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Twitter For Business: A Complete Guide

July 4, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing | Leave a comment

Twitter for business: It is a great platform for a marketer, having 313 million monthly active users and over 500 million tweets being sent each day.

Twitter for business a complete guide

There is a high probability to go viral by the Twitter due to its fast sharing rate. When you make an account on twitter it makes up 13.5% sharing and every year it grows about 580%. So Twitter for business offers a powerful opportunity to people who want to reach a large audience.

Every marketer needs a good responsive engaged community. On Twitter millions of, the users share their problems and issues every day. So by helping them, marketers can harvest more prospects.

Why Twitter is Different

Generally, a good marketer always uses to have his accounts on every social networking site. And Twitter for business is one of them. But his approach to every social media site should be different. Because there will be a different strategy for a different social media site.

So, understanding how Twitter works and where it goes to fit in social media scenery will shape the perfect way for a good marketer.

Some main ways are:

  • Content and information sharing
  • Engagement of promotional events
  • Interaction with consumers or users
  • Good networking
  • Branding

So, here most of the activities have to do with public interactions. It’s not about to broadcast your content on Instagram or Pinterest.

Benefits of Using Twitter for Business

1. High traffic

Twitter is one of the most visited social networking websites because about 313 million monthly users are there and Twitter receives more than 90 million unique visitors every single day. And that number goes for an abrupt change month after month means the graph of the number of visitors goes strictly increasing.

2. Potent Micro Blogging

Here, you add value and have conversations using messages of about 140 characters because Twitter is a micro- blogging website. So people are forced to think and write with concise and crumbled communication.

Also, short messages can be delivered and retrieved faster than voice mail messages and emails; this means you will be able to participate in conversations quickly, so you can easily expose your brands too.

3. Powerful Search Engine

Really, Twitter is a powerful search engine; it gives you insight into the social media conversation. Today anything you need to know, you go to Google because it provides relevant information on your desired topic or subject when you do a search, and Twitter has also same capability.

4. Large Demography

About 82% Twitter users are of about 18 yr. or older, and the majority of those are of above the 30 yr. So, Twitter provides a large percentage of adults to access. If you want to target youth as your audience, you need to be on Twitter.

Important Features of Twitter


It is a type of metadata tag and very common when we use Twitter for business. Users can find messages with specific theme or content by this “hashtag” which is used on social networks.

Suppose that you are working out what is important and you are working on any social site, always consider “hashtags”. The user can tag an identifying word that binds hundreds (or thousands) of tweets together.

What is hashtag in Twitter

Hashtags are the best way to make a visible content to users beyond your own follower. Some popular hashtags which generally encourages your followers to reach out to other users are like as- #FollowFriday.  You can create your own hashtags to draw “goods” or events you may throw.

Always keep in mind; more use of hashtags causes people’s attention drawn from your content because they’ll find your post hard to understand.

So beware of the more use of hashtags, because the people who are to interact with your content will find your posts spam.


You can expand your storytelling experience for brands and business by the videos.

These videos can be used for demonstrations of a product also.

Upload Video in twitter tweets

#Direct Messages (DM) 

You can have a private chat with someone by Direct Messages (DM). Customers can ask their questions via a DM.

As Twitter is a microblogging site. But here, in DM there are no limitations for the characters. So you are free to explain and help in as many characters as you need. It is a great facility for the people wants to use Twitter for business.

Direct Messaging in twitter

Although only users you follow can send you DMs. But, you can set up your Twitter account to receive messages from anyone who does not follow yourself. Simply go to privacy settings and enable “Receive Direct Messages from anyone.”

#Photos, Gifs, and polls

The user can add up to 4 photos to their post. You can create graphics too if you’d like to support your post. Twitter has a built-in gift keyboard.

You can search a keyword to choose the best clip which suits your tweet.

Add Photos and polls to your post


To keep people interested in your brand, you must engage with your followers. And you can do so is interacting with polls.

#Twitter chats

You can engage your followers by hosting a Twitter chat. Twitter chats are straightforward. But it will be successful when it will have a large and active follower base.

Twitter chats usually last about an hour, and they show how active you are on social media.

