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How to Make YouTube Videos to Get More Views

August 31, 2017| By:-Admin | SEO, Social Media & Marketing, Video Marketing | Leave a comment

Make YouTube videos for promotion and marketing of your business, service or product.

how to make youtube videos to get more views

Digital marketers draw their attention to make their YouTube channel popular after setting it up. And this is where the whole fun, tasks begins! You can create different types of videos and also edit them according to your requirement.

 Types of Videos to Create

Always make sure that the video you are making is helpful in achieving your goals. You will need to create a YouTube channel and perform SEO to make your channel popular on the internet. Markers create channels for promotions and marketing of their products.  So they upload different types of videos according to customer’s need to increase the effectiveness of channel.

Before you Make YouTube videos, consider the following list of video types:

1. Customer’s Appreciation Letter Video

These videos are short-term interviews with the satisfied users. Customer’s appreciation letter helps product reliability.

2. On Demand Product Display Video

These videos are the small part of the content, shows benefits and perfect use of a product.

3. Tutorial Videos

These videos contain the full explanation of a product like as – how to use? Its various parts, quality of service etc. These videos are also used to answer questions of visitors.

make Youtube videos tutorial

4. Thought Leader Interviews

To increase your company’s popularity, you can organize interviews with experts or thought leaders.

make Youtube videos leader interview

5. Project Reviews

These videos recap a successful campaign. Graphs, statistics are also included in such type of videos.

6. YouTube Live

YouTube live allows users to broadcast live videos. It allows your audience to participate and sharing live moments. These live videos are quite useful. These are recorded videos and are visible like an uploaded video.

make Youtube videos live

7. Video Blogs

Video blogs are local videos which are used to upload on daily basis or weekly basis. You can also record a descriptive video which overviews the important tips for your users.

8. Event Videos

These videos contain a person’s experience at a conference and can be used to show the excitement of a crowd.

How to Write a Video Script to Make YouTube Videos

There are some steps to be followed to write a script to make YouTube videos. Important steps are as follows:

1. Define Your Aim

When marketers make YouTube videos, they always think about their business like – “what does his business actually need”? Because without proper planning a video can’t introduce an organization or business.  So it’s important to decide what you want to accomplish with your video.

2. Create a Story Board

Once you have decided goal for your video, you will need to start adding content and working on your storyboard. A storyboard is simply a blueprint for a video to make the outline for that video. It includes a short description of the scene and also has rough sketches of different scenes pair. The short description of the scene includes the position of the camera, about dialogues etc.

3. Determine the Length of the Video

During the creation of storyboard, you should also decide the size of your video. At least 2-minute long video gains maximum engagement of people. The length of the video can be long as you need. But make sure that it must contain sufficient information to satisfy the visitor.  Your video must be aligned with your goal too. If your video is longer than 6 minutes, you need to experiment with your video like – how to present, placing, visibility and story.

4. Pick a Filming Location

The goal is determined. Storyboard is created. Ideal video length is also decided. Now it’s time to decide the place where the video is going to shoot. This step is called location scouting. And this step is very important because good place makes an attractive video which draws more attention of the people. If you are making an attractive video then you should have a list of places according to the video concept. And this point should also be mentioned in the storyboard. Always remember it’s important to visit each place before shooting video.

How to Shoot a Quality Video

After whole planning, definitely, you would like to shoot a video. Nowadays to make YouTube videos attractive is quite easy with your Smartphone. But always turn it sideways and in landscape mode in order to prevent from the awkward framing or cropping the video during uploading the video on YouTube.

1. Use a Tripod

To gain more viewers to focus on your story use a tripod. Also for static and proper soot use a tripod stand.

2. Camera Must Be in Manual Mode

In manual mode, you are allowed to adjust focus and other settings you are needed.

3. Shoot from the Different Angles

Sometimes, you’ll need to edit the videos between the different clips from different positions. So you must click the shots from the different angles. Suppose you are shooting an interview video then you have to focus your camera on the particular aspirant or person. The best angle to shoot video like this is the 45-degree angle. Also by the zooming features, you can move the camera closer or further away according to your desire.

4. Try Introducing Motion

Use a slider or a steady cam for the better movement of your camera.

5. Use a Good Microphone

You should have a high-quality microphone to capture an audio if you want to record a video with voice.

How to Edit Your Video Content

1. Tools

There are so many online tools to edit your video content. YouTube has its own editing tool to edit the video. There are also more expensive tools like as Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premier CC, which offer an array of editing tools.

2. Video Thumbnails

If your video is ready to upload. Now you can select video thumbnails which will appear on your YouTube channel, to the right side of search result column.

3. Water Marks

When you make YouTube videos, it needs some improvements. You can add a custom watermark to all of your videos. The watermark serves as a custom subscribe button that viewers can click anytime when watching your videos. To add watermark go to your YouTube channel and follow these steps:

Step1:- Click on the profile icon on left top corner. And then click on “setting” option from the drop down menu.

make Youtube videos watermark step1

Step2:  – After click on “setting” option, now click on the “view additional feature” button.

make Youtube videos watermark step2

Step3:  – After clicking on “view additional features”,  you will get thrown to the next screen where you will click on “branding” button on the right side drop down menu.

make Youtube videos watermark step3

Step4: – Now you can add a watermark after completing these steps.

make Youtube videos watermark step4

Music & Sound Effects  

YouTube has its own library of free sound effects and music to use in a video. Pond5Epidemic Sound, and PremiumBeat are some sources to have a royalty free music. With a varied length and tempo, many songs are already included in both services. Also, professional quality music and sound effects produce more attraction in a video.  This is the reason for which marketers always prefer a good upbeat and energetic music when they introduce their brand to the new audience.

So, you must be much concern about “music & sound” when you make YouTube videos and upload them to your channel.

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  • To make YouTube videos and use them for promotions is the best way to make them popular on the internet.
  • YouTube satisfies the customers better than any other social networking website.
  • Always consider your aim before you make YouTube videos.
  • Videos must be much descriptive so that they can answer all the question of a customer and clear all his doubts.


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