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How to Install WordPress Theme on Your Blog: Beginners Guide

July 21, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, WordPress | Leave a comment

In this article, we will guide you how to install WordPress theme on your blog. Look and feel of your website depends on the theme you are using for your blog or website.

how to Install wordpress theme

As you’re a beginner, you may want to try out some themes until you get the right one that suits your requirement. In this tutorial, we will discuss detailed step by step process to install WordPress theme on your site.

There are three different ways to install WordPress themes on a blog or site. We will walk you through all the three methods. Before we start discussing installation process, you must read following guides. These guides will help you to get started with WordPress.

There are various resources to get themes for a blog. Some of the resources are free and some are premium (paid). Though various free themes are available on the internet but I will recommend you to go for a premium one. They are not free but they are always better if you are planning to create a professional blog or site.

The resources are:

Install WordPress Theme Using Admin Theme Search Method

On installing WordPress, by default, we get stock WordPress free themes. We can search from WordPress free themes directory using WP dashboard. So if you want to install a free one, get it from the themes directory.

Login to your WordPress and go to dashboard. Click on Appearance >> Theme, following page will appear:


Install WordPress theme - Appearance Themes


Click on Themes option, you will be taken to “Themes” page.


Install WordPress theme Appearance add New


Now click on “Add New” button at the top of this page. Next “Add Themes” page will appear:


Install WordPress add themes page


This page has five groups: Featured, Popular, Latest, Favorites and Featured Filter. If you are new and want to get the idea then try Featured and Popular group. But if you have a clear idea of what you require then I recommend you to click on the “Feature Filter” tab.


Install WordPress Themes Feature Filter


On this screen, you can check off the features you want for your blog. A list of themes will be generated that meet your specifications. You can also search using search theme box.


WordPress Install Theme


Once you have found a theme you require, drag your mouse cursor on that theme. You will see two options preview and install, click on the “Install” button. WordPress will install it.


WordPress Theme Activate

After installing the theme, it will available on your main “Themes” page.  Now you will need to click “Activate” option in order to add this theme to your blog.

Install a Theme by using Admin Upload Method

This method is used to install WordPress theme which is commercial “premium”. These are the themes people purchase from companies like ThemeLabStudioPressiThemes, etc.

These themes come in the form of zip files, so downloading the .zip file.

Login to your WordPress and go to dashboard. Click on Appearance >> Themes option.

Install WordPress theme - Appearance Themes


You will be taken to Themes page, click on the Add New button at the top of this page. Next page will appear.


Install WordPress theme Appearance add New


On this screen there is “Upload Theme” button, Click on it.


WordPress Upload Theme


Choose the zip file you downloaded earlier and click “Install Now” button.


WordPress Choose Theme zip file


After installing the theme, a message will prompt along with the options activate and preview the theme. Click on “Activate” option to add it to your blog.

WordPress Theme Activate Uploaded Theme


Now your purchased theme is successfully installed and activated on your WordPress blog. It may contain some extra settings. So, you may require configuring these settings either using theme customizer or use a separate options panel.

Installing a WordPress Theme using FTP

This method is for advanced WordPress user only. Because there is a risk of deleting or modifying other files present in your WordPress directory. If something goes incorrect, it may bring your site down.

The FTP installation method is useful When the security of server doesn’t allow installation from the dashboard.

To install WordPress theme using FTP method, an FTP software tool like FileZilla is required. It can also be installed if cPanel of your blog offer FTP access from the web panel.

You also need software like WinRAR to unpack the .zip file.

Using FTP method, the theme is directly uploaded to themes folder which is in the WP-content folder of the WordPress directory (/wp-content/themes/).

You will need to unzip (unpack) the folders using WinRAR before you upload a theme using FTP. You can download the free version of WinRAR if you don’t have and install it. Once you have installed WinRAR, right-click on .zip folder of your theme and select unzip.

Next step is log in to FTP manager and upload the unzipped folder directly to wp-content/themes/ folder. Now your theme is successfully uploaded to your server.

After uploading the theme, you will need to go to dashboard and click on Appearance >> Themes.

There you will see the theme you have uploaded. Bring cursor of your mouse on that theme and click on the activate button. That’s it!

We hope that this guide will help you in installing a WordPress theme on your blog.



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