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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel & Videos

September 7, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing, Video Marketing | Leave a comment

Promote your YouTube channel & videos to get more views and more traffic to your blog.

How to promote your YouTube channel and videos

If you have made a video and optimized it for search engines, you must go for its marketing. Promote your channel and videos to get high rank and large no. of views and subscriber. Without marketing a channel on various platforms in your starting level, it is difficult to get visitors. This is the reason; you need to spread your video on your YouTube channels and other platforms too.

Before going into the details of video promotions you should know some basic things about YouTube.

  1. How to create YouTube channel for your business
  2. How to create YouTube videos to promote your business
  3. Advance YouTube SEO techniques to get more traffic to your channel and portal

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel Using Various Methods?

There are various methods to promote your YouTube channels and videos. Some of them are discussed below.

1.   Social Media

For additional attentions to your video, don’t forget to share your video on other social networking sites. In promoting the video, YouTube plays an incredible role across other social networking portals. You need to click only “share button” (below your video), to make your video viral on other social networks. You can choose social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc to market the video content to have a great reach. YouTube provides a small URL for your video to share on other social media sites for your convenience.

Make the best strategy to promote your YouTube channel on a social site. Because sharing a video without proper strategy will not be much effective.

Just think for a moment – why did you make this video? Is it your video tutorial and can satisfy the customers? This entire question will suggest you make a proper strategy.  Always use hash tags if you are making a video for a large campaign.

2. Promote Your Videos on Your Blog or Website

To promote your YouTube channel on the platform itself is not sufficient. The promotion strategy must include your videos in your posts. So create the content for your video which is relevant to it and embed the video in your content.

The traffic which is directly coming to your website should have access to your videos. So the videos included in your posts will drive more traffic to your YouTube channel also.

If you want to add a YouTube video to your blog or website, you need to copy the embed code under the video you want to observe.

Go to the YouTube video you want to add into your post content.

Click Share-> Embed

The code will be displayed as shown in the figure. Just copy the code and embed in your HTML page.

Promote YouTube channel embed code

3. Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Ahmm!  You are a good marketer. But, does your customer know when you post new content? And what is the best way to deliver updates instead of inboxes?

Emil is quite useful to have a great reach to your audience. And if you are seeking for new customers, then also be in the loop with your old customers. Always share your video content and channel with relevant email lists. And encourage your old contact to enjoy the blogs you shared. To be engaged with your contacts keep sending valuable information via email.

There are so many ways to reach loyal fans through emails:-

  1. Existing Email list – If your brand already has subscribers, you only need to mail them whenever you publish a new video.
  2. Lead magnets – here you advertise your channel in multiple places. And use email addresses for viewers to download that content you shared.
  3. Call to action – Create a call to action on a card asking viewers to subscribe to your email list.

4. Question and Answer (Q&A) Sites

If your videos solve a problem or give the right decision for a question, get linked with some popular sites like Quora.  We have already published a list of Question and answer websites in our previous article you can use that.  So to promote your YouTube channel, it will be quite helpful by spreading your business for a great reach.

5. Work with Other Brands

Is your company already linked with another popular company? If not! Then get collaborate with a company which has already a great YouTube presence.  It will be the easiest way to achieve a great platform to represent you. Create a video content or playlist together and post it on your YouTube channel. But before doing so, always make sure that both of you have the same goal.

6. Get Engaged With Your Viewers

At last, get engaged with your viewers. Respond them, try to solve their questions, thanks to them for their support. And always ask for their feedback regarding your views and suggestions. Then definitely Viewers will be more likely to engage with you if they know they’ll get a response from you.

7. Run a Contest

Want more and more traffic on your channel?

There are a lot of techniques through which you can attract the audience. Everyone likes free stuff. So encourage your viewers to subscribe your channel with some gifts. And organize a contest and invite viewers to take participation in it. So make a contest promotion strategy and enjoy traffic on your channel.

8. Advertise Your YouTube Channel

There are so many advertising options to reach new audiences with your content.

Run and campaign ads:– There is no minimum budget to run the ads. So need to spend a lot of money on it.  Pay according to your need.

YouTube add types

And make sure that your ad really accomplishes your aim and resonates with your target audience.

  • Keep ads short – Make an ad of about 30-60 second long. And make first five seconds compulsory to keep them watch by a viewer.
  • Use clear calls to action – to tell your viewers that what they must do next.
  • Use the TrueView format – this system is completely paid Means you need to pay for it according to “cost per view”. This ad appears as a thumbnail and can be seen right- hand –side of viewer’s page as a text.

YouTube true view discovery ads

9. Allow Video Embeds

If your videos would have an embedding system, then your viewers will be able to share your content easily on their own websites or blogs. Through this, you can have new audiences.

To enable this system to follow these steps:-

Step1: click on profile logo and click on “setting” from the drop down menu.


YouTube Promotion allow video embeds step1



Step2: Now you will be thrown on the next screen, where click on “view additional features” option.

YouTube Promotion allow video embeds step2

Step3: On clicking “view additional features” a new screen appears, there click on “video manager” button mentioned on the left-hand side on the screen.

YouTube Promotion allow video embeds step 3

Step4: now select a video, you want to edit and click “edit” button.

YouTube Promotion allow video embeds step 4

Step5: Click on “advanced setting” and go to next screen.

YouTube Promotion allow video embeds step 5

Step6: Now you can enable your “embedding system” by activating the “allow embedding” option.

YouTube Promotion allow video embeds step 6

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Have you read this complete article? Ok! Now you may have understood that only making a video, playlists or a channel is not enough to maximise the reach of a business. So to promote your YouTube channel you will need many other ways.

So, a marketer needs proper promotion of his YouTube business channel and his video. For this he can promote his business in many ways: like as on social media, by writing blogs, by working with other company or brand etc. Also, along with proper marketing, you need to make a proper strategy on every level.


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