#Twitter list

The user can make the list of other users who are interesting. And you don’t have to follow the users; you are already included to see their post.

How to Use Twitter for Business and Marketing?

1. Start Talking to the Followers

Your followers are the most important thing when you use Twitter for business. Since Twitter is the short messaging social site, so talking on twitter is different from other social sites. You must give a little time for your followers, jump in when you want to give your statements or views to the community.

There are five types of twitter messaging

  • Tweet: – the tweet is the heart of the message. You must tweet regularly to bind your followers.

Twitter Tweet Messaging

  • @Reply: – it is the public message in which Twitter user name always mentioned. It shows tweet stream of a person who follows you.

Twitter Tweet Reply

  • Mention: – you message to mention another Twitter user name.

Twitter Tweet Mention Name

  • Direct Messages (DM): – DM is private messages send to other users.
  • Retweet (RT): – If you share something to anyone who follows you, and a message on it someone else called Retweet.

Twitter Tweet Re-tweet2. Be a Good Listener

Before tweeting listen first and also follow your competitors and others to see what they are tweeting or doing.

3. Interact and Respond

No matter the tweets are positive or negative but you must always reply the tweets. You can like the positive tweets and thank those who praise you in a respectful manner.

4. Keep Tweets Short

Even though you can tweet up to 140 characters but it’s a good idea to left some space- 15-20 characters. This left space can be used by the people those who want to re tweet your post or add content.

5. Drive Traffic

To drive traffic creates a tweet with a link.

Twitter drive traffic

6. Create a Content Plan

Create a content calendar. For example:

  • Monday – featuring special promotion of events.
  • Tuesday – go to the scene of your business with photos or videos.
  • Wednesday – share working tips.
  • Thursday – explain trending industry topics.
  • Friday – focus on customers and employees.

7. Focus on Followers Need and Interests

If your tweet will be full of information that solves the follower’s problem will be appreciated by the people. So make your tweet purposeful.

8. Share Media Mentions

Attention from journalists and reporters can be drawn if you share link anytime related to your business.

9. Offer a ‘Twixclusive

You lead to more followers, more sales, and more retweet, if you Offer your followers a “Twixclusive” — deals they can’t get anywhere else.

10. Run a ‘Flock to Unlock’ Campaign

You can incentivize your followers to perform a particular action in order to reveal a special deal through Twitter’s Flock to Unlock campaign.

Twitter flock to unlock

11. Host Twitter Chat

You can choose tools like Tweet Chat or Twubs, to make chats easier to manage. A marketer must host a chat where the customer can discuss on interesting topics and can ask a question about the products.

Advertising on Twitter

1. Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets appear in a user’s Twitter feed along with the post from people. And these ads are just like regular tweets. Through the promoted tweets advertisers can increase their engagement and expand their reach.

2. Promoted Account

Promoted Accounts ads target Twitter users who are interested in the advertiser’s brand so that brand can gain more followers.

The Promoted Accounts are designed to make a brand discoverable and to generate followers. And these ads can be seen many of different locations on Twitter as on your homepage and search results.

3. Promoted Trends

By the Promoted Trends, you can get a good and engaged community to your business using a specific hashtag. When the trends are promoted, it will be visible to all users.

In the trend box on the Twitter, you can see Promoted Trends at the top of the trending topic list.

4. Twitter Amplify

With the help of Twitter Amplify, your brand can reach users beyond their current followers by delivering content to the targeted audiences. It is a tool by which an advertiser shares real-time television content (as videos and sports highlights).

5. Mobile App Promotion

Advertisers can see how their campaigns impact app installs, purchases, and registrations by this tool. Mainly this tool is for Mobile app companies. The advertiser can target users by their location, gender and mobile platform available on iOS Devices and also can create a custom image and app description for use in their add.

Tools of Twitter for Business

  • Tweetdeck 

Free to use. It has a satin user interface with columns which can customize, and you can organize lists, notifications here. You can manage several users in a single time by adding multiple Twitter accounts.

  • Hootsuite

By HootSuite, you can manage other social media accounts besides just Twitter. It is browser based, but it doesn’t have a desktop version for PCs. For use on mobile phones and tablets, Twitter and HootSuite have their own apps.

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