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How to Write a Blog Post: 12 Simple Steps to Write Engaging Post

June 13, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging | Leave a comment

People love reading and writing books all around the world. Some writers take their readers on the journey of a different world with their fascinating storytelling. The internet has appeared as a platform in the form of blogging to help people do the same recently. So most of the authors write a blog post and share that on internet.


Just some years back people have started showing their keen interest in speaking their minds out on the internet through their blog posts.

Not only do they write things down for others to read, but also they have developed their blogging as a source of minting money.

They use this whole concept of blogging to share their thoughts with the world, promote their brand, write about the subjects they love (Gaming, Reviews, Fashion, Food, cars or business) and market their content.

With keeping all your needs in mind, we are coming up with this article to educate you about how to write a blog post and help you get your blog started.

Join us on this journey of blog writing as we will teach you the art of crafting some incredible posts for your website. This article will show you everything you need to get started. Let us dive in together:-

Blog Writing Basics

Blog writing is all about the creation of some eye-catching posts so that readers can feast their eyes on reading your content.

The ultimate aim to write a blog post is to draw some healthy amount of traffic on your website.

As a result, chances are high that you will achieve the main objective of writing it.

It is a well known fact although producing a good piece of content is not as easy as eating a piece of cake.

The job is still unfinished if you just have a good topic to write on.

One needs to prepare a scannable layout of the article followed by the next step of what to include in the post and the ways to reach potential readers.

You need to find out how you will keep it interesting from the beginning to its end.

Take a look at these helpful suggestions that will certainly help you learn how to write a blog post. Adopt these steps and produce engaging blog post for your website sooner than you can imagine.


Transform your ordinary writing style today into an extraordinary one with the following points:-

Step 1: The Art of Understanding Your Audience.

Understanding audience is an art which you need to master whether you work as a motivational speaker, politician or a blogger.

You need to figure out what interests your audience.

Before you start writing a blog post, have a clear understanding of your target audience and their interests

Think about the questions like-

  • What will draw their interest?
  • What will excite them?

You need to see all these points from a reader’s mind

Once you start thinking like a reader, you can come up with a fresh article. It will carry everything that a reader looks for because now you know how to prepare a reader-friendly article

Step 2: How to Choose a Topic

Generally in life, we are choosy about everything. From buying clothes to food, smart phones to cars we pay our complete attention

Choosing the right topic for your article is equally important. This process will also help you know what people actually want to read these days.

Now the question will rise in your mind about the topic you should choose. Simply select a general topic on which you can write easily. There are many subjects you can start with

Whatever the topic you have finalized, make sure to keep three things in mind-

  • Who are you writing content for?
  • What do they really want to read?
  • How can they be helped by you?

The moment you have decided the theme for your article, make a rough plan of your research

Write down the headings and information that are going to be inserted in the post. Think of an order in which the post will be written.

Step 3: Start With an Attractive Headline and Title

The first thing a reader sees in an article is the headline of your post.

It is the most important beginning of your article and decides if a Potential reader will go through till the end of the paragraph or not.

Therefore it is worth spending some time to think of a catchy headline. An uninteresting and unpleasant headline could be a deal breaker.

Always write a draft title first with a headline to help you write the article. What it means is make a basic blog post title, so you will have very clear idea of the message you want to give to the readers.

In case of having a lot of content you forget the core idea of your article if you have been writing for a while. A clear title will never let you forget the subject. So it will work as a reminder to help you keep a track of the message.

Once you’ve finished doing it then go back and re-write your blog post title.

Always remember, people often want to read something that addresses their own problems not what you want to show

  • Can they relate their problems with your articles?
  • Do they feel connected with them?
  • Are you giving them solutions?

If the answer to the questions is yes then share that through your title. If not then you need to create the bond with them

Step 4: Write Appealing Introduction

Introduction is the soul of an article. Introduction of the your post is like a mirror which reflects its whole picture. So it is as crucial as a headline and works like a roadmap.

When it is so necessary to write an attractive introduction you have to be very careful while deciding it. So the reader of your article should feel like you are reading their minds.

It needs to sound like it is the best of its class. Design it in a way that whoever reads it understands what it is telling at once.

Your blog post needs to have a purpose and it is to address a specific problem. The reader should feel at home if it talks about his or her concerns.

I personally think that writing such introduction can be a difficult job. Sometimes it becomes a hurdle to creating a compelling introduction.

Therefore, I like to leave the introduction until I have written the rest of the text. Once the article is complete you can make efforts to find that suitable intro.

Step 5: Arranging the Content

Write a blog post in an organized way as nobody likes to read articles that are messed up and randomly written.

Take them on a ride of thrill instead of confusing them. Reading it should feel like they are on a discovery of something new. The more they read the more they explore about your work

Organizing content of a blog post is a strategy which needs to work according to the plan. Arrange it in a presentable way that it powerfully adds the context and impacts the reader.

