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How to Create YouTube Channel for Business and Marketing

August 12, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing, Video Marketing | Leave a comment

Create YouTube channel for promotion and marketing of your business.


How to create youtube channel for business and marketing


The YouTube channel is a vast platform to promote a business to a great mass. In general, you watch videos, comment, or make a playlist on the YouTube. But if you want your public presence on this website, of course, you need to create YouTube channel. If you have started a current business and want good traffic, you will need to advertise your business.

Generally, businesses pay a huge amount for advertisement. But you can have a great reach simply by uploading your advertising video related to business on YouTube. You can use a computer or your Smartphone to create YouTube channel for your business.


Benefits of YouTube Channel in Business and Marketing

1. Capturing Attention

Videos are best for advertising or marketing of the business. They can draw more attention of users as compared to a pictorial or text ads. Nothing can beat such a video on YouTube to captivate attention from the public, in fact, it will enlarge your exposure in a wide range.

2. High traffic

There are around 1 billion users on this largest social site YouTube. And this number has been increasing continuously by 50% over a year. You get best opportunity to spread your message to a great reach (millions of people)

3. Viral Marketing

One more cool advantage of YouTube is viral marketing. It shares news and information on social media rapidly to a great reach. Viewers continue this cycle by sharing videos with their friends, relatives and family members. Thus it creates a curl effect. So, if you want to get viral, create YouTube channel and share your video on it.

4. Search Engine Rankings

Like Google, YouTube is also a powerful search engine. Today its videos are ranked at a very high position on Google pages because Google Occupied YouTube.

5. World-Wide Accessibility

Now YouTube is international passion, it has massively ranged. Also can be accessed anywhere in any device like PCs, mobile phones etc. In fact, 50% views come from mobile phones. You can enjoy it in 61 languages in 75 countries. Due to this level, your business will have a great potential and this makes YouTube a great tool for business marketing.

How to Create YouTube Channel

So, you have chosen this video sharing site as a great marketing tool and ready to create a YouTube channel? Awesome! But before making a channel, I would like to tell you that this channel takes times and proper planning.

As YouTube is owned by Google, so you have to make an account first on Google (if you don’t have).

If you already have Google account then jump to Setting up a YouTube Account option below. Otherwise, create an account.

1. Start Creating Your Account on Google

To get started, visit and click “Sign in” in the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen.


Youtube google sign in

Next screen will appear. Now click on “more option” button.


Youtube sign in your google account


You will be taken to next option. And now click on “create account” button.


Youtube create your google account


2. Choose Username and Password

On next screen fill up the columns with appropriate information like as name, desired email, password, phone number, current email, and country. And then click on “next step”.


Youtube google account choose username password


Note – Google requires all users to be at least 13 years old.

Click on “next step” button, privacy and terms page will be displayed.

Youtube google account privacy and terms


Read the privacy policy and click “I agree” button to create YouTube account. You will be taken to verify your account screen.

3. Verify Your Account

Here provide your valid phone number and click on “Continue” button.


Youtube google verify your account

You will receive a verification code on your phone. And then verify your account with a code sent via text or phone call and press Continue button.


Youtube google verify your account confirm


Congrats!  Your Google account has been created successfully.


Setting Up a YouTube Account

Yes! You have created your Google account successfully, and now you can create a YouTube account.

1. Sign In to Your Account

Now visit to get started with it. If you are already logged in you’ll see a sign in button on the upper right- hand corner.

Now click on the “Sign In” button, and enter your Google account username and password.


Youtube sign in your account


After sign up you will get home page screen like this:


Youtube sign in your account display home page


2. Start Creating YouTube Channel

After signing up click on the profile logo and then click on the “YouTube setting” as shown in the figure.


Youtube start creating youtube channel


3. Create New Channel Option

 Clicking on the setting option, you will get a new screen. Now click on “create a new channel” option.


Youtube create a new channel


4. Add Brand Account Name

Now on clicking “create a new channel” you will move to next screen, where you have to give your brand account name. After giving the name click on “Create” button. You have added a channel to your account successfully and you will be taken to next screen.


Youtube create brand account


5. Upload Icon and Background Image

On this screen, you will need to upload your channel logo and background image.


Youtube upload icon and brand image


After uploading the “icon/logo and background” image the screen will look like below image.

6. Add Your Business Information

Next step is to add the information about your channel. To add information click on “+” button as shown in the image, on the right-hand side of your screen.

Youtube add business information


You will be thrown to the next screen, where you will get three options – “contact info, site, and story”.


Youtube add info


  • Contact info:

Provide your contact information here. After providing the information click on the “ok” button and you will be on the previous “Add Info” screen again.

Youtube add contact info

  • Sites Info:

Now click on “Sites” option to go to “sites” information section. Add a website URL and links of your business so that user can see your

site’s information.


Youtube add site info


After giving the websites and links about your channel click on the “ok” button to go back to the “Add Info” option”.


  • Story:

Click on story option on “Add Info” screen, you will be taken to “Story” screen.   Now add related information in given fields. The story is all about your business description, in which you add a “Tagline” and “Introduction”.


Youtube add story


7. Add Channel Description

After completing all these information, go for your channel description by clicking on my channel on your home page of your channel. This description must be informative to your company and can explain the content you share via videos.

Some marketer does not pay much attention to this section. Because they don’t know search engines look at your company description during ranking your profile.


Youtube add channel information


8. Customization

Your profile is almost completed. Customize your YouTube channel in a way that subscribed and unsubscribed both can see the content you share.

To get more advantage of this feature, you must create the trailer for your channel. This channel trailer will be your company description in video version (about 30 to 60 seconds).


Youtube customization


Yes! I know definitely, you will try to start. But make sure that your channel customization is turned on. To customize the channel, click on the “subscribe” button in the upper right corner of your channel. Next “Channel Settings” screen will appear on the screen.


Youtube subscribe button


On Channel setting screen switch on “Customize the layout of your channel” and then press “Save” button.


Youtube channel settings


9. Upload a Trailer

Ahmm!  Now you can upload your trailer. To upload your trailer click on the “arrow” in the right –hand corner.


Youtube upload trailer


And then select your file (video).

Youtube select a file to upload

Add keywords to your trailer name, message and channel description.  Finally, click on the “publish button” to publish your video.


Youtube add key words to name and message


Now, your channel may be eligible for a custom URL when-

  1. You have over 100 subscribers.
  2. You have a channel icon and channel art.
  3. And is more than 30 days old.


Youtube upload processing


10. Account Setting

Before the implementation of your YouTube for business assessment, make sure that who can access the account you made. This whole system will be decided by the granting access to your team members.

When you grant access to a Google account, three options come out:

  1. Owners – Have full power of editing over all Google properties, can add or remove managers, edit business information and many more.
  2. Manager – Have same editing power, but can’t add or remove page roles.
  3. Communication Managers – Can’t use YouTube’s video manager, upload content, or view analytics but review’s respond is possible.

Now go to upper right-corner and click on the “the gear icon”. Click on setting icon, it will take you to “Overview” screen.


Youtube account setting


On overview screen click on “Add or remove managers” option, “General account info” page will be displayed.


Youtube account setting overview


On the general account page, click “manage permissions” button.


Youtube general account info


Here at manage permission page, select the people icon in the upper right-hand corner to invite new users. Click on “Done” button to go to add new users page.


Youtube manage permission

At add new users page, enter their Gmail address and indicate their role to grant permission to a person.


Youtube add new users


11. YouTube SEO

It is necessary to promote your YouTube channel after creating it. YouTube SEO tricks and techniques are the best way to drive more traffic to your website.


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