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What is Social Media Marketing: Tutorial

June 1, 2017| By:-Admin | Blogging, Social Media & Marketing | Leave a comment

Social media marketing (SMM) has emerged as a powerful and effective way of reaching a large audience and targeted customers for all kinds of businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The customers you are targeting can easily interact with you through social media. If you are not utilizing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest then you are missing out on thousands of customers.

So if you are not using them for your business start using them today only and see the difference.

Many brands and businesses are achieving huge success by using this modern method of marketing. The graph of their sales is touching sky after adapting to this latest trend of marketing.

Facebook, Twitter etc has become a household name these days. They are used in most of the houses and has become an essential part of their daily life. Therefore, companies are widely using it for advertisement, promotion, and marketing for the products.

The best part of these platforms is that you can use it freely and take your product or service to the world for marketing without spending any money.

What is Social Media Marketing?

It is a form of marketing where you use social networking websites and platforms as a marketing tool. The goal of SMM is to make content that you and your readers will share among their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ contacts resulting in increased brand exposure and a wide expansion of reaching customers.

Social media marketing refers to the process of marketing and gaining traffic through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.

When you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc as a marketing tool you perform several activities like posting texts and sharing images, videos, slideshows, and hyperlinks that will take them to your desired pages.

SMM helps you to get feedback from your potential customers directly. This interactive discussion between company and customers create an opportunity for customers to ask queries and send their complaints. By doing so, they feel like their voices are being heard.

It works as a bridge between company and customer and brings them even closer. This aspect of bringing them nearer in SMM is called social customer relationship management (social CRM).

We have made a guide to introduce you to SMM and with the help of these useful tips, you can increase your social presence with effectiveness and improvement.

How Social Networks Can Help to Achieve Your Marketing Goals?

SMM can help you achieve plenty of goals, such as:-

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Building a massive customer base
  • Increase in company’s growth
  • Spreading brand awareness
  • Creating a social identity and association for brand
  • For regular interactions and communication with key audience

The larger your audience becomes on these networks the easier it is to achieve every marketing goal that you have listed in your goals’ list.

Important Social Media Marketing Tips

Thinking of starting your SMM campaign? Follow these SMM tips to boost your campaign.

  • Content planning – We discussed earlier that how important it is to build an SMM plan. You need to discover ideas for the content that will interest your target audience. Look what others are doing in your industry for their SMM.
  • Great Social Contentcontent plays an important role when it comes to this new marketing platform. So you need to post regularly and provide absolutely valuable information that your customers will find interesting and helpful.You can come up with images, videos, and graphics in your content. Produce it in a way that they always want more from you.
  • A Consistent Brand Image – It allows you to project your brand image across a number of social media platforms. So you need to be very consistent on every new platform by keeping your core identity same. 
  • Content PromotionIn present world, there is no other instant channel for sharing your site and blog content with readers than social media. Things shared on these platforms spread like a wildfire. Once you build a loyal following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc, you can share your new content with them and they get to read new stuff. If you run a successful blog then this marketing will build more followers for you very fast.
  • Tracking Competitors – It is always important to keep a close watch on what your competitors are doing. You can get valuable data for keyword research. If they are using a certain SMM channel which is giving them good results, then try to do the same but do it better than them. If it is working for them it will work for you too. 

Why Sharing Content on Social Media is Very important?

It will gain you some good traffic. You know that works only when you create interesting content for your each social media presence. 

You have to create an engaging post in order to make it go viral and that will happen when maximum numbers of people like and share it.

When they read it, they should feel like sharing it with their friends and family. Otherwise, your strategy will fail miserably, which means no traffic and no shares and you will have to go back to your site.

You are not unaware of the fact that how important it is to utilize these new marketing platforms in today’s world. Therefore, either learn it or lose the game in the long run.

SMM is an ever changing world and that too incredibly fast, so pick those which have been in existence for a pretty long time. 

