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How to Start a Blog: A Step by Step Guide

May 27, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Webhosting, WordPress | Leave a comment

Start a blog and make money online!

How to start a blog

Are you thinking how to start a blog? If so – you’re in the right place.

What is a Blog?

First, we should understand what is a blog? Before starting steps of how to start a blog?

Blogs are nothing but the concept of writing your ideas with different interesting ways that attract people and make them read your content every time you post them.

This whole new concept of blog posting became popular few years back when people came to know that how good it could be to share their ideas on the internet and get popular among the wide range of audience out there on the internet.

Are you planning to start a blog? Great idea!!

  • Do you get motivation from reading captivating blogs?
  • Have you ever thought of starting to write your own blog and inspire people?
  • Is lack of guidance not letting you move ahead?
  • Do you think that creating a successful blog is a complicated task?
  • Can’t gather enough courage to write something?

Don’t kill the desire of writing when we are here to help you out. Live your dream of writing as we will give you the guidance that will educate you about the basics of building your empire of blogging.

We will get your blog running with useful blogging tips. Emerge as a pro blogger and captivate the readers over the internet with your imagination. You don’t need any type of technical experience in order to set up a successful blog.

The days are over when you would struggle to write and see your blog not going anywhere.

Why Start a Blog?

There are many reasons why people want to start a blog. And your reason to start writing may be one of these:-

  • Make money from home – Many bloggers are making a huge amount of money by just working from home. With the right kind of guidance, they have come this far. Making money from blogging is not so easy. You need to keep patience for a pretty long period of time.
  • To Become a famous author Most of the writers start blogging with the desire of becoming a published author. Everybody wants to publish their work for many enthusiastic readers. Therefore having an online presence even makes your way much easier to reach these readers.
  • Get your Business online – A blog is one of the easiest places to give your business the exposure it needs that too at very little cost. From individuals to large companies anyone can utilize this platform and be available for the world.
  • As a Hobby – Some people do blogging to just develop their hobby of writing. They share their stories, experience and sometimes encourage others to write. So blogging is the best way to pursue this hobby.

Do you think if any of these reasons are made for you? Identify what drives you to write things down and we will help you put that up for the show. In this post, we will walk you through the steps needed to start a blog.

What are The Benefits of Starting a Blog?

It’s human nature that we always look for benefits in whatever we do. Whether it is buying from a needle to a vehicle or doing a job we always try to get the best of everything. Therefore blogging is one such aspect from which we want to make money. Most of all the bloggers do it for their personal benefits.

If you don’t know the benefits you will get from writing blogs then we have listed all of them for you:-

  • It works as a tool to boost your online presence
  • By blogging, you have a much clear understanding of your interests and passions
  • As a blogger, you become the boss of your work
  • You address the problems of the world by helping them with your articles
  • Advertise your products/services to a big audience
  • Get’s a strong recognition worldwide
  • Publishing a book will be so easy if you have an online fan base of readers
  • In addition to all above point, you can discover new ways of making money by utilizing your skills

How to Start a Blog in 6 Steps:-

Step 1. Decide What You Will Write About

First of all, we must choose a perfect topic to start a blog. People working for business, organization or company don’t have many choices for choosing a topic. Individuals have all the options that are available. Choose the topic which you can describe really well. Before starting to ask yourself these questions:-

  • Will I enjoy writing the topic without getting bored?
  • Do I have enough knowledge of the topic?
  • How would audience react on my article?
  • Will they enjoy themselves while reading it?
  • What can I do to make it very interesting?
  • Can I represent the topic better than others?

These are the questions you need to keep asking yourself. You will not be the first person to write on any topic. Chances are someone has already chosen that for his blog. You need to accept the challenge of writing it better than them. Accepting challenges will develop you as a pro blogger.

Imagine you are writing a topic which you are not interested in. why would your readers show interest in it? Things which are done wholeheartedly are always appreciated. Writing for a blog is no different from that.

Step 2. Select a Domain Name

The next step you need to take to start a successful blog is to get a good domain name. It’s the need of every blogger for being easily traceable on the internet. Once you get it you will have a home for your blogs.

