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LinkedIn for Business: A Complete Guide

July 19, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing | Leave a comment

LinkedIn for Business:  a great way to promote your home business with 433 million users. A great way to have huge traffic to your site, because 40 percent of whom check the platform every day.

LinkedIn for business complete guide

At least one in three professionals in the world has a LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is such a powerful social network, your business can’t afford to ignore it.

Why LinkedIn?

As you know it’s very difficult to stand out in the market place by using old traditional methods in this 21st century. Because there a is high competition in the business landscape.

But a marketer can make his business effective using LinkedIn for business. Because it has 3 main characteristics – media, partnerships and clients and due to this it is the most powerful tool for business.

World’s largest professional online network with 433 million users in over 200 countries is operated via LinkedIn.

So, LinkedIn is an impressive deal if you are coming in a business with it.

Three Main Characteristics of LinkedIn for Business

1. Media

If you are a businessman and you don’t know about business nuances, definitely you go for an advisor. Every business advisor always suggests that media exposure plays a vital role in raising brand awareness in the market.

Because it doesn’t matter you have very good service or product unless you emerge in front of a public or a good responsive community.

Because it doesn’t matter you have very good service or product unless you emerge in front of a public or a good responsive community.

If you look at the last 4-5 year, you will find that there is a sudden change in purchasing behavior of the consumer. Now they are concerned towards the businesses which have good brands or products.

You can bring good products or service but unless people know you or like you, they wouldn’t necessarily do business with you. So LinkedIn for business is a great medium for marketing and promotion of the products and services.

You can bring good products or service but unless people know you or like you, they wouldn’t necessarily do business with you. So LinkedIn for business is a great medium for marketing and promotion of the products and services.

2. Partnerships

The powerful way to grow a business is a strategic partnership. You can refer your clients to a responsible partner and can help in growing each other’s business.

It can be quite challenging to find right joint venture or partner. So if you want a right responsive partner then where would you like to go to find a good partner to improve your marketing?   LinkedIn for business, of course!

3. Clients

A marketer can also find clients through LinkedIn. Suppose you were working in a company but now you left and you are going to start a consulting firm, definitely you will need of clients.

In fact building clients is the first step for this firm. And LinkedIn can be very useful in finding the clients if you have completed your profile entirely.

Once you have completed your profile with good pictures, summary and skill set, ask friends for the recommendation. These recommendations are in form of social form by which you can get feedback from the clients to determine if they really want to work with you or not.

Advantages of LinkedIn

1. Get Connected

LinkedIn is all about networking, like another social networking site. And your company can network effectively with your client organization through this site. Because it is mainly based on business and for professionals.

One cool benefit of the LinkedIn is that you can find people in your industry and the industry for which you work. And that makes it quite helpful to find potential customers and you get informed about your competitors.

2. Build a Trust to Your Business

LinkedIn is a group of linked groups that are concerned with specific professional topics. You must join the people who are compatible with you.

Be an active participant in a group if you have joined a group. Your quality will help you in promoting your business at a better level and your business will get a good recognition.

You must start your own topic to discuss on it after participating for a while in a group. Or you can consider posting an article in the group to digest and discuss.

One more thing you will not use this advertising platform to promote yourself or your business. Instead give information about your services, offers, and qualities of your product.

3. Promote Your Brand as a Dominion

Once you get familiar with the LinkedIn groups and its working, you may consider starting your own group. Because for content marketing it can be a great and important tool and you can be a trusted source for a business in any industry.

Also, updates must be included in the blogs and never forget to include well- placed links by which back up to your website can be possible.

4. Gather Feedback

Suppose a product has been launched today, definitely you wouldn’t have any idea about this unless you read people’s feedback.

LinkedIn is a place where you can read the feedback from the people who are taking service of the launched product.

If you are a marketer then you can identify the potential customer by asking about their needs and inputs. And can make your current customer feel valued. You can have an opportunity to represent to mention a product or a service.

Getting Started With LinkedIn

  • First of all, learn the working of LinkedIn.
  • Get logged in with LinkedIn. Create a new LinkedIn account if you are not already a member of it.
  • Create an attractive profile, and then get started with LinkedIn business groups and pages.

How to Create a LinkedIn Account?

To get started with LinkedIn for business or personal use, you’ll need to have an account first. So create a LinkedIn account if you have not yet created.

1. Open LinkedIn website

Go to LinkedIn, main screen will appear, there are two options on the main screen. One is to login if you already have an account. The second option is to create a new account.  To create a LinkedIn account, use the form as shown below.

LinkedIn join now

Fill up all the information like Name, e-mail, phone number and click “join now” button.

You will be taken to next step.

2. Security Check: Provide Your Mobile Number

Now you’ll need to provide a mobile number to receive a code for the security verification either by call or by messages.

LinkedIn security check enter your phone number

Enter your phone number in the field given in above form and click on “Send code”  button. You will get a message with the security code on your mobile. And next page will be displayed on the screen.

3. Security Verification: Enter Verification Code

LinkedIn enter security verification code

Enter verification code in the given box and click “Verify code” button.

4. Let Others recognize You

Provide your local information, city and postal code. That will help others to recognize you.

LinkedIn let others recognize you enter city and postal code

Now click on “Next” button to jump to next page.

5. Introduce Yourself

On this page, you have to introduce yourself so that people can recognize you as “who are you”.

LinkedIn introduce yourself be recognizable

Provide information as given above: are you a student? your job designation, company name, and industry. Click on “Next” button. Next page appears.

6. Tell Your Interests

In this page, you’ll have to tell about your interest. LinkedIn uses this information to personalize your experience.

LinkedIn tell your interests

Click on the arrow of the topic you are interested in.

7. Confirm Your Email

LinkedIn asks you to confirm your Email Id. For this, you have to go to your email account and click on the link send by LinkedIn in the mail.

LinkedIn confirm your email

Congratulations your account on LinkedIn is created successfully.

After confirming your Gmail account, the next step in creating an account on LinkedIn is optional. You are given an option to build contacts by importing email addresses at the time of your LinkedIn set up. You can invite an email address if he is in your address book belongs to existing LinkedIn members.

8. Create LinkedIn Company Page For Your Business

The businesses those are not having their LinkedIn company page are missing a powerful marketing trick. Whether you have various employees in your company, those are having their personal LinkedIn profile or you are self-employed. A LinkedIn company page can be used for various different functions, as compared to your personal profile.

So go through our guide on how to create LinkedIn company page to promote your business.

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