimes participate in the conversation, they will appreciate you for making this experience possible. This will build the reputation of your brand and potentially more business.

3. Free Marketing of You Products

If you permit group members to give access to your Facebook Group Page to their friends, then membership will automatically grow. Not only that but new members may also be interested in your topic. This way you are able to do marketing and promotion of your product for free.

4. More Exposure

You can post anything you want on your Facebook group page. But the irrelevant content can hurt the members and anything inappropriate can spoil your reputation as a whole.

You can use your Facebook group page to promote your content and products. Don’t over promote your content because your group members will get sick of it. So only promote your stuff on your Facebook group page once a week maximum, rest of the time interact on non-self-promotional manner.

5. Good Leadership Role

You are the owner of a Facebook Group Page you have created. The whole control of the page is with you, you will decide what should be posted on your Facebook group page.

As a leader of the page, you will make the rules, and provide your community with an empowering environment. If you will do good work as a leader, you will get more respect from your community. And that respect will make your brand more popular.

How to Create a Facebook Group

1. Login to Your Account and Find “Create Group”

Go to small down arrow on the right upper corner of your Facebook account page. Then select “Create Group” from the drop-down menu as shown in below image. Press enter and you will be taken to next page.

Star creating a Facebook group2. Create Your Group

Add Name as shown in below image:

Create Facebook group, add name3. Add Members

You are actually required to add at least one friend to the group before you can create it. So go to Add Some People edit box. Write the name of the person or his email id to add to your group.

There is a small blue button on the right side in the edit box. Click that button to send a message to your friend.

Add some people to Facebook group

Now click on the button next to Closed Group.

Select type and privacy of Facebook group

The new window will open as shown below.

4. Privacy Settings

There are mainly three types of Facebook group

  1. Public or Open Group: – Anyone can join it, see members and posts.
  2. Closed Group: – Anyone can see the members but can’t post. Only the members can post. To join it you will need to send request or admin can invite you to join it.
  3. Private or Secret Group: – Only those who are a member can see the members and posts. You have to be invited or added by the admin to join the group.

change group privacy settings

Select appropriate option as per your requirements and click on Confirm button. You will be taken back to the previous form.

Now you have filled all the options. On “Create new group” click on “Create” button (which is on right bottom corner). It will take you to the next window to choose an icon.

5. Choose an Icon

Now you can choose an icon for your group from a wide array of creative graphics. This is completely up to you and bears no significance as far as Facebook is concerned.

But if you’ve created or had multiple groups in your favorites, you’ll want to choose different icons so that you can easily identify.

Facebook choose icon

Now click on OK button. That’s it.

6. Choose a Photo

As shown in the picture below, there are three options to upload a photo to your Facebook group page.

Faceboog group upload photo

  1. Upload Photo: To upload directly from your local folder (from laptop folder).
  2. Choose from My Photo: Choose from your personal photos from Facebook account.
  3. Choose from Group Photo: Select from the album of the Facebook group.

6. Edit Group Settings

After creation, it is important to edit some important setting of your group.

Facebook edit group setting

A list view appears with “Edit Group Settings” option. Click it to go to Facebook Group Setting Page.

7. Group Setting Page

There are various setting options on this page.

 Name and Icon: – Here you can change the name of your group and icon.

Group Type: – Click here this to get the various option of group type, select one suitable for your group.

Description: – Here you can write a short description about your group so people can now about it. And interested people can send a request to join it.

Facebook group name setting

The Web and E-mail Address: Edit web and email address as per the name of your blog or website.

Privacy Settings: We have already discussed it but you can also change privacy setting here also.

Faceboog group address setting page

Some more settings are also there such as membership approval and request, posting permission, and post-approval. Edit all these settings as per your requirement.

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The Facebook Group is a must to promote your brand or service. So you can use it for marketing purpose.

If you do not have your own Facebook groups, then you are not tapping into the full power of the most popular social network on the web.

It allows you to build meaningful communities of individuals interested in your niche, and as your reputation grows. These people may buy your products as the relationship builds.

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