There are many domain providers on the internet with minimum annual charges. GoDaddy is one of them. To utilize the facilities of a domain provider and set up your blog,  follow these instructions:-

  • Try short domain names which are easy to remember and recommend
  • Never use domains with digits in them
  • Always use .com in domain because it’s an international identity and you can be easily found
  • Use attractive names for it like etc
  • So the goal is to be searched easily 

Step 3. Find a Host: Setup Your Blog Hosting

In addition to getting a domain name, finding a good hosting provider is also an important step to start a blog. A host takes your site to a server. When your site is available on a server rather than on your desktop computer, others can find it on the internet very easily.

It’s recommended that you get your domain from the same place you get your blog hosted. The best option to find a host for your blog or website is Bluehost.

The best offer is you can buy hosting from Bluehost with a free domain and costs only $5.95/month for unlimited hosting and free domain package.

Buying from Bluehost is very easy and takes few minutes only.

  • Sign up for Bluehost (Exclusive discount + free domain name)

It can host your server and domain very efficiently. Install your WordPress software on it with just a click. So you can operate your blog on Bluehost the way you want and control how it looks

Installing WordPress is extremely simple if you have picked BLUEHOST as your domain and hosting provider. Explore the opportunities that you can get by working on your own server and know the advantages.

You get a 24-hour support at an affordable rate. Here is a video to show you exactly how to do it:-



Install WordPress on your host and this process is complete. You are now ready to start your blog on your own website that is hosted by a server.

Step 4. Choose a Blogging Platform

The internet provides you many platforms to host your data. WordPress in one of the easiest places to start with. It gives you the freedom to install plugins which will increase your blog’s functionality and give you the ease of writing blogs.

It comes with an amazing visual editor. With the help of this editor, you can enhance the content and representation your blog needs.

It has a very large community of bloggers who can help you out with any problem. Therefore working on WordPress website is an excellent choice as a blogger. Some good reasons to choose WordPress:-

  • This is the first choice of users in the world of blogging
  • It is easy to use open source platform
  • It comes with many designs
  • Pay a reasonable amount of money and enjoy the plugins
  • Customize your site with thousands of elegant themes
  • WordPress is SEO friendly and that lets you optimize your online presence giving you full control on pages to rank higher in search engines
  • It has the best integration facility for your social networks and integrates all your accounts like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ at once
  • WordPress allows you to make changes or add content from any computer in the world
  • It provides the flexibility of using different themes and layouts for every single page of your website
  • It is also known for giving decent security to your content

WordPress offers two tools:

  • – No need to buy domain and hosting. It comes free and takes care of the hosting part for you
  • – It is free but you will need to buy domain and hosting. You get complete control of blog on your own domain

Step 5. Configure and Design Your Blog on WordPress

Configuring your blog with WordPress on BLUEHOST is so easy. We have a series of tutorials to get you used to WordPress and setting things up for your blog to operate effortlessly. Therefore just go through these and you will get all things right on your blog.

The next step you need to follow is installing the WordPress blog onto your Bluehost and domain name. This process will take only 5 minutes. Below is the step by step tutorial:



Now you need to think of the design of your blog. First impressions always matter so we have a video that will show the basics of setting up and choosing a premium design theme to get started with.



All these links will lead you to the ways to get your website or blog a premium look and experience the benefits of running a blog on a domain name whose server is controlled by you. You will see incredible results by blogging this way.

Step 6. Start Creating Useful Content for Your Readers

Creating content is the first and most important step that you need to take. You cannot call yourself a blogger until you have some good content to write. So start writing good content.

You have probably got your domain, hosting, theme and installed WordPress but they are not useful until you prepare the content for your blog.

Choosing what to write about as your first blog will decide your blogging career. It will also make your first impression on the readers. Therefore make sure that it is long lasting and worth reading. The process of choosing what to write about varies from blogger to blogger

Use your experience and knowledge to find the topic you are most comfortable with. Gather all the information and use what you already know to create a masterpiece. Use this guide to get tips for writing an engaging article.

Promote your blog on various platforms once you have posted it.


  • Today is the time to start writing the content that you have been holding inside
  • Follow the steps of the guideline and grow as a pro blogger like anything
  • Optimize the most of what the blogging world has to offer
  • Work with a practical approach and give your best with the resources you have
  • And Let the world see the power of your writing skills
  • Since the world is always looking for some fresh content, don’t make them wait


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