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What Is Email Marketing And Why It Is Used?

July 5, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Email Marketing | Leave a comment

Email marketing is the process sending commercial messages to the group of people via email. We will talk about some of the related topics in this post.

What is email marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is used to promote products and services. It has become an essential promotional tool for business all over the world. It can be defined as a marketing in which emails are used to create a relationship between merchants and possible consumers or clients.

This type of marketing is a part of internet marketing, which encompasses online marketing through a blog, social media, etc. Generally, we all receive many spam email in our inbox. These emails proclaim ‘deals’ on some product, is a good example of email marketing.

It is the form of straight marketing that use electronic emails to make contact with clients or website visitors. The email sent to your existing client is also considered as part of email marketing.

However, the term is usually used to refer:

  • Sending an email with the idea of enhancing the bond between a merchant and the customer to support customer’s loyalty.
  • Doing this with the reason of acquiring new consumers or convincing current consumers to buy something new instantly.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing plays an important role in the marketing field. You must start using this form marketing If you are not using it.

Some are not familiar with this type of advertising may be they won’t understand this immediately but here are some benefits of email marketing

1. Easy to create

Email marketing needs creativity and innovation in emails. They don’t need any kind of technician team or big groups to make it just they need some creative people.

Many advertising companies use plain text in their email but on the other hand, some use banners, videos, images etc to make it fancy and attractive.

The most important part of an email is the content present in it. The mail should carry the type of, content which grabs the attention of a reader.

Many companies use drag & drop editor which help in making advertisement easy, faster and stunning.

2. Low Budget

Without any doubt, email marketing is the cheapest form of marketing. It needs no extra money or without spending a bug you can start with you marketing process.

There are much more advertising companies in the market which need a high budget to start their business in marketing/advertising.

Maybe sometimes sending thousands of email may cost a bit but are far lesser than other marketing channels.

Sending a relevant email to the individual will help you in increasing your company’s demand.

When you start the advertising process you should make segments of the email. And send messages to those who are interested in that product or content.

For example, if there is a sale on books/novels on an online site then send the related advertising email to those only who have shown interested in books/novels. They subscribe for novels and books.

Sending emails to everyone won’t help instead of that send emails to those who are interested in that product and will defiantly make an action on your email.

4. Easy to Track

Email marketing gives you a great benefit of checking where you are going wrong. You can easily see what is wrong in the method or in between path.

Many email marketing companies use the software for track open or click through and conversion rate. It will make easy for companies to improve their mailing system.

5. Goal

Let us see what make you send a message all over the world? Social media.

Yes, that is true but, there are fewer chances that people read that message on social media or make an eye on that content.

Alternate to this is email. You can send the email and make them look at it.

Yes, there would be fewer people or may be less than thousand but there are more chances that people will read your content.

6. Easy to share

This form of marketing can help you in sharing great ideas with your friends in just a click of a button. When you enter in this marketing focus on a single brand and advertise for that only.

Nowadays people are using this form of advertising more and more because this is the latest and easiest form of advertising.

There is a huge scope of online marketing and in future, t will be used in common.

Email can give you immediate results. Due to immediacy in this marketing, your business can start giving a result within the start up.

For example, if you think about a 24-hour sale that can be a great idea to find you result immediately. You use emails for this kind of sale as it creates a sense of urgency and the subscribe have to take an action immediately

Some businesses have to wait for a sale and then they make the banner for campaigning and after that, they get the result. Which is a way long process?

8. Target fans of your brand

Email is basically used to target those who are interested in your brand or for those who subscribe to get the information about the brand.

Make sure you make a list of subscribers and then send the email to them as well as to those also who can get the information of brand and will act to the mail.

9. Return on investment

When you start with marketing the most important thing is the result. Many businessmen are investing in email marketing due to its great result in an investment.

Reasons for Using Email Marketing 

Why Email Marketing is Used?

Email marketing is an easy a fastest form of marketing. It needs the low cost to start marketing. Email marketing just needs creativity in a person and innovation to make an email attractive.

People nowadays are too busy and don’t have enough time to check dozens of email with long content or boring subject lines. The solution to this problem is making it short and stunning.

Email marketing is the best way of getting success in a short period of time if the concept of marketing is correct.

  • Connect to the World

Let’s see how you can connect with thousands of people within a minute. Yeah, Facebook can be an option but there is no guarantee that people on Facebook will read your content. NO there is a big NO.

For that, you can send an email to your customers and make sure they will see that email and try to read that for an instant.

  • Message Delivery

Using this form of marketing, the chances of delivering a message to your client are 100%. No like social media where you just post and only some people see and most of them just ignore. Delivery of message will be done.

  • Open Platform

Email marketing is an open platform. Many businesses are succeeding by using this form of marketing.

Like Facebook and Twitter, they are owned and are controlled by the third party. Marketers have to work according to them and can’t do what they actually planned

Email is an open platform which isn’t owned or controlled by any third person. You can be your own boss there. It provides you a facility of communicating directly to your customers by sending and receiving emails.

  • Professional Platform

Use email marketing, to work in a professional manner.

On social media, things are kind of personal and the first priority on social media goes to family and friends. When people log in on social media then first check photos and updates from people they knew and care about.

Email is the much more professional platform. People prefer to know about their product and service through this channel.

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