Mostly newbie’s create an article with a huge amount of information. In this case the reader is not certain about what to read from it and what to skip as a result they leave your page.

Try not to add a lot of information and keep each paragraph in 3 lines. Use as short sentences and words as possible. It will help in explaining its core idea instantly

Classify the blog post in several categories like sections, lists and whatever you think is appropriate for the sake of reading

Make sure that the important segments of the article get noticed. Attach relevant images with your article to make it more expressive

Add different styles of writing like choosing good fonts, bold texts for highlighting headings. Make the readers see each piece of information that is contained in it

Step 6: Call for Action

You have to convince visitors through what you write by including a Call to Action.

This simply means giving your readers something to do next like buying any service or product from you. You can also give a link to check out some handy tips from another article you have written.

At the end of your article readers shouldn’t go empty handed. Give them a reason to keep a follow up with you. They shouldn’t feel like there was no point in reading.

Make content worth reading so that readers come again and again. Ensure that you provide this at the end of your article, whatever form it may take.

Ultimately, a Call to Action enables you to gain more visitors, which means a lead in making sales and you build a good number of happy readers

Step 7: Demonstrate Blog Post with Visuals

Illustrating images is a great way of attracting people to your blog post. Showing plain texts is not good enough and makes it uninteresting.

Nothing hurts a blogger more than losing his blog visitors. You can take the help of visuals since this approach is in trend these days and accepted globally.

The world of social media is exclusively based on images, so their importance cannot be underestimated.

Sometimes images speak louder and clearer than texts do. It is a proven fact that on social media people easily get attracted to the messages that are attached with good visuals.

Use some pleasing visuals like images, slideshows, videos, diagrams or comic strips, whatever may serve them best.

However you must be careful with one thing that they don’t need to download any third-party app or plug-in to watch the visuals you have put up for display.

Remember when you post a new article you should also send out an email to your mailing list recipients encouraging them to come and read your new content.

It should be capable of drawing their attention to the blog post and tempt them to read everything until the end.

Step 8: Re-Examine the Quality of Your Blog

Reviewing and Editing is probably the most boring part of writing a blog posts, yet the most important. After you have written your blog post, making necessary changes comes as the next step for its evaluation.

You never want to make a piece of content that is full of errors because it will ruin the first impression of your work. So it is better to take a short break from work for a few hours before reviewing and editing.

With a fresh mind finding errors and correcting them will become an easy task to perform. You may even remember things that you forgot to add earlier.

Craft blog post articles in a way that it can allure people to stay longer on your website. You cannot afford to lose visitors just because of some silly grammatical and spelling errors. Therefore save yourself from the loss of viewers that will come from an unprofessional way of writing.

Step 9: Optimize for On-Page SEO

“On-page SEO” is the practice of optimizing individual pages to get higher ranks and attain more relevant traffic on your blog. Blogging websites like WordPress gives you the opportunity to start your own URL and domain name. If you can make your own URL which is comparatively shorter and keyword-friendly, just go for it. Remember that on-page SEO refers to the maximum optimization of search engine. It is responsible for getting you higher ranks in terms of search.

Step 10: Selecting The Time of Publishing

In blog publishing timing plays a very crucial role. You have to use the time cleverly while going to publish any post. So avoid uploading any article in the busy hours or when all your competitors are active.

Focus on the days and times when posting an article could get you the most number of views and attention.

In order to target favorable audience do some studies on when targeted audience spends time with internet and in reading blogs.

The blogs that are published at 3 p.m. receive the highest number of social share averages as per the research

You need to identify the category of intended audience whether it is kids, adults or elders

Once you determine the target take some time to research-

  • When can they be targeted easily?
  • When will they have enough time to hit my posts?

Asking such questions in mind will always give you a lead over any blogging competitors.

Step 11: Promotion of Post is Necessary

There are lots of things you need to do to have a successful blog. Promoting blog post is one of those important things.

Not only do your posts need to be well written, but also you have to learn the most effective ways to promote them so that they can reach the maximum number of people.

Consider a few factors like make sure it’s searchable, use visual effects, build your loyal audience, know your targeted audience, get personal with them by mailing and maximize the potential of social media in order to boost the traffic on the posts for promotion

Take the help of your friends, family and relatives by making them share it as many times as possible. Therefore use every single way of digital marketing that can help or get an expert who can do this for you.

Step 12: Learn How to Converse

Often the real action happens once your post is published and being interacted with by readers and other bloggers.

Taking time to dialogue can be very fruitful. So being in touch with your loyal and regular audience will always be profitable as they are responsible for the traffic on your blog.

Maintaining healthy relationships with them will help you in long run. As long as you are connected with them through e-mail and social media you need not worry about the promotion of your posts.

Talk to them in regular intervals and get to know-

·         What kind of articles do they want from you?

·         When do they want it to be published?

·         What are their problems that can be solved with your posts?

A happy and satisfied audience is an asset to a blogger, which is his investment and it will always pay him back.




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