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How to Create LinkedIn Group to Promote Your Business

July 30, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing | Leave a comment

Create LinkedIn group to boost your business.

How to create linkedin group


Every internet marketer starts a LinkedIn company page for his business. And definitely, he would also like to start with the LinkedIn company groups to increase his reach.

What is a LinkedIn Group?

Are you going to start your own business? Want to create a good common place for professionals?

Create LinkedIn Group! And bring like-minded people on a common excellent platform for discussion.

LinkedIn Groups provide a platform for the professionals or stakeholders in the same industry or with similar interests to share their content, discuss on problems, post and view jobs and make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.

There are various cool advantages of these groups such as, here you can share your ideas, contents and establish industry expertise.

The Benefits of LinkedIn Company Groups

  • Provides free, direct communication with their members.
  • It allows you to gain influence quickly.
  • Your content will be in hand of targeted audiences.
  • LinkedIn groups can be fantastic feedback channel.
  • You can build your personal network.

How to Create LinkedIn Group in Simple Steps

You can create LinkedIn Company groups through simple steps, but always make sure that you have a good strategic plan for your Group. So you can enjoy more benefits of these groups.

1. Start Creating a Group

If you have a LinkedIn account then Log in to it. Or read our article on how to create a LinkedIn account and use it for business promotion.

To get started, go to the right top corner of your LinkedIn home page and select “work” button. Now click on “Groups” button from the drop-down menu.

start creating a LinkeIn group for your bueinsess

Click the My Groups tab, next page will appear.

LinkeIn create group button

Create on “Create group” button to go to “Create new LinkedIn Group” page.

2. Provide Title, Logo, and Description

Provide following information to complete create LinkedIn group process.

create a new LinkeIn group

Group’s Title: Enter the name of your group here. The maximum length of group name is 100 characters.

Logo Upload: Click on “Upload Group Logo” button to add a logo image

Description: Write group’s detailed description. The length of description is maximum 2000 characters.

Group Membership: Select a group’s membership from “Standard Group” or “Unlisted group”.

“Group’s rules” is an optional thing. You can skip it or can mention some rules of your group there. Also, two options would be there about your “membership”.

  1. Standard group – Members can invite other members. Group will be visible in “search result”.
  1. Unlisted group – Only managers, owners, and a moderator may invite members. Group will be hidden in “search results.”

You have to choose an option which makes you comfortable.

LinkeIn select group membership

And then finally click “save changes”.

Now your Create LinkedIn Group process is over. And you will be taken to manage group page as shown below.

Do few more important things after creating a group.

3. Invite Your Connections

You can go to your group’s page by following steps:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Click on Works option on right top corner.
  • Click on Groups tab
  • On next page on the top left an option is there My Groups click on that.
  • You will see the list of all the groups you have created under “Groups that I manage option”.
  • Click on a group you want to update.
  • Now you are on the main page of your group.
  • Click on Manage button on the right top, in front of the group name.

You will see the screen as shown below.

You can invite more connections to your company group. To invite connection to enter the name of the connection you want to search in “search connections by names” box and click on “Invite” button.

Also, you can add some “email domain”, so the membership requests can be accepted automatically.


LinkeIn invite your connections


4. Manage Members, Content and Your Company Group

Look at the left corner shown in the figure below. Here you can manage your members, blocked users along with your content and group template, details etc.


LinkeIn select group manage membership


5. Position Yourself as a Leader of Your Group

After completing managing options go back to the main page of your group by clicking on group name on the left top corner. Now start the conversation with your group.

If you want to represent yourself as the leader of the group, then first of all empower and engage with your group members.

Because a group leader must be responsive, he must raise questions; ask other’s opinion about the business in the group. Also to be a leader participate in discussions and contribute your content that can be the motivational conversation.


LinkeIn start conversation with your group


After posting this conversation, read the people’s opinion and replay them to be a serious group leader.


LinkeIn start conversation group leader

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So LinkedIn is a very good tool to widen your reach. Because by default, you can’t send the message to the people who are not in touch with you. And in such type of situations, you can take help of the LinkedIn group. So you can get in touch with the peoples, who are not in your circle.

Some more benefits of these company groups include you can start consistent discussions, comments and submit your blogs and posts.


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