  • SMM will establish you as an industry expert if you provide valuable content, information, news, and ideas
  • You will easily get noticed by potential customers, users, and readers
  • It helps in increasing your social visibility
  • Post engaging and shareable content to start conversations with more new readers
  • SMM will help you develop goodwill for your brand’s identity
  • It becomes easy to find more followers and thus builds a good fan base
  • A great way of achieving loyal followers and building relations

Develop Your Social Media Marketing Strategy to Achieve Your Goals.

SMM is an endless world which is always expanding. In such a world roaming without a strategy is as same as wandering in a forest without any map in your hands. You will get lost without any plan.

You need to consider your business goals by keeping some social strategies as a plan for your SMM campaign. If you don’t want to get lost then stick to a plan.

Before determining your social goals, ask yourself these questions:-

  • What do I hope to achieve through social media marketing?
  • Whom will I target?
  • What are the favorite places to target my audience where they visit frequently?
  • How do they use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc?
  • How to send an appealing message to drive my audience through SMM?

Social Networking Platforms

Just because you hear a few common names social networks don’t mean there are not any more out there. You can find a list of over 200 names of social networks on Wikipedia alone. Here are a few of them and the most popular ones:-


Currently, it is the most popular name of social networks. Facebook is the suitable platform for both stays connected with your loved ones and social marketing. It provides a very friendly environment.

It is mainly based on visual components which are its key aspect. Create a Facebook Business Fan Page and get started with your SMM strategy.

Facebook is one of the best places to relax by chatting with friends and seeing what others are doing. Therefore keep the tone of your posts friendly. The advertisement is the main source of strategy on Facebook so consider a cost-effective Facebook ad strategy.


It is a platform made for uploading and sharing photos, videos, and links. So you can use it for segmenting your followers into smaller groups which will help you to share some information with a limited number of followers.

For example, you can share special discounts and exclusive offers only with that group. Try hosting video conferences with Hangouts and share social marketing ideas with them. Like if you are a painter, host a video session of sharing your work with them and show them how to draw some amazing paintings.


It is the social media marketing tool that lets you have healthy communication with your followers. Therefore, you can broadcast your any update across the web. Follow the Twitter users that are related to your industry and fields and you will get more new followers in return.

You should tweet about the news and discounts you are giving with brand-building tweets. Don’t forget to retweet when a customer tweets something nice about you. It will increase your interactions with them. Answer all the questions that come from your followers in a tweet.

Twitter is all about dialog and communication with people. Use it wisely to build strong fan followers as much as possible. You can tweet whenever you come up with a new content and ideas to drive them to your blog posts.


LinkedIn is a professional social media marketing site. You can create your business profile here and have professional conversations with many like-minded individuals. Therefore, It is a good platform for sharing content with professionals of similar industries.

You can even post jobs and general employee networking. Encourage your customers to recommend your LinkedIn profile. It will help your business appear more trustworthy and reliable for your new customers.


YouTube is the most powerful promotional tool for your video content. Post video sessions of “how-to” instead of focusing on preparing video content and hoping it to go viral which is not an easy task.

It is the best platform for sharing video content and widely known for that. All the businesses prefer to promote their business here. YouTube videos also get ranking in the video search results of Google.

It can make you popular overnight and gain you followers across the web so don’t underestimate the power of video content on YouTube.


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media marketing trends. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images known as pins and other media content like videos through collections known as pinboards.

It allows businesses to create pages aimed at promoting their companies online. Anyone can benefit from using it for marketing purposes or sales-driving ads.

Therefore, use this platform for developing your brand personality with attractive and unique pinboards.

Try to make the most of them for the promotion of your product.

Some more popular Social Media Marketing Sites:





Yik Yak







  • Social media has the power of making people from ordinary to extraordinary
  • You can reach across the web and many countries through social media instantly
  • Video conferencing is an important additional feature to interact with any community
  • It holds the power of making things viral which can make you an internet sensation overnight
  • Let the world know the business you are dealing in and benefit them with your products and services
  • Make a worldwide base of followers
  • Social media marketing can boost your business beyond your imaginations


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